Cambodia Startup Summary
Cambodia's "Startup Environment" is different than many and just beginning. In Developed nations, entrepreneurialism is an idea that needs to be promoted, fostered, taught, and developed. But in Cambodia, everyone is an entrepreneur. If they aren't growing or buying and selling something, they can't eat. Everyone is hustling, selling, doing services like moto-taxi, soothsaying, you name it, nearly nothing is free. Entrepreneurship is the Cambodian way of life. There is no investment community, no real Angel market, no VC's, with only one Angel investment deal brokered to date, of merely $15,000.

With interest rates high and GDP and property roaring, finding investment for new business especially concept (startup), is nearly unthinkable. 12-36% interest is the rate for loans, and that's only available IF you have 140% collateral coverage in real estate. No one can afford to borrow but to buy and sell goods at 100% margin etc, and fast money is how it's done. The startup hubs "have no clue about investment", the stock market empty and inexperienced with only 4 stocks and no marketing nor sales team, and "Startup and Angels" events have Post-startups instead of Startups, and no Angels. A big deal in Cambodia would be $20,000, and someone investing in something not late stage is nearly unthinkable in the market.

The community of startups and infotech and virtual economy is growing rapidly, but the real demand is in REAL economy not in infotech. Hard goods, infrastructure, energy, processing, food processing, light industry and small manufacturing, production of goods, localizing imports instead of importing, services that will improve delivery of Cambodia's existing produced goods and services, light construction, Hard Business services, and finance for development.

The high infotech OECD market business models will find a couple million regular internet users on FB who earn $153-400 a month and are weakly monetizable. There is HUGE opportunity in RealTech, but infotech markets are just beginning to develop. The REAL story begins in the REAL Internet, and that is not infotech, it is The Electricity net. It's no surprise that G-10 Nations people's in Cambodia are unable to see this when they come from nations that have 50x the electricity supplies and choices in the market, they have the ability to move into the downtown hotels and fly around, and don't experience the low to no electricity life of Cambodians, but the reality for Cambodia people and businesses is they need the lights on before they can surf the internet, and they need jobs and manufacturing before they can spend on it. Many infotech failures will occur but it's hard to see how properly planned RealTech's can fail in a fast growth cash only market.

It is truely interesting and somewhat mindboggling watching the foreign taught "Incubation spaces" talking about entrepreneurialism to a nation of people who are far more entrepreneurial than their home nations have been for perhaps 60-100 years. With do or die hustle as a way of life, the local stars in business seem like they could run circles around the average foreigner teaching in these incubators in sales, drive, determination, mental ability, ability to live and operate on the cheap, bargaining and negotiating, making prices and margins work, and most have failed hard and fast many times as a way of life. Without the jobs and social-net fallbacks, or even electricity, that the "Global Startup culture" could not even imagine living without, Cambodians are prime business people set for explosive drive should they have investment and finance support. Nearly all businesses are profitable or are closed quickly for something else, and there is no option of burn rate due to no capital access possible.

The Organizers of "Startup events" are focusing on infotech as usual, which the nation does need a little more of, but Cambodia needs something else truely and it's not games, not time sinks, not dating apps, not access to more imported goods to try to sell to $153 a month workers and sap their nation's finances, not music and movies, they need jobs, industry, REAL HARD ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY.
(the startup industry answer? "Real economy what? What's the "Real Economy?" They just don't get it, sterilized to real economics in their nations of consumer product cult startup centers.)

Hats off to the organizers, who ARE doing a wonderful service, FREE events for the poor startups not the $6,000 a head Insanity tickets you see globally, and even free tickets to the foreign crowd. We can not thank them enough, and we will offer up some small shares in AOE listing as future support.

Cambodia needs Investment Everywhere, and done the right way in the right financial structures and accountability, into the right businesses, with the right Underdogs, and that is going to yield massive IPO's in short time IF it's done this right way. Many businesses are already in the qualification stage and can list Immediately, but there are no investors and no one with the knowledge to do it yet, in fact most people don't even know there is a stock market, and most have no idea what a stock market even is. Most of the incubator managers had no idea there even was a stock market in the country. They haven't been there, and know nothing about it. It seems there are no teams yet who know much of anything about the investment side of business, expansion, and finance, but for Alpha Omega Energy.

