I have a question for all of you financially able.
"Which one of you wants to be the boy who lit the rocket?"
The Rocket is Lit, We repeat, The Rocket is lit.
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      High Value Technology Startups Have been Incredibly Successful Investments
      Our Fuel Cell Technology alone is worth tens to hundreds of Millions of Dollars.
      Recently, Inferior Fuel Cell Technology Sold for 50 million Dollars in a single licensing transaction.

      We have 1,619 New Energy and Energy Related Technologies of Considerable Value Each.
      Our total tech portfolio Value is un-valued but should exceed well in excess of 1 Billion $

      Once we achieve just $3 Million in annual revenues, our market value will surpass 100-200 Million Dollars at conservative valuations typical for such a high growth startup, without tech value.

      Early Investors stand to make Significant Venture Capital Returns
      We expect to IPO on the CSX market in late 2018
      Early exits will be available to investors before IPO when we secure additional rounds of both investment, finance, commercial finance, asset backed finance on our installed systems, project finance, clean energy finance, and others.

      We look forward to you supporting the Real Drivers of Human Progress which are the Small Private Innovators
      of our World, helping to save our planet, and helping to eventually bring empowerment to people all over Earth.
      We take your investment seriously, and will not squander it on excesses nor frivolity. We will maximize it as Engineers do, and get the greatest amount of spark that we can possibly imagineer out of creation's power.

      It is an Honor to serve, and an honor to Lead The Charge the World has been Praying for,
      to a Better Future for ALL people from the bottoms up,

      Alpha Omega Energy,
      "We Changed The World.
      Investment in our shares can yield Multiples
      Earn 30% to 1,000%
      Helping Us to Revolutionize
      The Energy Industry.
      AOE finance note paying 30%
      - see finance portal page.
      Click The Choices Below to Expand the Information Highlights!
      Choice #1 = Buy Our Stock Shares - Become a Co-Owner of Alpha Omega Energy!
      • Early Investors in AOECoin Will Earn Multiples
      • 12 months from $1,500,000 goal Investors could cash out at 2x
      • 18 months from goal, Investors should be able to earn 3x
      • Currently Both Early and Pre-IPO Stage!
      • Post IPO Investors should be at 4-5x in 12 months
      • Investors holding for 10 years could be at 5-10x
      • Our Tech portfolio alone worth In Excess of 1 Billion USD
      • Fast expansion to 3 Million in Earnings will yield 3x-5x to investors
      • Pre-Money at Ultra-Discount just 25 Million in Capitalization
      • Post Money at Just 50 Million in Capitalization
      • Our A round expected to bring in 6.1-10 Million (Average Silicon A Round)
      • Applying to Shark Tank Vietnam TV Show Pitch
      Choice #2 = Alpha Omega Energy Note
      • 30% Interest Rate Guarantee compared to other typical notes for startups at 1-5%
      • Convertible to shares both interest and principal to date post A round
      • AOE expects to pay out principal and interest in full when can obtain commercial finance/new money
      • Clients can convert to shares once paid off at 10% discount to market rate and also interest credited
      • Note Holders are in 1st position to receive collateral in the event of liquidation
      • 3 years and investors will double if not exited prior to as minimum note obligation
      • 30% floor must be paid at some point by AOE to Note Holder
      • Possible for early exit or conversions to shares
      • On conversion, AOE would have mass expansion capital to grow your investment!
      • *** Contact us about Note offerings as currently we are now solely focused on AOECoin
      Choice #3 = Finance Our Client and Social/Biz Clean Energy Projects
      • 7-9% Interest Rate
      • Interest and Principal Payments can be chosen to be rolled into more projects
      • Monthly Payments to you can be chosen to be reinvested into Alpha Omega Energy Shares or Notes, or more project finance
      • Alpha Omega Energy provides extra guarantee to repay investors in shares or notes in case of unexpected client default
      • Alpha Omega Energy has security agreements on collateral and collateral recovery for all projects
      • All projects are Trustee Professional Law Firm Held and accounted for and reported and fully transparent to investors
      • Investors can request more projects and AOE can obtain more projects to allocate further capital
      How it Works
      Online Application
      Client applies online in the form or by email request, making account with AOE. Data file is sent to Trust Agent, accountant, and AOE, for records and management.
      Transfer to Escrow
      Client then sends transfer to AOE Trust account under administration of Trust Agent Law firm "Tip and Associate Partners". Records are kept at Trust agent, accountant, and AOE
      AOE Allocates
      AOE then can allocate the investment as needed, first invoicing the Trust Agent with all applicable expenses prior to expensing for accountability, tax, and records.
      AOE Installs Systems
      AOE installs more systems once manufactured, adding to overall production of power, and revenues.
      Income is received to the Trust Agent account, reported for taxation and accounting.

