The #AOE #HumanityShotPrize
You can win Half a MILLION US Dollars,
Set yourself up for LIFE by helping AOE get our SeedRound!

Unleash our 3,508 Breakthrough CleanEnergy Technologies on the World!
Give the Shot to Humanity that has always been needed more than any other
but deliberately held back by Governments, Climate cartels, greedy exploitative bosses, & Corrupt Globalist NWO so called leaders who avoid funding #AOE

to anyone on earth who introduces us to our Seed Investor!
Differences between the EarthShot Prize & Supporting #AOE
Solving the world's problems should be done the right way, not the same old Status Quo Centralized Elitist Feudalist way.
Fully Fund AlphaOmegaEnergy Immediately
Funding the #1 Breakthrough CleanEnergy Innovator Startup in history is the #1 Priority, FULLY funded, not $20,000, but a standard size Silicon Valley Seed Round of 6.1 - 10 Million Dollars.
Include Everyone on Earth, Pay The Whole World.
Not merely another failed one country only exclusionary nonsense, yet TALKing about solving world problems. EVERYONE can get PAID by helping AOE find our SeedRound investor, not just the richest citizens on earth in one country. EVERYONE who helps & gets some result, can get PAID.
Put The Right Priorities For Humanity FIRST
Focus on the proper locations, the peaceful culture Undeveloped nation markets that need it the most. Like Cambodia & Christian Latin America Not just more for the richest on earth only.
#AlphaOmegaEnergy is the #1 Breakthrough CleanEnergy Innovator in world history, yet has been completely ignored by the entire Globalist Centralist Cartel Elites Establishments, even blocked banned censored deplatformed shadowbanned, kicked out by WEF after initially being invited, & NEVER responded to by the entire Globalist cartel we offered FREE ELECTRICITY for a year to, for almost 5 YEARS! There IS NO EarthShot without FULLY Funding AlphaOmegaEnergy, & by ignoring this or putting it anything but FIRST PRIORITY. There is no "Earthshot just funding amateurs with toys, games, apps, craps, Fake reality, Fake Economy, the 30,000th currency, or just some kid whipped up something out of nowhere, etc.
Pay prizes that will award those who participate in the FULL FUNDING of Impact Startups in #Tech4Dev
AOE HumanityShotPrize pays proportionally to all those investments raised for our SeedRound, or any other, not just nothing but gains & opportunities for the rich insiders only.
Not another of the endless "Send in all your ideas for free to the rich! For nothing!" contests
Never any IP protection, never any facilitation for Startups, 99% of people never even hear back, & these Elitists then start their own companies with their families, networks & friends on your ideas and you get NOTHING. I have seen HUNDREDS of contests over the decades and they are ALL LIKE THIS & NONE any different outside of startup pitch contests, which ALSO never award any commercialization or SeedRound size prizes despite being held by BILLIONAIRES & BILLION Funds & TRILLIONAIRE Governments who TALK endless BS and LIES about supposedly ever supporting small business, innovation, or startups or SDG or Impact. Yeah, ONLY for the megacorporations & their Uber-Rich insider friends & families & cronies.
There is no assurance whatsoever of any result for humanity from the earth shot prize. With the AOE HumanityShotPrize, FINALLY humanity will have the Breakthrough CleanEnergy tech Startup we have needed for 200+ Years funded FULLY so humanity can get the shot it needs, ALPHA OMEGA ENERGY.
Pay Life Changing Prizes to those who contribute to getting the job done
For every $10,000 of investment, a prize of $1,000!
A prize of $500,000 to one person available!
Not merely scraps like $20,000 for a winning idea from millions which the Elites gain on, but Huge Life Changing prizes to those who actually get the job done!
Not more Elitism & Centralization
Not a "Maybe" by destroying IP in consolidations of idea donations to the richest people on earth,
Conditions (For The Public)
There are a few conditions, but not many.
If you can fog a mirror, you can win the prize.
Unlike others, we won't discriminate. If you find AOE's Seedround investor, you get paid. No educational, financial, age, gender, nationality, political leftism biases, you get paid and that's that.
Partial Investments count fully in part.
You don't have to find the full investment to get paid, any amount counts proportionally, so if you find 10% of it, you get 10% of the prize, $50,000!
