The China Toxo-Holocaust
China is systematically eradicating human life at a pace never before seen in history but for World War 2 due to their now deeply rooted cultural strongholds of total lack of care for environment, lack of care for their common man, hyper money-worship, culture of corruption in business, willingness to cut any corners at expense of environment, and lack of public democracy leading to a feeling of hopelessness to change anything among the people.
Eligible Client Types
Our Services Cover:
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Scale Power
  • Manufacturing and Light Industry
  • Governments and Schools
  • Supermarkets and Malls
  • Banks and Data Centers
  • Social Organizations
  • Churches and Temples
  • Orphanages
  • Ask us, we can make it.
Technological Prowess
Our proprietary technologies include:
  • #1 in Fuel Cell: Hydrogen, Nat Gas, Methane, Ethanol
  • #1 in Powercell systems of many varied cutting-edge technologies
  • #1 in High Volume Industrial and Commercial Power Storage
  • #1 in World Small Waste-To-Energy Technology Generator
  • #1 in On Board Vehicle Charging Systems
  • #1 in Solar Panel Efficiency Booster Technology
  • #1 in Output per sq m Solar Power
  • #1 Alternative Energy Technology Generators
  • #1 Large Power Plant Efficiency
  • #1 in Free Space Rocketry and Propulsion, Radiation Shielding
  • Superior Agriculture Technologies
  • Superior Materials Techs, Nanotechs, Supercapacitors, Superconductors
  • 1,129 New Energy and Energy Related Technologies to date.
Customized Solutions
Our work for our clients includes:
  • On Site Power Production at Huge Savings compared to the Power Grid Retailers
  • Energy Efficiency Analysis
  • Energy Efficient and Smart System Lighting
  • Heat, Cooling and Lighting Improvements
  • On Site Power Storage
  • Power Signal Regulation, Filtration, Boosting, Management
  • Financial Solutions For All Energy Efficiency and Improvements
Our Financial Solutions
Our services for our Clients include:
  • Corporate finance
  • Mortgages and Refinance
  • Business loans
  • Crowdfunding
  • Social Finance
  • Offering and listing of securities
  • Financial restructuring
  • Project finance for larger companies
  • Private Equity Referral for Fast Growth Companies
UNder Construction
This page and site is still under mass construction. Bear with us.

Upcoming sections on this page are:

- China Mask Culture "the new face of china"
- The endless ocean of Corrupt Bosses
- The lack of investment in early stage Startups
- The lack of Angel Investors
- Zero investments into foreign startups
- The anger and exclusion of foreign startups
- The growing feeling of unwelcome in China
- The closing down of the China market (nationalism, protectionism)
- The massive exodus of English speakers
- The massive exodus of foreigners/traders/teachers Visa crackdown
- The removal of English signs
- Total lack of multiculturalism
- Massive de-frauding of foreigners
- Hitler Gas Chamber
- The silencing of Chinese Media on pollution reporting

We look forward to sharing more information with our potential investors, note holders, and supporters. Thanks.
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