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We make clean electricity for #Blockchain from our Breakthrough CleanEnergy tech including our World #1 Fuelcell, & others. We also make it for industry at 20% of the cost of retail power grids. We have a 734 MW backlog & just need investors at the right price. Call us for 3x FixedDM

Feb 15/2020
More About Alpha Omega Energy
AlphaOmegaEnergy is the World's #1 Breakthrough CleanEnergy Tech Startup in History with 3,553 New Energy & Energy Related Technologies (Jan 12, 2020). We power our large industrial & commercial clients for just 80% of the cost of the power grid networks. We install completely free of charge & provide free maintenance for life.

We're beginning this with our FuelCell which is #1 in the world in every class & are going to add many Breakthrough Energy techs shortly after. We're powering a Blockchain Mining Datacenter we built as commercialization.

AOE relocated to Cambodia as a Startup on a social enterprise impact investing mission to Change The World from the undeveloped lights out peaceful culture nations, FIRST.

AOE is the #1 raising real startup business model Startup in the history of the country and won a number of awards pitching in over 40 venues in 5 countries, including teaching nuclear radiation shielding technology at Fukushima Daichi prefecture to government, site, & restoration & reclamation top officials.

AOE is still a pre-seed startup, raising to finish commercialization. They signed a 6 million dollar seed round but the investor bankrupted after just a partial deposit, so now they are going to crowdfunding in steps to finish.

AOE already is PRE-IPO despite raising less than 290,000 in total, & 14 Investment banks already signed up to sell it including the world famous SoftBank Securities, once they achieve seed round. SBI securities pledged to invest 50 million dollars for the IPO just from their office.

AOE already has a massive 734 Megawatt Demand Request backlog including some huge companies, governments, across 15 nations. This is a Unicorn in the making, with rocket sitting on the truck to the launchpad.

Just some of AOE techs include not only the #1 FuelCell on earth in every class, but a 2,000KM all electric plane carrying 900 kilos of cargo, the #1 small waste to energy generator for undeveloped nations, but also an all new small nuclear reactor replacement that produces 1800x the power of nuclear in the same footprint. If even just a couple of their technologies are as they say, the entire world is never going to look the same, again.

This is Your opportunity as an investor to cash in on the Sustainable Development Goals, the biggest mega trend in our generation, the changeover to the AlphaOmegaEnergy ERA of Development Future Freedom Unprecedented.

The establishment has deliberately held humanity back from our energy destiny for hundreds of years now, and with 4 billion people with no energy, the environment being completely destroyed, 15 million people deliberately being killed every year just from breathing along with 6 million more from energy poverty, we need a literal salvation light, we need an existential shock to the system, and the shock that no one sees coming. We need more than anything else these generations of humanity has ever needed in this time right now, we need AlphaOmegaEnergy.

Join us with your full support, support the AOE future, and we can literally change the world, together.

"We Changed The World!!"

Great opportunity awaits you as either a Client of AOE or an Investor in our Shares, Notes, or Finance Projects. Contact us today by Signing up to Start Talking about your Powerful Clean Energy and Investment Future!
Areas of expertise
AOE's Tech Creation Lab
is complete with the worlds #1 Breakthrough CleanEnergy Innovator in history making us the most innovative in the human story so far bar none with over 3,553 Breakthrough CleanEnergy & Energy Related technologies, solving a seemingly endless array of problems in the energy, vehicles, aviation, aerospace, buildings, industry, and data industries. AOE's unique ability to innovate brings our investors incredible long term value.

AOE is a Multi-Solution, Multi-Technology Clean Energy company ready to help the right kind of dedicated scaling investors & industry partners with their company's every energy need. We provide companies and institutions with electricity services that are cheaper, cleaner, more reliable, low-capital intensive, and maintenance free. Our company helps our clients solve their difficult energy problems, freeing up cash flow, creating significant new opportunity, and accelerating their profit and asset gains.
Eligible Client Types
Our Services Cover:
  • 24 Hour Power Demands Only (our backlog is massive)
  • Data Centers
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Scale Power
  • Manufacturing and Light Industry
  • Banks and Financial Industry Networks
  • Governments and Schools
  • Supermarkets and Malls
  • Social Organizations
  • Churches and Temples
  • Orphanages
  • Space Stations, Satellites, Intel Infrastructure & Projects
  • Ask us, we can make it as long as you have the minimum up front Capital requirements.
Technological Prowess
Our proprietary technologies include:
  • #1 in Fuel Cell: Hydrogen, Nat Gas, Methane, Ethanol, Co2, Waste Carbon
  • #1 in Power systems of many varied cutting-edge technologies
  • #1 in Electric Plane Technology
  • #1 in High Volume Industrial and Commercial Power Storage
  • #1 in World Small Waste-To-Energy Technology Generator
  • #1 in On Board Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Range-Booster Systems
  • #1 in Solar Panel Efficiency Booster Technology
  • #1 in Output per sqm Solar Power
  • #1 Alternative Energy Technology Generators
  • #1 Large Power Plant Efficiency Techs
  • #1 in Free Space Rocketry and Propulsion, Radiation Shielding
  • #1 in Cold Power Technology
  • Superior Agriculture Technologies
  • Superior Materials Techs, Nanotechs, Supercapacitors, Superconductors, Polymers
  • Massive Heat Exchanger Tech Portfolio
  • 3,535 New Energy and Energy Related Technologies to date as of Feb 2, 2020
Customized Solutions
Our work for our clients includes:
  • On Site Power Production at Huge Savings compared to the Power Grid Retailers
  • Energy Efficiency Analysis
  • Energy Efficient and Smart System Lighting
  • Heat, Cooling and Lighting Improvements
  • On Site Power Storage
  • Power Signal Regulation, Filtration, Boosting, Management
  • Financial Solutions For All Energy Efficiency and Improvements (Some Minimum Deposit Capital is required)
Our Financial Solutions
Our services and capacity of service for our Clients include:
  • Corporate finance
  • Mortgages and Refinance
  • Business loans
  • Crowdfunding
  • Social Finance
  • Offering and listing of securities
  • Financial restructuring
  • Project finance for larger companies
  • Private Equity Referral for Fast Growth Small Established Companies
  • Consulting and Financial Raising for Established Businesses
Our admitted weak point: Raising first rounds for CleanTech Concept Startups outside of G-50. Already Established?, so simple, bookwork. Everyone wants in once it's already done, but no one wants in when even everyone else has done it absolutely everywhere, but they can't yet look see feel touch yours.