      AOE Earns Income
      Income is available for AOE to further allocate and reinvest. Valuation, factoring, asset financing, and new commercial finance begins. New investment solicitations go out to VC and others.
      Exit Method
      Investor is either exited early on communicated request with return, or chooses to remain in the Investment for longer term growth potential, or until subsequent financing rounds after AOE compounds.
      AOE on Equitynet
      AOE is registered on Professional Equity investment matching portal website - Equitynet, where 2,350 investors VC, Angels, and lenders seek quality young growth companies. AOE scores significantly higher probability to survive and succeed than other startups in ALL categories on Equitynet, but we need capital. Over 50 pages of plans and analysis, Charts, and detailed financials investors can view to see the successful coming performance of your investment in the Future of The Energy Charge we have all been waiting for.

      Ranked Way Higher than Startup Average - 10 Categories.
      We beat The Pack in ALL Categories for Success in Startup Quality, Longevity, Planning, Environment, Investment, Financial Control, Management, and more. If you want a winning Startup Investment, This is IT.
      Scored Way Higher than Startup Peer Group in EVERY CATEGORY.
      Survival is the Game in today's "Startup Slap-up" Culture. Survival What? You won't kill us with anything short of a bullet. Zero investment support and years of bootstrapping, we're not going anywhere but Victory. Funding? The Last thing on earth that will kill the life-mission-business type and founder is having the available funds needed to grow.
      Survival metrics FAR HIGHER near 20 %age points above the average.
      "Projected Liquidity event?"

      IPO CSX Stock market 2018. Exits?
      We got plenty, for you. We'll be leaving with the procession and the Change of our World.
      There is only one price for us, VICTORY.
      Barely Measurable on the "Chance of failure" models. Reinvestment.
      Shrewd Businesses planned very well before they start are hard to kill off.

      Smart business Reinvests, Runs Lean Startup model as a Culture, wastes not, and Grinds out Success if need be. Early to revenue and early to profit, with lean organic and capex led growth.
      Strong Margins, Diversified Offering, and efficient scaling.
      A focus on Top Client Services and Solutions in several areas yields strong results, with Capex Reinvestment and scaling further reducing costs over time. A commitment to strong value added business model results in strong business and healthy growth. Investors will Love our outperformance, and of course our strongly satisfied clients will be coming back for more long term. Reliability, Quality ongoing long term business relationship, something the Asian Market truely is in need of, and has few competitors interested in. Open door to High Quality practice development.
      Alpha Omega Energy Has Presented At Numerous Events, Seminars, Major Conferences, and Huge Exhibitions in China and now in Cambodia.
      The fight rages on in our 24 hour, 7 day a week woken effort for Investment support to be found or work to self-fund if Bosses continue to refuse to Support The Small Private Innovators of Change The World Breakthroughs Stacked up like Rocket Boosters. They may have quit the fight for Innovation, but we will NEVER QUIT.
      Qualified, Signed Up and Vetted Real Investors with proper terms can gain access to our Video Presentations, Investor-Pitch-Slide Decks, Terms Sheets and information, 50 Page Business Plan in Equitynet Format, 50 Page Automated Analysis, 400 Pages of PPT Business plan, 2,000 Pages of Research Reports, Customer books, Huge array of Marketing Materials, Flyers, Strategies, Promotional and Investor Videos, after of course deep Engagement with
      Alpha Omega Energy.
      Alpha Omega Energy has Begun and Added Fi.CleaNergy, the
      #1 new Fintech Startup
      Powerful Innovation Just Never Stops at Alpha Omega Energy
      Creating and Delivering More Investor Value Day in and Night Out
      Now Our Investors Have Numerous Profit Centers to Charge Up Their Portfolios
      With the Alpha Omega Energy Change The World Shock
      UNder Construction
      This page and site is still under mass construction. Bear with us.

      Upcoming sections on this page are:

      - Investment "donation" portal
      - Investment payments shopping cart
      - More Investment presentation
      - Journey to IPO and beyond plan
      - More information on our journey completed in China and Cambodia, the applause, cheers, statements of support and so on.
      - Our commentary on "investors and UNvestors"
      - Our commentary on the current day destructive cult of slap-up teams forced marriage causing mass failure in startups and 90% fail rate by VCs
      - Our commentary on the current day anti-mission-business and anti-mission-founders in Silli-"V"anish your "C"apital Land.
      - Valuation metrics and tools
      - Comparison to other "so-called peers" in Fuel Cell
      - Comments on the Misinformation and false propaganda campaigns against innovation and technology in clean energy solutions and Small Private Innovation.

      We look forward to sharing more with you our potential investors, note holders, and supporters. Thanks.
      Alpha Omega Energy. #1 In Clean Power Generation.
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      Fill in the Form Below So We can Begin Communication and Your Investment!

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