There is no cost, & you don't have to invest anything to refer.
You don't have to find the full investment to get paid, any amount counts proportionally, so if you find 10% of it, you get 10% of the prize, $50,000!
Contributor has to set up the call, or at least tell them in advance that we will be calling.
Pure intros as long as properly introduced, are eligible. People can not just suggest we call this guy xyz and hand us a phone number without telling them we will call. However if it's the right kind of person we will still try. (Like: Climate Actors, Philanthropists, Angel Investors, Blockchain investors, Independent Media, VCs, but must be their actual numbers not just their office etc. Really the setup should be done by the person, we don't want to be cold calling people, we already cold call VC & Financial reps etc)
Prize Winners Must Fully KYC
We will not pay to anonymous people.
30 minutes max time
Due to time constraints being a busy startup fighting against the clock to raise, we need to get results. We have no time to spend on phone endlessly talking. We need ACTION. We can only spend max 30 minutes of time with a potential referrer. We need to go to the actual investor or we have to cut off the time and go to the next one. We wish we could spend endless time with each person but unfortunately we are unfunded and running against the clock and no government nor rich person nor org nor ngo nor dev org nor company nor rich VC is helping right now in any way. Please knows what a startup is.
Investment Benefits
Investors are assured above Market Returns with great security
Growth Investment Options
AOE has 3 Growth Options
(Investor will receive AOECOIN when we list)
3X minimum Fixed Debt note (300% return total one time + Principal)
(this is the minimum return VC demands in order to invest in a startup)
Will grow 10x at IPO at our Softbank Valuation for IPO.
Asset backed against 100% of our: Equipment, Power plants, Tech, Company, all shares, until investor is paid back.
Company Value 100 million
Eligible up to 6 million in investment total.
2 = AOECOIN with 60% Discount
(Investor will receive AOECOIN when we list)
Will grow 25x at IPO at our Softbank Valuation for IPO.
Company Value 40 million for investment with 100 million final value.
Eligible for 3 million in investment total only.
3 = AOE Shares
(No AOECOIN, less liquidity)
3X minimum Fixed Debt note (300% return total one time + Principal)
(this is the minimum return VC demands in order to invest in a startup)
Will grow 10x at IPO at our Softbank Valuation for IPO.
Asset backed against 100% of our: Equipment, Power plants, Tech, Company, all shares, until investor is paid back.
Company Value 100 million
Eligible for 5 million in investment total only.
Fixed Income Options
AOE has 4 Fixed Income Options as well as our 3 Growth Investment Options
1 = 5% Fixed Interest Per year + 20% 3Yr Bonus with monthly income
Pays 5% per year for a 3 year term.
Interest accumulates and is paid at the end of the term
There are no monthly payments.
A Bonus of will be added at the end of the term
Total net interest rate will be 15% per year with the 3Yr Bonus.
2 = 7% Fixed Interest Per year + 40% 3 Yr Bonus
Pays 7% per year for a 3 year term.
Interest accumulates and is paid at the end of the term
There are no monthly payments.
A Bonus of will be added at the end of the term
Total net interest rate will be 20% per year with the 3Yr Bonus.
3 = 10% Fixed Interest Per year + 50% 3 Yr Bonus
Pays 10% per year for a 3 year term.
Interest accumulates and is paid at the end of the term
There are no monthly payments.
A Bonus will be added at the end of the term
Total net interest rate will be 27% per year with the 3Yr Bonus.
5 = 12% Fixed Interest Per year + 200% 5 Yr Bonus
Pays 12% per year for a 5 year term.
Interest accumulates and is paid at the end of the term
There are no monthly payments.
A Bonus will be added at the end of the term
Total net interest rate will be 52% per year with the 5Yr Bonus.
ALL AOE Debt comes with a 100% Asset Backing and Principle Guarantee Secured by equipment.
AOE's takes the funds and immediately invests them in our Data Centers & Power Plants
AOE then collateralizes these assets to the debt
AOE issues a debt note to the investors (Also in blanket public form for all to see just like this)
Thus all our lenders have asset backing in AOE equipment
AOE's equipment will be valued more than the construction costs when completed and appraised, approximately 2x the value invested, thus all our lenders will have collateral.

