Flying over 2,000 KM per stop with 900 Kilos of Cargo.
The #1 Electric Plane in History, by Continents.
We Power Fuel Free Flight
AOE's FuelFreeFlight Plane is the #1 Electric Plane in Human History, flying over 2,000 Kilometers per stop with zero pollution & 900 kilos of cargo carry, completely solving the world's pollution from flight issues.

Over 200 Startups around the world including over 20 Megacorporations, Nasa, Boeing, Rolls Royce & others, & AOE has beaten them all by continents!

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Over 1 Billion Dollars
of AOE Investor Value
We Beat EVERYONE. Over 200 entrants in the race for #1.
Why Aircraft?

"After 3.5 years of pitching & soliciting over 300 NGO's, Devorgs, Climate Orgs, Governments, Rich Bosses, Climate ACTORS, & TALKers, so called Impact investors, all who do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about these issues as we have such meaningful impact tech as tens of millions die due their absolutely criminal deliberate negligence, In incredible frustration & anger I decided to put my generator into a plane and fly it over their ******* heads & drop FAKENEWS flyers on them. They sure won't be able to keep ignoring then. Also, our fundraising problem will be completely solved from then on, in fact the whole investment world will literally sh** a brick. Thus, the AOE plane was born."


"..they fly 2,000 KM on a single stop fully electric. What are you going to do when it's done, luddite? One cheque, and it's done. One cheque. WRITE IT."

AOE is doing commercial cargo. Unlike all the others, AOE has more power, more range, more cargo capacity, & is building on the cheap to commercialize fast, providing early profit in a scalable model for investor's delight & high quality finance pathways for rapid scaling. AOE can increase to 4,000 KM in a larger model comparable to size of the attempters like NASA etc & carry much more cargo in attractive monetization that Only AOE can provide. Support NOW in Make It Happen Full Capital Fashion so we can deliver the AOE Charge to the Skies of the Human Future.

AOE will profit in under 1 Million Dollars.
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