3,553 New Energy and Energy Related Technologies Set to Charge a New World. (Feb 12, 2020)
AOE Technology
Alpha Omega Energy is the #1 Breakthrough CleanEnergy Tech Startup & Creator, in History.
World Changing Innovation
3 Electric Reasons why we are #1
Proprietary Technology
All of Alpha Omega Energy's Innovations are our own. We tread our own Innovation Pathway to the Future of Innovation Development. We don't buy technology. We listen to the Creation. We listen to the Creator.
Solutions Basis
We solve problems. We make solutions based on "Commercialization and Application Immediate Ability" This combined with investor capital transforms to Real Market Delivery & Scalable Investment Grade Returns. While Scicom focuses on their failed establishment methods, we are true outsider innovators with open mind & very unique perspectives. While scicom wastes time & money & disparages others with "impossible" talk, our minds function in the Creation space of the greatest statement in human history "Nothing Is Impossible In Him Who Believes."
Simplicity, Workability, Profitability.
We want what we can make work, and now, and fast. If it's not ready, and if it can't produce cost- effectively, it doesn't make the list. We have cut dozens of our own innovation techs that will produce power merely because they simply are so far inferior to the others or not cost effective (yet.) We are Beyond R&D. We are build ready with over 3,300 of over 3,500+ Techs. The only thing we need now is properly priced Capital & Finance.
VALUE Our Technology
- An International Commercial Power Producer and Licensing Body with Multi-tech Lines and 3-6 Billion in Total Revenues.

1 Billion

- 3,550 techs assuming $1 Million each (total sell off)
would Value our company at over $1 Billion.

- One tech, one company earning 60 Million $ a year
- License only model of 3 sales at 1 million each

- License only model of the 20 best techs licensed at 10 million each x 5 sales each

- A combined Licensing, and development strategy growing 3-5 Tech Lines into corporates with 3 Billion total in revenues and growing.
- The Amount of Energy Infrastructure the World Economic Forum States We Need To Make in the next 30 Years.
Alpha Omega Energy's Tech Portfolio value is worth
in excess of $1 Billion
2 Billion

10 Billion

20 Billion

100 Billion

200 Billion

@AlphaOmegaEnergy (CEO Account) (Telegram is the #1 tech messaging app bar none)

Our Channel where you can see YEARS of on the spot tech updates & creations, and keep up to date on happenings & other goodies going on in the world of tech & interesting news, geo-politics, science & innovation.
https://t.me/AOECOIN = our Chat room, we don't chat there much as unlike others we didn't buy 10,000 visitors.
AOE posts updates here as we make them, & try to post them here so VC will be able to see them or see this record in time. This account we use only for VC interactions so we can connect to VC on twitter as an alternate strategy to merely on email or direct calls. Many western VC tend to use Twit. We won't use it for ANYTHING but VC & investment & economic related posts. Nothing personal.

@AOECOIN is AOE's Founder's personal account. It's highly politically charged & FreeSpeech yelling & all over the place so unless you are into that kind of protest activist style then you may not like what you see! Be warned!! :D
Twitter VC Communications Account = @AlphaVCComs
AOE Proprietary Tech Achievements & Advantages
Over 140 All New MegaWatt Class Energy Generators for Clean Power
Seemingly, no one else has even thought of any of these directions yet at all.
#1 Electric Flight Technology in World History in every metric. 2,000 KM light electric plane. #1
#1 Nuclear Power Replacement w' 1800x the power Density of Nuclear w' no radioactive waste nor pollutions.
#1 Solar & Wind Replacement Tech w' 200-600x the power per Sqm of solar, & 6,000x stacked, running 24 hours a day, not "4, maybe"
#1 in Blockchain Energy Tech
#1 in Blockchain & Data Center Energy Efficiency Tech
Over 600 Building Energy Efficiency Techs
9 Forever Storage Systems w 100% DOD, & Zero Degredation, Zero Fires, Zero Pollution, last longer than everything else there is.
#1 in Solid State Batteries Tech
#1 Solar Tech
#1 UnSolar Solar Tech
#1 in FreeSpace Power Technology
#1 in FreeSpace Propulsion Systems
The 32 Best EM Drives on Earth. All of them better than NASA.
#1 In World Waste-To-Energy Small Power Generator for Consumer use in Undeveloped Nations.
#1 Fuel Cell in the World.
13 Generations of our Fuel Cell with 92 Iterations ready (this is very old now :D )
#1 in Free Space Power Generation Systems including Upgrades for the ISS and Satellites That can reduce solar panel use by >70% on the ISS
+ >550 All New Electric Car Charging and Performance Boosters to expand range.
#1 In Electric Car Power Train Systems
#1 in Ambient Light Power Generation Technology
#1 in Ambient Energy Designs
#1 in Wind Generation Tech Design
#1 in HydroElectric Power Design
Solar Panels yielding 196% of Current Power per sq. Meter.
25 All-New Advancements to solar panels that can increase efficiency up to 196% more and tech to produce up to way more per meter than the output of traditional panels.
But, compare to our 24 Hour running solutions yielding over 200x the Current Power per sq. Meter.
28 of the Best New Energy Batteries for Industrial and Commercial Power including AOE Rain Battery, AOE Cold Battery, our 100% Bio-friendly AOE Bio-Battery, and our new 100% D.O.D. No Drawdown, 120,000 life cycle Battery.
#1 in Sugar Beet Ethanol Fuel Cell
World leading Radiation Shielding, Treatment, & Conversion Technologies. (We taught some to Directors at Fukushima)
Nanotechs, Materials Techs, Supercapacitor Techs, Superconductors, Circuit Techs and more
Superior Anti-Corrosion Technologies and materials techs.
#1 in Hydroelectric Dam Efficiency Boosting Traditional Hydropower Dams by up to 41%
39 Efficiency boosters each for TOXIC Coal and Nuke Plants (not much interest in using them)
The Real "Clean Coal" not the lies the Coal Industry is talking.
Industrial Applications in the hundreds for our techs
Water Pumping & Hydro Industry Techs
We have now Charged Through 3,508 New Energy and Energy Related Technologies as of Jan 28, 2020 with 3,498 as of December 14,2019.
(Timestamp. We like our Timestamps)
(Working on more, you Fng Neo-Luddites)
We have now Charged Through 1,600 New Energy and Energy Related Technologies with 1,280 as of June 18th, 2017
We now have 1,619 Techs as of October 24, 2017
More. Much More. So Much More. We now have an Entire Forest of Tech Trees to climb up and Shake, and we don't even have time to do it.
At least 14 'Nobel Prizes in Physics' discoveries (we think it's entirely possible & one day will write)
Complete & Total Obsolescence of Every Other Power Generation Method that there is. Period.
Alpha Omega Energy. #1 In Clean Power Generation.
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