AOE has 18 social media accounts, however, due to being #1
AOE is the most Banned Startup in World History
@AlphaOmegaEnergy (CEO Account) (Telegram is the #1 tech messaging app bar none)
Our Channel where you can see YEARS of on the spot tech updates & creations, and keep up to date on happenings & other goodies going on in the world of tech & interesting news, geo-politics, science & innovation. = our Chat room, we don't chat there much as unlike others we didn't buy 10,000 visitors.

This Gab account is reserved for investors & we will try our best to only have company investment & scientific nature related issues on this account. Gab is a protected FreeSpeech platform that should be safer for us to post without our content being vandalized & burned to the ground in Crime like on BigNaziTech platforms. We have been severely Criminally vandalized by them & thus really shouldn't post on their Fascist Nazi Radicalized Leftist platforms any longer.

Gab is a new "twitter" but it's freespeech friendly & not criminally racist against conservatives, centrists & christians. They don't hatefully & criminally de-person, de-platform, block ban censor & de-monetize people merely for expressing their God given human rights to free speech. Highly recommended versus the radicalized criminal fascist totalitarian dictators of Silicon Valley who want to eliminate your rights to speech & demonetize you if you are not an outright satanist. Don't listen to the lies about them by the leftists & come support us & other good people. Warning, like people are familiar with us "Tech Outlaws" Humanitarians & HumanRights activists posting about politics, this one might be a little "Activist" for some :D But hopefully we stir up a pot, & spark some positive Change! You can't do that on BigNaziTech any more!

Minds is a cryptocurrency based platform where you can earn some coin for your posts & blogging. Hopefully this one keeps getting better as we love this idea of being able to earn some of the ad revenue & revenue from the data etc.

Parler is the new "twitter" but it's freespeech friendly & not criminally racist against conservatives, centrists & christians. They don't hatefully & criminally de-person, de-platform, block ban censor & de-monetize people merely for expressing their God given human rights to free speech. Highly recommended versus the radicalized criminal fascist totalitarian dictators of Silicon Valley who want to eliminate your rights to speech & demonetize you for being a good person & not an outright satanist.

Red Pilled is a FreeSpeech Platform That protects the HumanRights & FreedomOfExpression for Humanists, Independents, Libertarians, Classical Liberals, Philosophers, Scientists, Doctors, Physicians, virologists, Epidemiologists, Nobel Prize Winners, & Innovators. A true safe space for Free Thought & Freedom, Patriotism, Conservatives, Christians & that is building a new future of open expression since humanity has been bait & switched on the internet by the Criminal Leftist Nazi Fascists.

MeWe is a Social Media platform that is more free than the Fascist BigNaziTech Corporate Tyranny Echo Chamber of Cartel Subversion, FakeNews, Gaslighting & Astroturfing. MeWe is promoting FreeSpeech & Freedom Of Expression & Not just Lying that they supposedly support it while actually recreating Hitler's Poland Elimination like Twitter is effectively trying to do.
@alphaomegaenergy is a Christian & Patriot Social media platform that's similar to Fascistbook, just without the Radicalized Criminal Leftist Fascism. You are actually free to speak your mind, & say what you want or een support the political candidates that you are legally protected to support, without being completely destroyed, deplatformed, depersoned & illegally targeted & your entire history criminally vandalized by Arsonist psychopath Fakebook staff! Two Thumbs up! Nice!
@alphaomegaenergy is a Christian & Patriot Social media platform that's similar to Fascistbook, just without the Radicalized Criminal Leftist Fascism. You are actually free to speak your mind, & say what you want or even support the political candidates that you are legally protected to support, without being completely destroyed, deplatformed, depersoned & illegally targeted & your entire history criminally vandalized by Arsonist psychopath Fakebook staff! Two Thumbs up! Nice! Christians are the people throughout history that supported Freespeech & even fought the wars to free humanity from slavery & they are the ones who won Freespeech & Freedom for everyone from today's same Satanists & Slavers! It's no wonder why the Leftist slavers & satanists want to strip Freespeech from humanity once again & are persecuting the Christians, after all, history repeats itself!
Social Cross

Stratus is a Blockchain based platform that the Radicalized Criminal BigNaziTech Fascists can not burn & destroy your years of scientific & technological world announcements & historical logs like the Criminals at Twitter did to us, bookburning Facts & history at tremendous loss to all of humanity. With stratus, all your information is on a Blockchain so it's a lot harder for them to delete it. We recommend all people to use Blockchain based SocialMedia platforms so that you won't be criminally attacked by the Left Wing Fascists as they raise up the 4th reich, God help us all!

