Shock The World. Nothing, is More Valuable.
Model Market Cap Establishment
and Initial Traction Completion.
Market Value Driving Clients
Our Key Clients With Interest Expression Delivered To AOE:
  • #1 National Bank in Country
  • #1 Beverage Company on Earth
  • #3 National Brewery in Country
  • #1 Global Chemical Company
  • Top 10 Local Luxury Brand Business Hotel Chain
  • #1 Hotel Chain on Earth
  • #1 CleanTech Water Bottler on Earth
  • #1 Mineral Water Company in Country
  • #1 Oil Spill Cleanup Products Company on Earth
  • #1 National Industry Park
  • #1 Luxury Hotel in Country
  • #1 Milk Provider in ASEAN Region
  • #1 Cold Storage Provider in Nation
  • National Water Commission for Wastewater and Irrigation
Global Expansion Readiness
Governments Expressing Major Project Interest Requests:
  • Myanmar Energy Ministry
  • Philippines Energy Ministry
  • Cambodia Ministry of Climate Change
  • Malaysia Ministry of Energy
  • Thailand Renewable Energy Department
  • Cambodia 18 SME Park Developments Advisory Committees
  • China Government Development Zones and Low Carbon Cities in 14 Cities and Districts
Global Private Sector Interest Explosion
Major Interest Expressions Received:
  • Indonesia Domestic Venture Capital Partners
  • Angola Industrial Park Developers
  • Lao High-Tech City
  • USA Factories
  • Nigeria Industrial Zones
  • Vietnam Industrial Zones Representative
  • Singapore Consulting Firms
  • Middle Eastern Oil and Energy Conglomerates
Our Human Values Partners To Date
Priority Projects:
  • Cambodia Child Welfare Department
  • Cambodia Disability Department
  • Cambodia Orphanages
  • Cambodia Big Brothers and Sisters Organization (Alongsiders)
  • Cambodia NGOs for Children
  • Seeking your established long term Human Values Targets to be Changed into the Clean Energy Future
Key Clients Already With Significant Interest Expression
AOE Systems to Deliver
MegaWatts in Orders to Install
MILLION in Capital to Allocate and Need for Order Finance
MILLION in Annual Contract Revenues To Collect
BILLION in Market Cap @ Russel 2000 Stock Discounted Market Values
1,310 New Energy Techs
A Future of Scale Shock To the Whole World.
BILLION in Value from Tech sales of 26 Sales/yr of 5.2 Million
BILLION in Value from License Sales of 52 Licenses a year for 2.65 Million on no Royalties
BILLION at 42 Million/yr in Earns for 48 MegaWatts total production.
Asset + Income Model
Recurring Earnings.
Equipment and Asset Finance.
Commercial Finance.
Order Finance.
Clean Energy and Project Finance.
Share Loan Finance.
"Global Voltage Shock Amplification."
Company Status and Near-Future Timeline
Early Stages of Startup Commercial Practice
AOE is now practicing in the business community in progress now delivering real solutions to our clients. We are the leading firm by technology, solutions quality, and value to our clients and the marketplace.
Post A-Stage Financing: Production, Traction, Expansion.
Once having secured A-Round financing AOE will be able to deliver significant production capacity, market traction for our flagship solutions, and expand allocating significant capital and financed capital.
IPO CSX 2018
AOE is already under way in preparations with the CSX, CSC, Private Equity Investment firms, private investors, and Stock Listing Brokers and Underwriters for our IPO in 2018. Post IPO, AOE will undergo significant expansion.
Global Investment Banking Readiness Plan
We are Ready for IPO Strategy Plan Development post Installation with Major Investment banking firms and are beginning to contact them starting from:
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Credit Suisse
  • Standard Chartered
  • Bank of America Securities
  • Citigroup
  • Merril Lynch Securities
  • Acleda Bank Securities
  • Phnom Penh Securities
  • RHB Indochina Securities
  • Cana Securities
  • Campu Securities
  • Yuanta Securities
  • SBI Royal Securities
  • Golden Fortune Securities
  • CAB Securities
  • Cambodia Vietnam Securities
  • APM Lao Securities
Global Investment Market Access Readiness Plan
We are Ready for Market Diversification Beginning With:
  • CSX Public Stock Market
  • Thailand OTC Market
  • Hanoi OTC Market
  • Singapore OTC Market
  • Global Investment Bankers OTC Markets
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