We begin to think of making a VC fund, boy is it needed. In a nation state the size of a large USA State, like Florida or New York, Washington, or Texas, Bigger than New Zealand or the North Europe or periphery nations, the opportunities are just Massive. We count 142 Startups Prime for explosion and stock listing with merely $150-300k invested in a short passive look. But the startup community in Cambodia has no experience in monetization, nor selling investments, few if any deeply experienced Investment people whatsoever and no real idea about any kind of marketing but for G-10 nation's online style. (should be asking locals) I can't wait to see events where the locals are teaching these "incubators" how it's done in Cambodia, how to hustle, how to reach people, who can and can't buy, and what products actually can sell in their market. (not from the kids)
(infotech is selling stuff that no one usual.)

30 Million, 100-200 Startups, all with set structure and leadership, 150-300k each, and all hand walked to the market IPO. It may be one of the most successful VC funds in history in pound for pound return. This from a silicon valley and investment industry "old dog" who has some days felt like seen it all.

Forget finding local or even international investors in Cambodia, the recent "Startup and Angels" event "didn't even warrant" a show-up by the MAIN Mekong Angel Investors Network apparently, and didn't feature any new startups, but only existing late stage, proven, profitable, large, known, years in business companies that are already far beyond self-sufficient. It didn't look like a Startups Event to me, it looked like a "Well past Finished Ups" Event. I think the next sign should have a ? mark added after the word Angels on it, or you could even just delete the word Angels completely to reflect the reality of the event.

The organizers don't seem to be advertising or marketing to investors, and seemingly no one from the extended region is coming in. It's as usual not any kind of focus whatsoever in the Startup community (though at the best incubators around the world they usually have a 50% mandate for spending and activity focused on bringing in investors, and of course that's what makes them the best incubators. Everyone wants to go where the funding is. Contact info for the organizers post-event was incredibly difficult to find.

Without investors you will not have true Startup capacity, nor growth and scaling, nor meaningful large scale let alone fast Impact. You will instead have a great social club to build small, organic skills akin to an after school program to learn business development. Over a few years a business may become a success, but without the true startup scene which is "Concept Startup - > Invested - > Structured - > Scaled rapidly with subsequent rounds of investment- > IPO - > Commercial finance scaling" Cambodia's startup scene will continue to be a dream for many, but sadly a mere learning and social activity for most.

The danger of not having the investment becomes one of national issue, as Cambodia is an open market to other nations with Vietnam pumping 250 Million into 'on the table' Startup deals and much more below it, and Thai ramping into hundreds of millions with Malaysia and Singapore Far ahead also. Taiwan incubator shark bosses are circling in the incubators and looking to take over the market and their attitudes behind the face are anything but friendly to the locals. They aim to take over not to assist. If Cambodia doesn't get serious about real hard investment into early stage startups and soon, the market will be overwealmed by the big boys next door and the dream of the Cambodian small people underdogs will become a nightmare of foreign market domination and a vaccum of economic opportunity into other nations and away from those who need it most. The fight is on for the future of these people. Join in the campaign to to help them.

Cambodia Startup Quirks
Cambodia's Startup community doesn't really make use of web based internet to the degree of the rest of the world and are more mobile based. They also aren't using standard professional Global business communication practices. Generally their chosen sole use is limited to FB. Email is rarely used if at all and not often responded to. Many incubators can't be reached via email, some have no websites or merely landing pages with no contact information nor events listed. FB pages also are not generally high quality being often hard to locate. Event centers don't use databases nor email nor sms to send out invitations nor notifications and merely post events to FB. None have any Databases of potential investors nor marketing. This of course destroys their marketing, reduces their attendances significantly, and limits their reach, breadth, and overall marketing success. However there seems to be no willingness nor clued in mind to change this in some of the existing center's managements, even the foreign ones which is a big surprise. Relying on pushing a nation of people to FB as an only communication policy when most don't even have reliable electricity nor a bank account isn't a quality business strategy. Multiple approaches need to be used and especially those that are low tech in low tech environments. Quality teaching and managers will go a long way in Cambodia in the future and there is much to learn.