AOE can go to immediate IPO in the emerging markets post-SeedRound build out and scale to the world. Investors are thus assured 3-10x on just this deal alone, or any other Venture or Blockchain raise.

We also have 13 more broker dealers including 5 more investment bank underwriters who also want to IPO us. (unfortunately none of them seed startups nor refer to)

Investors in AOE have multiple ways to exit including Blockchain for an early in and out at 1-3x plus return (plus principle) thus any exploitative offers will absolutely not be acceptable nor taken seriously. The world deserves much better. Be a leader not an exploiter!

40 million is a 60% discount on AOE's 100 Million dollar market cap value, which is the investment amount that Bloom Energy of California's founder got in cash on their piece of paper (100MM) nearly 20 YEARS ago to build their Fuel Cell & company. They have gone IPO now but are losing money and always have.

AOE will be in full profit at just $500,000.

We valued at just the cash amount he got, with far superior tech, & 3,508 techs not just 1. Just the cash amount, not the market value. This same pricing with a 60% discount puts AOE at a 40 million dollar value with 6 million of cash to produce a fully profitable company with:

- #1 Fuel Cell in world history in every class, commercialized to both Blockchain & Industry
- #1 Electric plane in world history flying 2,000 KM per stop
- 10-12 additional techs in energy efficiency for Industry, Buildings, Cooling, & Data Centers, each of which worth over 10 million dollars in immediate sale or license and royalties.
- A Fully promoted Blockchain raise scale up for 10-40 Million dollars
- The most energy efficient Satellite in history
ALL of this will be Fully Commercialized and in profit.


- Uber got 1+ Billion in cash investment for their 10 Kilometer Drone
- Bloom Energy has already gotten BILLIONS in investment
- We will have the best FuelCell tech running for all to look see feel touch in human history, profitable unlike the 15 others who have already gone IPO who suffer from tech problems and endless losses.
- Satellite tech which is highly valuable
- Commercialized nearly a dozen other techs which are all worth in excess of 10 million in sales or licenses
- Already a Billion dollar IPO val with 50 million to pile on top of the Seed investor's investment by none other than Softbank securities, with Softbank Vision fund shortly after no doubt with their minimum size 100 million dollar checks.

= There is no excuse to be made for VC to try to get greedy, especially with tech innovators like this that the whole world needed supported 5 years ago, ignored to date by all the fake TALKers across the G30.

AOE is willing to innovate, change, or flex terms to virtually anything which provide us with this same long term benefit, control, opportunity, & at same time provide our investors with exceptional security in beating the stock market by multiples including debt notes to secure high minimum returns with full asset backing in collateral of all our equipment and machines and data center equipment & 100% of shares hold until the investor is paid back.

AOE is willing to undergo any and all financial diligence for professional investors, & full & total onerous financial requirements and conditions including significant governance that no other startups would be willing to do. AOE is a 100% Clean by the books company prepared for IPO standard international audits from day 1.