AOE uploads our videos to Dtube also as you can earn Blockchain on it. Highly recommend people do this to get off the Centralized Radical Anti-Human Extremist Leftist Anti-Freespeech Criminal Youtube Cartel.

AOE is just beginning an account here. They were having problems before with it and we couldn't upload our videos. We will finish this soon however. This platform you can get paid for your content and they don't Criminally & immorally de-platform people like Youtube does just to despicably discriminate against their political views like dystopian fascist dictators from the Fakebook cartel.

Earn is a new social media we have also joined.

Steemit is a Blockchain based Blog. 3 distinct negatives to the platform are that there are a lot of cybercriminal Lying Attack Trolls there who have nothing better to do than lie about Startups & innovators & technology creators & we have been attacked there. You have no option to block people from harassing you there as they can still find a way to do so. Another Negative is that the company itself is corrupt, & has forked the coin many times, resulting in a continual ripoff of the community to hand all the money to the big account holders. The community has dropped in use significantly due to & the coin value continues dropping as it's being milked by these same people. Since then the community has spit many times due. The worst is that Nazi Fascist Leftist Cybercriminals use their large accounts to "downote" your posts so that no one can see them, a strange option on this platform. Therefore it's a corrupt pay for pay platform where he with the most money can destroy the lies & businesses of the others in criminal andalism, & this has been done to us there. Needless to say we are still looking for other safe blogging alternatives & not so keen on this platform any more though from time to time post something. The company more than supports these Criminals doing Crime like this on their platform, so it's quite a difficult thing to support Criminal organizations like these. You can find some articles from us there however.

AOE is just beginning an account here & will upload our videos however probably they will delete us as they are part of the Fakebook-Insta-Linkedin Hardcore Criminal Totalitarian Cartel that De-persons "Evil" Social Enterprises in the third world making Breakthrough Energy to help the poor..........
Not very interested in supporting such a completely morally bankrupt toilet values company as Youtube, but they have such a huge monopoly over the online video market, it's not like you have a choice not to put something there if you are trying to conduct marketing. We expect to be Criminally targeted by this International Criminal organization shortly after we get any kind of audience. Youtube has already deleted interviews we were featured on on other people's channels. Fascist Nazis that support Child Exploitation willingly but block Scientists.

AOE is just beginning an account here & will try some podcasts here soon.
Have but dont really use
Only for actual investors but we do have one though we don't use it very much due to it's low quality features like not being able to mute inbound calls, not being able to select who sees you online or not, not being able to choose a username, & their lack of security where accounts are hacked & they always blame the user despite everyone proving they are internal leaks. Skype sucks full stop as a company with zero real commitment to their customers. Telegram so much better. Skype's one & only good item is...... there isn't one. Google hangouts better.

Busy is a new social media we have also joined which is Steemit based. This platform also had it's share of attackers & trolls with no way to shield yourself from them nor fully block their crime & abuses against you. We now no longer use it due to.
We No Longer Support.
We don't quite see how using this will help us at this point. Interested to hear how others are using it to gain investment & conduct marketing for Startup business effectively.

Imgur instantly shadowbanned us on our very first post about AOE, suppressing us without cause so no one could see our posts & images. Therefore we will no longer support this platform due their Criminal Anti-Freespeech Fascism.

vimeo Criminally suspended our account with baseless lies about us & without any due process, without any customer service, without any communication, & destroyed our website in the middle of our crowdfunding campaign lead up as all our videos were hosted there. They committed criminal targeted vandalism against us without warning to cause commercial damages against us. We will no longer be supporting this Blatantly Criminal Organization in the future.

Medium Criminally suspended our account without cause nor reason nor due process & refuses to provide any real human response on any level whatsoever & have zero customer service to speak of. We have 200 or so articles now trapped on this Criminal organization's Fascist Totalitarian Nazi Dictatorship Anti-HumanRights platform which is obviously a Bait & Switch Criminal as well. We will no longer be able to support this Criminal Organization in the future due their crimes against us.