For the 13+ million Cambodians NOT on FB and the million of foreign tourists without it as well and the growing millions who have cancelled the FB due to it being an intrusive malware virus they will never hear about the events or these companies either. The attitude is a little hostile to improving this and 'closed market minded' pushing a message of, "people need to use fb or they miss out. We don't really care how much we limit our message or market or results, they have to use fb we won't do anything else. You can't do business in Cambodia without FB." This is said despite the 17.5 of 18 Billion AT LEAST of GDP business in Cambodia done NOT on FB.
Welcome to Cambodia and the "new world" :D

Cambodia Startup Pros
1. "Global Startup" is very new to Cambo. Though Cambodians are all entrepreneurs practically and most are in business or "started up" one or more businesses by age 20, the Global Style of incubator-funding etc is pretty new and new to majority of people. The high infotech version of this is also very new. There are many opportunities for infotech to help and be successful IF it is adjusted to Cambodia's 1930s era market but I don't see this happening much and the ideas are mainly focused on the most difficult to succeed small markets, consumer markets, smallest segments of the economy, and with very limited thinking. Copies of what is the fad in startups in G-30 nations are the ones being done, not what would really supercharge the overall Cambodia economy. From a development organization minded perspective it's encouraging and painful to watch at the same time. The Pro here is that brand new = Significant opportunity especially to be an early mover, pioneer, and settler.
2. 7% GDP growth and needs EVERYWHERE in the REAL Economy. While the infotech guys sputter for ideas, us Real economy value investment infrastructure and BLUE chip folk struggle to shut our mouths with ideas for new Startups that would absolutely kill it in Cambodia.
3. There are a number of centers and (cheap for foreigners) (though most not even on google maps) and some don't even have websites go figure. Just $30 to join for a month. Though that will of course break the bank for most Cambodians and leave them out.
4. Nearly everything is cheaper than the G-30 Nations. Cheap rents for offices and factories, cheap goods relative to the west if you buy through your Cambodians in the non-tourist areas and nearly everything is available. Light industry rates are dirt cheap. Hey you infotech guys know what light industry is don't you? :D
5. The biggest Pro of all. IPO. 12 months and a profit to go with that 500k business value appraisal and some great deal structure with the listers, if you know about deal structures in listing that is :D
Cambodia Startup Cons
1. There are only about 2 million internet users and few FB users. While for many REAL ECONOMY businesses this is great, for those infotech guys this spells trouble. With an incredibly limited market, on top of $153 a month wages, there is a tiny market for online goods especially the broken record of mindless consumer market and consumer-product and gadget and subscription based approaches in many infotech G-30 business models.
2. Consumer market is in Khmei not English making it even harder for infotechs and especially foreign infotechs.
3. No Investors to burn their money while the startups figure it out. This is unimaginable for most infotech guys. It is also terrible for high capital cost Real Economy startups.
4. Low number of skilled infotech workers, though high number of REAL ECONOMY ones.
5. No Investors for the incredibly valuable and significantly needed startups.
6. Zero organization by Startup centers to match investors with startups nor promote them to investors either.
7. No real Startup news sources of quality. No Startup media, no central organization whatsoever. No go to websites, no master schedules, no cross-center medias, no "in advance" notifications systems, no email databases of startups, no master lists of centers, virtually zero governmental nor NGO organization despite a large number of NGOs blowing huge money and patting themselves on the backs for supposedly supporting startup and SME.
8. Zero press coverage support for startups organized
9. Zero regular pitch meetings organized
10. Basically zero government involvement of any kind
11. NGOs with 700 Million a year in budgets and not a dollar in investments into Startups bar the USAID which did according to news $15,000 into one startup they leaked the IP for very badly pretty much everywhere possible to be found leading to many copies out of China.
12. All centers don't keep in contact with Startups via email, don't share databases (if they even have them)
13. Seemingly every center runs completely independently with no cross organization to invite media and Startups or investors to meetings, and its all done on FB with no traditional professional business communications like email, telephone, sms etc.