Professional investors in signed agreement to these terms, can ask us for our full Value Substantiation report & we welcome theirs for companies with such tech through A+B rounds facing immediate pre-IPO.
Investment Terms
Terms are the same as AOE's 6 million dollar seed deal we signed that was not funded beyond 2%
1. 3-20 Million for Seed Round is eligible.
AOE is shooting for 6 Million Seed but we are also raising baby steps as little as $50,000, $120,000, $240,000. $480,000 on the way up as well. AOE is flexible & will not turn down funds at proper pricing according to our terms.
2. AOE is using our own pre-set valuation but one option has a 60% Discount currently
AOE's current valuation is according to the AOE schedule as we are very developed & have already been valued above this level by Investment banks for IPO & ready to IPO post-seed buildout. We are not using "valuations by vulture capitalists trying to pick up free money for pennies on the dollar exploitations of Startups" Investors will earn significant above market returns, no "greed mode" is necessary.
3. The second deal choice AOE is offering Debt notes at 3X fixed minimum return on our valuation table
This is (Principle + 300% total) on our Pre-Post market value. From Then the investor's return will be linked to the overall market value performance of AOE on way to IPO (+1 Billion already valued for by Investment Bank) then beyond.
4. AOE is using a Post-money SeedRound built out according to schedule Value, at a significant discount to others at that stage.
AOE will not accept the common vulture scam of a lesser value for pre-money when the post-money value should be considered. That is exploitative. The value of the company is Company/Solution/Tech+Money = total value with breakdown of benefits at that point. AOE's tech & development value is huge. We will not give huge freebie donations to rich. We are a social enterprise not a donation center for the rich to pick up freebie checks. We are already paying & guaranteeing with debt & collateral, a huge above market return. Greedy? Fix your heart!
5. AOE is not doing any tech transfers of any kind at this early stage.
All tech transfer requests are a waste of time for us thus please do not send them in to us.
6. AOE will not relocate from the undeveloped markets (Cambodia-LatinAmerica) without an unprecedented worldwide deal in the + Billion dollar ranges.
We will not abandon the right priorities mission for the world that the elitists in the richest countries and cities never do anything about other than TALKing / virtue signalling.
7. No board plants will be accepted (common for some dev-banks)
Games by invasive rip & strippers not acceptable. Advisory boards welcome, however AOE will always retain full autonomy & direction controls of every kind.
8. A non-technology, planted Internal financial accounting staff is acceptable
AOE has always been willing to accept planted accounting/financial control staff by investors as we are 100% clean running & accountable unlike most Startups/Founders. (ie Wework, Theranos, etc.)
9. No Accellerators / Incubator requests/spam/etc
AOE will not spend any time in any non emerging-markets incubators or accelerators. We will not abandon the right priorities markets no matter what excuses anyone makes up. We already practically built our own accellerator. Also there is nothing of value in Cambodia at this time.
10. We do not teach technology.
We definitely do not teach technology for free. We are not Billionaires, nor a Billions funded, government paid for technology teaching institute. If a government, investor, or philanthropist wants to fund us to such equal significant level as those existing such institutions, we can begin considering abandoning business to teach technology for free after we receive the financial offer. Of course no offer less than 1 Billion would be appropriate for such. Radical Neo-Luddites who merely want to abuse innovators lying that they need to understand how everything works in order to invest, pass now, get off our website. Your mentality is the #1 holdback to humanity.
11. AOE requires lasting full & total control of our mission. Controllers not accepted.
AOE requires that all investors sign our AA (Articles of association) & investor's agreement, & shareholder's agreements, which have similar terms to both Alibaba & Wework in terms of management control & long term control. (Don't worry we are Christians, not an Adam Neumann type, lol, and AOE is clearly not a "VC ponzi" like Wework.) These are to protect the long term structure & control security & mission integrity of AOE so that they are not messed with at all by overzealous controllers, usurpers, rip & strippers, "re-labellers", aquisitioners, churn & burners, or other bad people which do terrible things but we would be forced to continue working for such people despite this.
12. Investors must sign "Buyout Clause"
AOE investors must sign a sale agreement allowing AOE to buy them out at set minimum above market returns in case they commit ethical violations to society or to the company. Typically a company can not "fire investors" if they commit horrible acts against the company or others. AOE requires that we be allowed to at least, with an acceptable requirement of buy out price being an above market return or current value or a mediated value of the two with S+P500 return as a minimum. AOE reserves right to do this without trial, arbitration, & does not have to list reasons for. AOE will not use this for financial advantage. (We had a promoter steal 2/3rd of our raise. (other example: an investor gets convicted for child trafficking, supports terrorism etc) We will NOT work for unethical people) Quality investors & quality people would never want us to have to.