Tumblr began deleting our material without notifying us in Criminal vandalism & tortious commercial damages, anti-HumanRights & Targeted Criminal harassment, shortly after Twitter really went after us to destroy our online business & support networks. Tumblr has zero customer service whatsoever. It's a low traffic platform also. Due to their Crimes against us we will no longer be able to support this Criminal organization.
@AOECOIN (CEO account) Twitter has Criminally Suspended our account baselessly without cause, STEALING out scientific & technological logs & STEALING our priate personal commercial, business & personal property we build in our accounts for YEARS. Over 51 THOUSAND Scientific & Technological posts, for all the world to see, & they refuse to respond & keep our account unable for us to access. As all people know, Twitter has turned Full Criminal Organization, committing Mass CrimesAgainstHumanity in Criminal Censoring & Criminal vandalism of Millions of Businesses & Criminal Targeted harassment & suspension of Millions of people based only on their political support for non-Satanist candidates & non-Satanist parties instead of the Democrat party or Communists & Radicalized Leftist Fascists & the Terrorist groups that Twitter demands their users support. Twitter also is clearly dedicated to supporting internationally recognized Terrorist groups like Antifa & Burn Loot Murder BLM. committing endless Crimes & terrorism against Americans and others around the world. Our AOECOIN account focuses on science FACTS was over 1 MILLION impressions on average per day, over 60 MILLION impressions in a rolling 60 day period when Twitter committed their additional CRIMES against us & destroyed our accounts without due process, without cause, without evidence, Criminally abusing their power & causing Millions of dollars in deliberate damages to our business in targeted Criminal Harrassment. Twitter now owes us MILLIONS of dollars in restitution & when must in the future take legal action against them to seek justice for their Criminal actions & the Criminal damages they have done against us with malice.

@AlphaVCcoms (Investor focused account) We used to post nothing here thats not related to VC & professional Startup investment and muted all accounts that are not this topic so we can focus properly on this matter. We did this also so VC would to see out political oriented posts which we don't like to see theirs either, obviously that's not why anyone follows a VC. Twitter has continually committed Criminal action against us shadowbanning administratively this account also, so no one can see it & they have done so non stop without ever ceasing for even one single day for over 3 years now. These CRIMES must be dealt with as Criminal Organization Twitter owes us MILLIONS of dollars in damages also for their deliberate tortious criminal damages & abuse & harassment on this account as well.

@AOECOINb we made this backup account after Criminal Organization at Twitter suspended our AOECOIN account without cause & refused to respond to our 8 appeals letters. Twitter then Also Criminally suspended this account as well without cause, reason, indication why, with not een a single complaint nor reference to a single tweet nor any policy detail whatsoever that could ever indicate what possibly we might have done wrong. This is CRIME & a Criminal abuse of their power, to do deliberate commercial CRIME against us, stripping our due process, HumanRights, Freedom Of Expression & after they Lied & Lied & Lied through their faces on video to the world, to congress & authorities endlessly as caught on video committing targeted criminal harassment against people & groups & those who support political candidates or conservatives, independents, libertarians, christians or anyone who isn't a radical fascist satanist like them.

AOE is trying to get off of Criminal Organization Twitter's platform as we do not support Crime & Blatant Criminals & especially after the sadistic Criminal Actions they have done to our company, mission & humanity in general. Twitter has a severe monopoly on VC social media which really doesn't exist on any other platforms.