* Other than picking fault at existing Startup, NGO, and Government failures and incompetance, really it's hard to find negatives in here on the traditional business building aspect. It's prime frontier territory for the Guerilla. Low cost, low barriers, nearly no competition anywhere, G-30 historical crystal ball perspective, the opportunity is VAST and DEEP. As long as you aren't expecting to or hoping to get any support whatsoever from NGO, Government, Business associations Startup centers, Investors, etc then you will be fine to attack and grind and succeed in a healthy robust clean canvas market. For those really needing these supports all we can say is God be with you because there isn't any in a frontier market like Cambodia, you are the real meaning of "do-it-first" leadership in so many ways.
Fake Angels
I think Cambodia Startup community commentary wouldn't be complete without mentioning this. Several bands of "Fake Angels" basically posers or people pretending to be investors who really aren't and have not invested into anything in Cambodia let alone the startups are posing as "Angel Investors" No portfolios, no previous investments, no deals, nothing to point at whatsoever, and then claiming that "nothing is investable in Cambodia." Not only are they claiming it but due to others in the community not knowing they are actually in fact FAKES, a number of others are picking up their negative vibes and rumors and parroting this absolute CRAP that supposedly there is nothing investable in Cambodia. Also among the rumors are phoney claims that other "funds" or NGOs have supposedly invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into Startups in Cambodia, when no one can mention the amounts, deals, sources, investors etc. Cambodia has no record of Startup investments to be found and some centers have claims of "there are investors" but in reality there are not and none have invested in anything. The few 'Startup investors' in the country are known and the amounts have been miniscule due to their limited financial ability. One of these so called "Angels" who has 20 startup logos on the back of his business card and Angel wings and a Halo on the front stood up at one of the meetings claiming "I have looked at over 4,000 companies in 30 years in my life and only invested in 6" I wonder which 6 of those 20 on his business card they were and why the other 14 are on there. :D Not only that but I don't think anyone who has only invested in 6 companies can call themselves any kind of Angel nor even an Investor. Proposterous. Most people in the G-30 invest in more than 6 investments by the time they are 25. It would seem there is even NGO funding $ is going into these types of actions, meetings, and mock nonsenses yet none of it being invested into the startups. Now it would help to have of course some kind of practice pitches for startups in front of mock investor panels but lying to people that they are supposedly investors or "angels" when they are propagating rumors building negative thinking into the startups and community that supposedly nothing is investable most wouldn't agree that is the right way to go about it. Honesty is always the best policy in business, not ruining people's positive reality with absolutely HS propaganda and phoney charades with a puffed up attitude towards the poor locals and anything not post-startup or very late stage.
Investable Startups
We are certain that there are literally hundreds of Investable Startups in Cambodia and any keen Investor can find such quickly and easily especially "Value Investors" who have experience investing in Industrial markets, Emerging Markets, and "Lowtech markets" "Agtech" etc. The fact is nearly all small companies in Cambodia are profitable, growing faster than the negative rumor stink of these fake so called angels, and GDP is ticking up 7% a year and destined to do so for as long as the age wave demographic boom continues. We have Databased 142 Prime to invest Startups we wish we had a fund to immediately allocate capital to. This after previous long term careers in investment and finance at considerable level. These industries and segments could hold investment in a number of participants also, bringing the 142 number x 4 to potentially 500 or more. This is in a mere 5 months exposure to the market and not going to look for startups, just in mere passive observation of the communities, the businesses prospects, demand curves, growths, pitches, total package with professionalism and direction of the startups, profitability already or a fast "plant" of a startup in the gaping hole in industry. Anyone claiming there is nothing investable in Cambodia Startup market has frankly zero business anywhere in nor around the investment market whatsoever and clearly isn't qualified nor competant to be speaking about investments in the Startup sector in this country market. If anyone like this is ...OMG tell me they are not...managing investments for you and talking this crap, you would be wiser to run for your life and take your money with you.