13. Investors must agree to terms before beginning DD.
Actual deposit can be subject to Due diligence but we will not enter into any DD processes without signing of agreement to invest on terms provided. In other words AOE will not waste our time endlessly dating people who haven't even agreed to invest.
14. Full KYC must be collected on investors & prize winners. Privacy assured if requested.
AOE HumanityShot prize will be paid out immediately on cash receipt from investors, while issuing a prize ceremony in tranches. AOE will withhold nothing from the amount & will issue the payment as a loan with 0.01% interest collateralized indefinitely, interest only, with no payments due. AOE is willing to pay via any methods the winners choose, Blockchain, Wire, etc. AOE will not pay anonymous persons. We will however respect the privacy of the person if they wish but we feel strongly about public recognition as would love to make a spectacle of the real leadership these people partake in making this happen, they deserve the credit!
15. Award Ceremony Raise Tranches
1 million
1.5 million
2 million
2.5 million
3 million
4 million
5 million
6 million
AOE will announce winners at these levels in general unless we have more time. We will announce no more than 1x each month due to time constraints.
16. Volunteering & Pitch requirements
Investors over 1 million must sign an agreement to come & volunteer at an NGO, Devorg, or Charitable Enterprise or Social Enterprise of their choice for at least a full day in Cambodia/Latin America (their choice). They must also be willing to receive at least 10 pitches from other #Tech4Dev innovators n these regions. (ultimately AOE will forgo this requirement & take the investment, however expect us to push for it. Someone has to, the Elites sure are not.)
17. AOE is NOT selling any technology yet
We are very interested to sell some of our non-main business line technologies. We will NOT sell our main business line technology. If you wish to contribute to AOE by giving us offers to buy our technology, or licenses, please do so, but understand we will be unable to fulfill this at this time and it is not our intention to sell our main business line technology. The offers would have to be substantial & with large deposits at least in escrow to even begin seriously entertaining such explorations.
18. No Joint Ventures Nor Franchising
AOE is a tiny Startup with no ability nor interest to begin a franchising model nor do any JVs injecting technology for others to do things with. We do not anticipate we will ever entertain such a model, & will only sell technology outright that we don't plan to use, or license it. We will never do so on a non-cash basis for royalties without being to an MNC with ability to immediate earn royalties on. We need cash, capital to grow, we are not a technology seller yet though we wish to add a division in future years doing that. If you have a big financial offer, do send it in to support our mission!
19. AOE WILL be flexible in shares % for in & out investors
If investors will sign early-exits, rights for AOE to buy out, maximum return caps, fixed return levels etc, AOE is even willing to sign over 100% of shares (but not control) as collateral until the investor is paid back, and any & all other reasonable security measures regardless of how onerous. We will protect investors fully in every way even unconventional, in extreme measures no one else will. We do require 100% direction, personnel, IP, market, & security controls at all times however. Everything else, salaries, benefits, financial oversight, financial controls etc, are all flexible up to 100% & AOE willing to do anything to secure our investors. These creative methods are acceptable, and with these we can accept a very low pricing value for investors as long as they also give us our proper market value AND buyout conditions where they will be exited early at fixed great returns so that both sides win. AOE is far more flexible & innovative than others.
20. We WILL accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other main coins.
AOE prefers cash transfers or Bitcoin. We lose 5% when receiving Bitcoin by the time we can get it in usable cash so we prefer cash (Bank transfer or other) however we WILL accept Bitcoin. 90% of the funds we have received to date have been in Bitcoin. We don't have a problem receiving ETH or other main coins however we will lose even more as have to transfer them to BTC, then again to cash.
AOE's Previous Seed Deal That Fell Through.
AOE signed a deal in lawyer's office for 6 million from some Blockchain promoters who said they have the funds among their company and immediate friends and network, & were raising for a 40 million dollar target but would immediately put in 6 million. They then began gambling in the Shitcoin market in cryptocurrencies and Bankrupted themselves after only giving $184,000 to us in total. The initial promoter also stole $200,000 from our raise without telling anyone, as he collected funds against the contract & authorization in secret directly to himself and never told anyone & kept us around to continue doing so to others. We could have finished commercialization long ago with that extra $200,000 of money & are still trying to raise to finish.