Vision is not a common commodity even in "investors" and common sense is extraordinarily lacking. This however will be a barrier to entry, and maybe many will try to copy sure, but.....who will help them? No one. We aren't good at this one, but we can do about everything else in finance, and seemingly no one else is having success either. Good thing we only have to do it once. Any suggestions? Let us know and win some shares.
Years of Work on Fuel Cell and New and Clean Energy Solutions Engineering
Number of Proprietary Clean Energy and Energy Related Technologies To Date: Feb 12 2020
Kilowatts per hour of Current Potential Annual Capacity available to Deploy Now with successful financing by investors.

Clients Save 20-60% on Electricity with Your Free Consultation and Customized Energy Solutions

We are the #1 New Energy Solutions Provider, positioned to help our clients achieve their ambitions in today's world. Save hundreds to Thousands of Dollars every month beginning Today with our World Leading Energy Solutions and Engineering, Only by Alpha Omega Energy!
Our Advantages
Our clients trust us with their Energy Lifeblood and efficiency due to our ability to cut through complexity, minimize risk, create great technology, and deliver them solutions that bring them huge benefits towards achieving their goals.
Our Engineers have more than 20 years of New Energy Experience.
Our Financial Engineers have more than 20 Years of Combined Experience & knowledge in the scale up financial toolbox
Strict confidentiality
All your private information will be kept confidential at all times under the same standards of legal professionals.
Customized Solutions
Solving Problems at all levels of energy including heat and cooling, and financial, instead of just the typical sales model business.
High Quality Service
We are dedicated to being the #1 Solution provider by delivering the highest quality in technology, financial solutions, and value to our clients.
We offer you a professional consultation with a specialist for 1 hour on how we can revolutionize your specific energy situation.
#1 in Low Cost
Our prices are fixed for no cost installation power services for demand levels of 20KWH or more 24 hours a day at the national leading low of just 16c per KWH city, 15c PPSEZ, and 30c Rural. We will not be beaten for large demand 24 hour power to retail end users.
AOE IOT Brilliant Power Network
Introducing Our State Of The Art I.O.T. (Internet Of Things) Cloud Based Power Network.
Alpha Omega Energy
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Near CSX Cambodia Stock Exchange
St 106.
(Please fill in the contact us form below for your consultation, or to begin your investment application)

We work from Monday to Sunday, 9AM till 11PM.
(yes, literally)
This is for all of those of you who have chosen to join the wall of shame instead of support the much needed energy development future of our world that we provide and have in abundance, and to fight for the empowerment of the underdogs and the poor. To the endless hordes of corrupt greedy and lying cheating bosses and officials who refused to support to the phoney so called investors to the exclusionist corrupt complacent and malfeasant NGOs, Devorgs & Climate orgs and the crony networks of establishment and Scicom and TOXIC ENERGY death dealers and anti-Clean propagandists to the pay to play business associations, to the hate filled trolling anti-Christs, and to the exclusionist pastors who keep the blessing out of the hands of the people while they demand money from the poor....
By Supporting AOE, you are also supporting:
Clean Business
Clean Capitalism
Anti-Scientific Totalitariantism
Anti-Establishment Corruption
Independent Journalism

Environmental Protection
Safe Communities
Real Love
Real Not Fake
RealBook Not Fakebook
Truth over Fiction
Alternative Voices
Law & Order

Social Enterprise
Equal Opportunity
Free Responsible Markets
Engineered Economy
Bottom-up Economics

Small Private Innovators
Science Advancement
Technology Funding
Physics Advancement
Fathers, Brothers, Men
Honoring Women & Family
Sanctity of Life
Empathic Truth
World Change
Educational Advancement
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