If you happen to hear any of these jokes claiming nothing is investable in Cambodia Startup, demand to see their portfolios in Startups, the deals and stages, amounts etc. (they won't show you because there are none firstly) and then you can ask them about it and they as well will have nothing to say and didn't invest in Cambodia. This excersize should improve your BS detector and should be done with all so called investors talking such crap about any market, especially one with such hard cash raw profit margin success on low cost as this one, and growing at 7% GDP clip.
Foreigns Starting up in Cambo
- Language barrier - (we're taking classes in local language, but many quality translators and managers are indeed available once post-funding)
- Mental barrier - severe lack of lateral and multi-dimensional thinking, 360 thinking, service thinking and culture, and a very linear think of "have no have" and "where are you from, or do you have appointment" style robotic like programmed processes. Some days, or even many times a day, you will wonder how robotic the human race could become given some sets of circumstances and programming. Facepalm signs as staff teaching aids and perhaps a screaming room might be in the future spend plans of managers, however it's far better than China in such regard. Bring humor.
- "No finance", and especially no financial creativity. Everything nearly is property house and land collateral based, with the credit bureau just beginning to function. Leasing? lol Asset leasing? lol. Investment finance? lol. Recievables financing? Unsecured business lines of credit? Unsecured cards? Development finance on post build value? Development financing on anything BUT excess pre-existing collateral coverage lol. I won't go on to the hundred plus others. Maybe I should change the lol to a 'cry' on behalf of all Cambodian people and their futures and especially presents. The need to get access lines opened up to the world is significant and no one here has the skill nor is attempting...yet. 700 Million a year in Dev-financing? What? Where? Zero Capital Market Access created for any of these people in any regard. Terrible.
- Foreigners talking about Cambodia as if it's a 3 kilometer zone of starbucks full of consumer spenders with more than enough money to blow on $5 lattes but in reality 99.9% of the "consumer base" is poor, if you are lucky, LITERALLY. 16,000 "high income persons" out of 16 Million. This is 99.9% of the people they don't see in their "living bubble" in Cambodia. But these foreigners never leave the 3km downtown zones and the comforts of $2,000+ a month salary expenditure lives contrasting a national average salary of $203 a month. Infotech? forget it unless it's helping exports. RealTech? Oh yeah can you say multiples? Have at it.
- Mass Charity waste basis has created a hand out take advantage of foreigners mentality for many which is a significant annoyance though not a real problem in business post startup level. Prices for foreigners are immediately double to triple in any area where people are used to foreigners. Cost control and investigation is something that needs to be well set. Usa private equity investments have been smashed due to as well when were not watching this issue. Monks asked us to Donate solar panels claiming they don't have any money as they spend huge on wasteful no efficiency electricity and are building a multi-million dollar NEW wall to replace their old wall around their temple. They to couldn't possibly pony up a thousand or take on a loan when they have all those Millions to spend on a wall to replace the one they already have. Typical. Stay away from anything that has received Charity or that might unless you want this response, stick to business and industry.
- Pay to play NGO, business associations, and tons of rumor that this is also true with government. (in our experience the government seems to be looking for huge budgets to be blown into a project or they aren't interested in you, but what's different to any other government in this regard? nothing.) Unless you can get in touch with key managers at NGO, you won't have much luck in the 'mental capacity' section in reception to your great ideas that create value for those NGOs. Low level and mid level workers have no idea much of anything about business, finance, value, marketing, and lack excitement and priority for improvement of the NGOs or companies they work for and are prone to "push all inquiries aside and go back to sleep mode" Where anyone from the G30 would be jumping on ideas that help their organization or company, don't expect that in Cambo.
- No email. People just simply don't respond to email. Not the incubator managers, not the schools or universities, not the institutions, not the government offices, virtually no one but the foreigners and international trading firms and even then many don't. Few use the phone as it's 7-8 cents a minute or a dollar a 10 minute phone call. It's all wifi on apps even if they are using it at all and most don't and calls are quick. It's go in person and forced to use that malicious ad spam privacy destroyer and data thief FB virus. Cold call champions will do well here but if you are not one, you will have an extra challenge.
- Cambo government wants you to hire 90% local workers IF they can possibly do the same job as a foreigner. (they are reasonable however)
- If you have an allergy to BS, malfeasance, misappropriation, wasteful spending and the like, you may have a problem dealing with the NGOs or need that screaming room on your spend list. NATO in Cambo doesn't mean North American Treaty Organization is means No Action All Talk. This is a common statement about NGO's in Cambo and it couldn't be more accurate of most.

