AOE Carbon Credits Vs Others:
Get the best Carbon Credits in history
Breakthrough CleanEnergy Victory
Commercialization of over 3,544 New Energy Techs with one contribution, not just Trees in the middle of nowhere for no one to see and no one to hear.
Solves the World Energy Demand Crisis
The world needs 20x the energy, & there is no way that the UN can force everyone to stop developing, & force the oil to stay in the ground. Face it, it's never gonna happen. We need MORE Energy, but Clean, Trees won't solve the pollution Pandemic either.
Supports Jobs & Innovation
While planting a tree supports a job, investing in AOE provides scalable profitable High-Impact Social Enterprise in the undeveloped nations which will result in not only many jobs but a total transformation for the better of the entire human future.
Pays the Ultimate Dividend
Regular Carbon Credits pay nothing. AOE Credits are just like investing in AOE, you don't just get a tax receipt you get your choice of a Term Deposit, Blockchain Investment, or Investment in the #1 Breakthrough CleanEnergy Innovator in History, AlphaOmegaEnergy. This investment will grow in value in time, and then you can reinvest to even more carbon credits. Don't just do a one & done, contribute to the one and only Change The World Charge, AOE.
Impact Social Enterprise Development
AOE is a scalable High Impact Social Enterprise in the Undeveloped world. Your funds will hire dollar for dollar more staff than in the G50 nations, & affect more lives in more substantial way long term than all others.
Viral Growing Effect.
You choose. One Tree? Something in the rich markets serving the richest people? Or Viral Impact that will change EVERYTHING? AOE's future is planned out and fully loaded with plans to seed sustainable scalable social enterprises to launch into the future that will change lives, change nations, & change the whole world in unstoppable charge fashion. Don't just CO2 credit. AOE CHARGE THE WHOLE WORLD.
Have a Big Contribution? Aim Your effect!
AOE has a big portfolio. Want to kill Plane Pollution? We have planes, want to spark up building energy efficiency? We have 600+ Techs. Want health tech commercialized? We have health tech. Want Solar on Orphanages? We have that. Want your funds to provide clean energy for water pumping? We have great tech for that too. Want the best solar ever commercialized? We have that too. Big contributors (Over $100,000) can Aim and SPARK!
Real Science, Real Change.
The Famous Cook report of 12,000 Scientists, showed that 99.2% of scientists though they did say that they agree humans do contribute at least some towards warming, don't actually support the Carbon Dioxide AGW theory for Global Warming, & don't support Crisis level events from it. It is anticipated that more of humanity will eventually turn away from the crisis political theater rhetoric and Even More are breaking ranks with the wave of temptation to go along with it for financial gain. However, every human loves a good environment. Stopping CO2 might not stop global warming, would decimate crop yields, & more importantly it won't stop the main problem which is Pollution. Pollution is where the focus should be, but its swept under the rug by the CO2 CarbonTax Political Campaigns. The world DOES face a pollution nightmare that's going to get way worse. We also face an energy for development nightmare. None of us want pollution. We all need energy for development. Your investment into AlphaOmegaEnergy WILL put a death nail into the future of pollution, creating a future of 100% clean. Regardless what happens in the dirty, polluted, political campaign circus theater, supporting AOE WILL result in a Clean Honest Future for Humanity that we all need. Regardless of people's political ideologies, regardless of the science they choose to promote, EVERYONE believes in the AOE Future & how much it's needed for humanity. No more need to lie, No more need to argue, Support the AOE future that no one can argue with but for the anti-technology Neo Luddite cave men & Corrupt, crooked establishments. LETS CHARGE!
Zero Corruption
Reports state that up to 55% of Carbon Credits & NGO & DevOrg Funding into undeveloped nations is scammed, frauded, rorted, is money laundering or contributes to it, or is unethically sourced from taxpayer rorting through government official's families companies, etc, or worse. Buying Carbon Credits from AOE at the very least guarantees you that nothing like that is happening inside AOE & that AOE is not supporting such behaviors. We are Zero Corruption, PERIOD. (Though due to lack of support for the honest, clean business innovators, we will take funds from anywhere & put them to positive purpose & continue to do so until we are big enough to not have to or finally those who should have supported actually do so in proper fashion.)
Bragging Rights
Your Carbon Credits Dollars will go much further than others, ushering in the highest level of Breakthrough Impact Technology in the history of the world, while others are just dropping a tree here or there & padding the many corrupt opportunists along the way that have no actual Socent, Philanthropic, nor Impact ideals, values, walk, nor purpose driven life as a real intention nor past. When you invest in AOE Carbon Credits, you aren't just buying credits, you are literally changing the entire Future of Humanity.
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    The #1 BANG BANG for your buck in the entire carbon credits future, buying AOE carbon credits will provide your desired transfer requirements, & Literally Light up the World in the process. Don't just settle for a few more trees in the deep forest where they won't ever make a sound, Contribute to the #1 Breakthrough CleanEnergy Innovator in history & Light the Rocket of Change into the AOE Era for humanity. 3,535 new technologies coming to market with your CO2 credits dollars.

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