AOE applied to many contests over the last 4.5 years with absolutely zero response by anyone despite having the greatest energy tech in human history & positioned to change the whole world for all of the human future. After seeing the UK Royal Family's "EarthShot" prize in January of 2020, which only is for UK people, blocking 99% of humanity, only $20,000 a prize which is far too little to actually do anything if anyone has any meaningful tech, (especially from richest family on earth it should be big, and for such meaningful ideas, they should be big) so they suck in all the IP from everyone for Free to the Elitists, destroying the maker's IP security & exploiting thousands as well, and it does nothing to facilitate #1 in World History Breakthrough CleanEnergy Innovators like AOE, and just like the other contests, we will surely never even get a response. So after seeing another one like this, we were frustrated. The idea was sparked to try to do our own, and do it the right way instead.
Q: Why was the AOE #HumanityShotPrize Started?
Surprisingly, despite it being in the news every day for over 30 years now, with the huge returns in Startups being made by Venture Capitalists all the time, we still get this question. AOE is a startup, not a bank. The value of startups with change the world value technology rise very quickly, especially if they can earn a fast profit, can scale, & can IPO in a reasonable time period like AOE can. It is PERFECTLY NORMAL & happens every day, providing investments for over 240,000 VCs worldwide to try to beat the stock market with. VC don't even invest unless they can make at least 3x in 10 years. This is a normal return for high value tech startups and thus the reason over 240,000 VCs & more every day invest in them. Please don't waste people's time claiming that this is unreasonable for such a startup to grow from 10-40 staff in a year or from 50 to 200 in 2-3 years as deploying their service to the market if they get the capital to do so. This happens all the time. Those who invest, WILL achieve these kinds of returns in AOE as long as AOE gets our Seed Round or more. Startups must pay a higher than stock market return or else no one will invest in them. Please think about it. No VC, financial planner, or investment industry professional will ever have a complaint about this. If you are unsure, please tell your financial advisor and ask him to contact AOE about investment options. Enjoy your growth by supporting world #1 AOE.
Q: How can you claim such a high return?
We appreciate the loving requests from consumers asking us to make a consumer gadget, and while we would love to give them something for their loving support, at the time it's the wrong focus for the world. The world doesn't need another toy for the rich in the richest nations in humanity, the world needs energy for the 4 BILLION who have no electricity for even clean drinking water or toilets let alone industry 2.0, 3.0 or 4.0 one generation in the future hopefully. AOE's focus must remain industrial & commercial energy to deliver the absolute maximum number of kilowatts then megawatts & gigawatts in the right priorities focused nations, those undeveloped peaceful culture nations like Christian Latin America or Cambodia etc. We are powering our own data centers first, adding planes for cargo, but this is mainly to be able to raise to then move on to delivering significant amounts of power in the right places under right conditions & to scale. 97% of consumer product businesses fail the first year, 95% of remaining in second, 90% of remaining in 3rd. We will be in business a long time and have no desire to join the flash in the pans like so many others. We are change the world, not add another toy for the rich. Thank you & God bless you for your support. We aim to win, and we need it.
Q: Why don't you make consumer gadgets instead?
Yes, it is a lot harder to raise capital in the undeveloped world. If the Dev-Orgs, NGOs, Governments, & Climate TALKers & ACTORS actually cared one iota about these people or these issues rather than just politics or financial deals, it would actually be easier to raise due to the much more significant Impact helping these people. If the VC actually cared one iota about Change The World they would all pile into AOE with unprecedented deals the likes of you have never seen before. Going out into the world not just sitting back in the richest Status Quo markets & cities on earth, is what Change The World is & looks like. I chose to LIVE IT not merely Lie & TALK about it on stages while ignoring the Breakthrough Energy Innovators as lie to everyone's face that OTHER PEOPLE should be supporting such things as when they are solicited they do Absolutely NOTHING. Change The WORLD, frankly, BEGINS out in the undeveloped nations building them up like John F Kennedy said when he began the "Peace Corps" with intention to send out over 100,000 engineers to help build infrastructure projects in the world where it's needed in love. So I decided to go build my Startup there. I expected there to be a lot of support. I was wrong, completely wrong. There is NONE in fact from over 3200 Dev-Org & NGOs, governments, Rich Bosses, & over 400 Climate Cartels & Climate ACTORS which we have solicited. It's now up to YOU, the people, to deliver these changes. Clearly, the establishment TALKers are only full of LIES & never actually do anything about these kinds of innovators nor their initiatives. Many are waiting in the wings to 'pile on for free money' but very few of the TALKers are do-it-first leaders. So, we need your support, we need you, to be the do it first leader make it happen men & women, and With it, we will change the entire future of humanity. You have the funds, we have the Charge.
Q: Why the Undeveloped World? Why not SiliCon valley or the rich nations like everyone else?
Contact us NOW
to express & qualify
your Investment Interest.
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