- These are harder to list as they just seem an overwealming given to any mind. The list is too long and vast to do including mainly:
- Total lack of Fortune 500 and Fortune 50 business practices.
- Instant walk-on vast superiority in knowledge and skill by your average G-50 foreigner to far beyond upper management level for anyone age 30+ especially.
- Crystal ball of future growth which is great but needs to be paired with a sensible economist to get into reality the lack of proper understanding of the gap between cambodia and G-30 markets and needs by the Startup and especially infotech guys who spend their entire lives staring into an apple screen in a king's castle and have zero relation nor understanding of the real realty of the average person (consumer) across the nation or world. Too early? will definitely be a question to ask and think of when investing into startups in cambodia. Market research? lol most never thought of such, just their minds of what works in G-30 should work in Cambo. It will ONE DAY, but today?
- Check our "why Cambodia" section on Cambodia page.
Cambodia Startup Investment Report - Jan 2017
This report ranks Organizations in and surrounding the Social Impact and startup communities with their systems and assistance to startups in gaining the "results causing and determinant" finance and investment the startups need to get off the ground, start making revenue, expand, and make the social Impacts in their potential and planning. A 10 score would be near "Fair Relative measure" to Silicon Valley Standards in terms of excellence of procedures, focus, design, development, vision, methods, and execution. Numbers are a score of 1 out of 10, based on enough experience either directly dealing, via witness, or deep survey, notes provided. More detailed information can be requested or added by Organizations upon notification if we are unaware of some other points in our dataset and reporting. Having more than 24 years exposure to the investment markets, being from silicon valley and travelling to such places around the world, gives us a good experience view to rank and do so independently.

The Bottom Line in "Startup Scene Investment" (and comments on Cambodia startup finance):
"Self-proclaimed Investors" around the Startup community which often consist of people who are not actually investing in anything and not thus investors at all, like to say "there is always money for good projects". However, every quality businessperson, value investor, visionary, entrepreneur child, engineer, or business development manager or salesman knows how ignorant a statement this truely is. Every rare investment dollar not only needs to be fought for, but continually there is lack of access to capital and this the major single driver of lack of economic development speed second only to energy lack and even with quality capital you could quickly overcome this problem. Not only is there a severe lack of quality capital where it's needed most in development, startups have a major disadvantage as they are not yet profitable and sustainable, and need the investment just to get started, and build and stay afloat. Cambodia is rapidly falling behind other nations in startup, technology, economic competition, and can be expected to do so even more as a free trade nation with zero barriers to very consumptive, pollutive, and non-human interest and non-social benefit concerned China, and as well much less socially inclined bigger brother Vietnam and it's very high number of money-worshipping-at-all-human-costs China-like counterparts in business.

Cambodia at every level needs to improve and advance, and the Startup eco-system just can not grow without adequate investment and finance. If you build the startup to large revenues or profitable, they don't need investment any longer they can get it from commercial finance (if they are knowledgeable and built their model for that). Where and when startups need the capital is BEFORE they are making money, BEFORE they are well established, BEFORE they are profitable, and if you aren't funding them, then some other nation's startups will simply be expanding to your country and eating your market instead of that local entrepreneur you said no to, refused to support. So much for your jobs, so much for your communities, so much for the future development of your people, all the profits are going overseas, the jobs, your money, and your futures. Cambodia desperately needs to get some funding for its startups, and the real startups. Startups are not profitable companies, not large established companies with ten million dollars in the bank and 200 employees, Startups are just that, Starting-Up. This means just beginning, no money, no to small revenues, not really any major support yet financially, certainly not yet profitable in vast majority, and need capex to get to it. If the business community by in large isn't willing to support startup community without them paying top price for everything, it's going to take 100 times longer for it to ever begin to rise, if it ever can. By that time, other nation's well funded centers will be expanding to take over, and these people are already touring Cambodia looking to control, monopolize, and do so, in predatory fashion. All over asia now are predatory startup communities with terms, deals, and investment dependant on highly anti-founder conditions, resulting in massive failure rate of investments 90-95% common in asian startup centers due to failed forced together teams, anti-sole founder cultures to rip more control, votes, and unfair shares to VCs in such centers, rip or steal technology, products, ideas and models from founders, and short change founders on their real value and worth in a corrupt game of basically legalized fraud due to positioning and monopolization. There is no real regulation in this market to ensure proper dealmaking standards, and it would be a real shame to see Cambodia monopolized to this regard, which I can see already the writing on the wall as such incubator bosses come hawking around looking for ways to control, but combined with zero interest to invest in local startups. Cambodia really needs to arrive at the game, I wish I could say step up to the game. Startup simply can't happen without investment, and currently there is absolutely none in Cambodia of any regard.

After seeing and writing down over 100 great startups with possibility to grow 10 times or more that would be ideal for a VC Startup fund of 30 million, 300k into 100 startups, enough to get them built, developed, set up, proven, validated, and expanding like mad, certainly one or even a few dozen could be taken onto the stock market, just one at a million earns a year would return the full 30 million in value, and 99% could fail (ain't gonna happen) before investors lost any money. Great idea, but any capital in Cambodia for this to happen? Not one dollar for any of them really. Just a few talkers showing off as if they might invest in something, and a couple awesome true-leader local bootstrappers with no real capacity financially either to do so.