Reddit restricted us, took away our karma, blocked & censored & shadowbanned us for stating scientific FACT, that E=MC2 is wrong. That's all it took for these Criminal Scumbags to deplatform us from Reddit, literally. Scientific totalitarian Fascist Dictators. We still have an account but no one will ever see what we write on it so we don't really post there any more. Since then it has come to the attention of the world that the company is hosting an inordinate amount of Child-trafficking material, groups, & Terrorist & Hate-groups & Leftist satanist pro-violence groups & pro-Nazi Stazi Antifa groups & Hate-material.
@Alpha OmegaEnergy
After blogging on it every day for over 2 years in China, including our first 400+ techs, we abandoned the platform after being tracked on it by china government & agents showing up on our trains after talking to us just minutes before asking where we were etc, repeatedly, and hearing from others their experiences in commercial espionage using it etc. Since China's racist refusal in all their history to ever support a single foreign in china startup even after they relocate there to help their massive toxic pollution problem, we see no reason to support this platform any more when it's just used to steal everything everyone else in the world might have in terms of commerce & then used to abusively target them in fascist communist targeted harassment & attacks.
We stopped using these as they are not secure, record your conversations forever, there is no ability to delete, control your contacts easily, & Telegram is better on every level. We have Line but seldom use it. We have stopped using whatsapp altogether as they are owned by Criminal Organization & International HumanRights Criminals Facebook & are now committing endless crime & censorship & targeted Criminal harassment against people they don't agree with politically, which is illegal. We will not be supporting Whatsapp, nor QQ again due to the obvious minimum standards of corporate social responsibility required by all companies these days, & you really shouldn't either. We stopped using QQ when left china due to it being a Communist Fascist spy program that steals everything they can from you. We deleted Viber, it just sucks let's face it, and so annoying. Never been into snap. Brighteon doesn't allow startups/product sellers, not very bright. 3speak also.
Line, Whatsapp, QQ, Viber, Snap, Brighteon, 3speak
We stopped using slack shortly after began as saw that it's not secure from a security perspective & many crypto projects were ripped off endlessly as were their investors & communities due to this & many had severe IP & other leaks. The 100% open source, & open access to company staff of Slack is certainly not conducive to any company hoping to protect staff or conduct themselves in any level of privacy, protect IP or other things. I don't see a reason for the use of slack in future & it's fairly weak for being able to conduct marketing. It seems like it might be good for large open source clubs and groups.
Fakebook blocked AOE from our account just 2 weeks after we made it, with no explanation, notification nor complaints. All 18 of our contributors asked them why, to no answer. At the time Fakebook was banning all Startups dealing with Cryptocurrency. We outed some advance fee con artists named "Christian VC" who we originally thought were real, so we began supporting them, but unfortunately they are just criminals frauding unsuspecting Christians. They complained about us doing so from fake accounts which Fakebook never deleted, though FB blocked us ever since. Fakebook literally promoted & supported blatant & obvious criminals against us, but banned us from being able to use the platform. They even deleted our phone numbers so we could not even make another account from our numbers. WOW! We can no longer support fakebook due to their criminal anti-human anti-freespeech & zero service & garbage attitudes & targeted Criminal harrassment against us & so many other millions of people around the world, & the hundreds of thousands of deaths they caused by banning doctors, scientists, epidemiologists, virologists, physicians & others from being able to educate people about safe medicines during the Covid Scamdemic while they deliberately lied endlessly that they were spreading "misinformation" to their own patients & the public. We can therefore not see a way that we will be supporting this Blatantly Criminal & Absolutely Inhuman & Shameless Organization in the future. on top of this Zuckerberg lied through his face countless times on world television & to congress, a Federal crime which he should be in prison for.
Fakebook instantly banned us from instagram even though we have never had an account on the platform. They blacklisted our emails. Apparently The radicalized hardcore extremist leftist fascists at Fakebook absolutely hate Breakthrough CleanEnergy Innovators and even the idea that they might ever be supported in this lifetime.
We will thus no longer be able to support this Criminally totalitarian company in the future.
Linked-in blocked us from our account while we pitched on the Slush Tokyo side stage in 2018. We were talking to a financier on it on the way up to the stage, did our presentation and right after we saw we were blocked. An investor we told at the event said confidently, "They are never going to let you do this, they have shut you down!" O.O What the? Linked-in immediately demanded our government issued ID in order to restore our account. They refused to talk to anyone about it. Of course they have no right to anyone's government issued ID nor to block them from account or platform use if they don't have it. We asked the CEO publicly on Twitter & he never responded. Linked-in has zero service whatsoever, & not any way to contact anyone if they victimize you like this. We will thus no longer be able to support these Criminal Anti-CleanEnergy super rude Totalitarians in the future. No one really responds on it anyway & they do clique bank behavior refusing to let people reach out to others for years until they know them all first anyway. It's not like Startups have ever said "I got my deal on Linkedin!" Never heard of such a thing.
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