I never expected there to be any funding for our type of startup coming to Cambodia of all places to Change The World, however I am surprised at the appalling world-sized mass of money reportedly coming into NGO's and the absolute total lack of any funds whatsoever to the small business community, its startups, and the real changers of industry, technology, energy, and development future tech of the nation. Not only that the general attitude isn't good, and the knowledge of even this idea is about clueless. I fully expected every dollar we need to survive or grow would have to be self-made in other business, or gained from overseas likely USA investors, but I didn't expect the absolute cluelessness, incompetance, and lack of willingness to help by groups like a very well funded international Eurocham, or an "Regional Angel Investor Network" run by foreigners without any seeming interest to invest in locals or Impactful social enterprise, making very demanding statements to poor Cambodians hoping to get funding of "We demand 10 times our money from you!! 1000% Interest!! and we only fund world class teams!!!" Which made me sick to my stomach to see, and also they have really no record to speak of ever doing any real funding to these little startups either and it certainly isn't at all visible or known. The total lack of any systems for outbound organization and seeming total cluelessness about such or incompetance take your pick to explain why it's chosen not to be done, the near total lack of marketing, zero technology systems in place to drive a market, zero real organization occurring. There sure is a ton of money flowing a lot of somewheres. I see 100 startups getting great results in their zero cost efforts, but I see about absolutely zero in terms of funding, nor scaling and real development from most of these organizations with huge funds supposedly meant to do so, yet their clear statement is "We don't have anything to do with investment into scale up of start-up businesses, don't know about it, don't know anyone, and don't know where to send you or how to help you, sorry, that's not our program focus." Well, whose is? The answer for the time being for Cambodia is, Absolutely No Ones.

With that being said, Never Giving Up, and Never Closing Down, 100% Guaranteed zero fail investment. You want us to fail? Shoot us, or force us into one of your team-slap-up and zero protection centers for idea model product and tech. Worse yet add a controlling board of people who aren't involved in the day to day business until the founder can't take it any more and quits. Short of that we will never be out of business and will keep fighting for Change, and for the Underdogs of it's delivery, the True Freedom fighters of our world.

This Small Private Innovator of Change Signing off, Alpha Omega Energy, We Changed The World!
**Note - These grades are based on Social Entrepreneurship and Social Startup Investment Needs and assistance for Social Startups gaining the capital dependent for their survival, growth, and ultimate success. These grades of course have nothing to do with the organization's main purpose or performance in. This is solely social entrepreneurship startup funding related. For example we have charities whose mandates are not oriented at all towards startup here of course, but when approached by social entrepreneurship startups to work with or collaborate with them, who have significant donor and fundraising networks, what is the reaction and possible availability for those social startups to gain support, and or projects to help those organizations. Some of the rankings may not look fair being it's not the mandate, but compared to other social organizations who are scoring top grades on this scale, it is a grade at least. We of course will upgrade points and notes should we become aware of any other data. We also don't have total mandate and internal information of programs for all these organizations and can thus only grade on an efforts made basis by the public startups trying to approach them directly in several points of contact and meetings, communications, conversations, inquiries, visits,solicitations, phone calls, website research, etc. Real attempts made. For example, Leopard Capital is not focused on startup funding, and thus of course will have a low score, however they tick some points due their other attributes. I'm probably going to get an absolute thrashing for posting this and being tough-butt, but of course I'm willing to adjust marks if any new data comes up. I may be being too hard on some groups after all, anything is possible, even that. (humor)
(Final note) This is a hard look no punches held back report written by "critical-engineering thinking, problem identifying and solving ex-forensic investment analyst and strategist" Who closes with Quote "You can't solve problems or improve the conditions unless you first find and admit the problems for which solutions can then be made, and process improved for the betterment of all people." Thanks for the consideration and support.
Report being updated and will be re-posted later on. Certain groups were getting their hair in knots with the low grades so we took down the report :D not entirely unexpected. Eventually we will re-post however we don't have the time unfortunately to do a good job of it.
This slideshare below is just a place where we will put slideshows later, we didn't even watch this one. Don't touch the welder it's still hot! hey get out of my shop! lol
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