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The #1 Breakthrough Clean Energy Technology Startup in History. Over 3,690 All New Techs.
Dedicated to The Future of Our Energy Development.

AOE produces & sells 24-Hour Base load Clean Energy Distributed Power On-Site at a cost Far Less than the retail power grid networks. Perfect for Our Select
Commercial and Industrial Clients with Large Scale Power Demand or Grid Fed Clean Energy in Developing Nations.

AOE USP "We change our industrial & commercial clients from toxic energy to clean AOE at just 80% of the cost of the retail power grid networks. Free installation and maintenance with no equipment to buy."

We Power Blockchain
AlphaOmegaEnergy is commercializing by powering our internal Blockchain processing Data Center which we built already from our angel investor funds given to us by Bitcoin traders.

AOE has the #1 Clean power & energy efficiency solutions in the world for Blockchain allowing us to run more profitably than any other Blockchain processors on earth by far. AOE will scale this build out of both Power plants & Data centers continually into the Blockchain World commerce future, earning our investors significant above market returns.

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We Power Industry
AOE powers our Industrial & Commercial clients at just 80% of the cost of the retail power grid networks. We install completely free of charge & provide free maintenance for life.

We change the biggest energy users from toxic to clean brighter smarter AlphaOmegaEnergy saving them money & saving the environment. Our backlog is over 734 Megawatts of demand order interest & we have stopped seeking more for years already due to lack of capital.

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We Power Fuel Free Flight
AOE's FuelFreeFlight Plane is the #1 Electric Plane in Human History, flying over 2,000 Kilometers per stop with zero pollution & 900 kilos of cargo carry, completely solving the world's pollution from flight issues.

AOE has Beaten all 200 Other entrants around the world including over 20 Megacorporations, Nasa, Boeing, Rolls Royce & others, & beaten them all by continents!

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You Make Money
AOE has built an unprecedented investment vehicle for all citizens of the world, poor or rich, to earn significant profits by supporting the AlphaOmegaEnergy Change The World CHARGE Mission of Development Future Freedom Unprecedented.

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Alpha Omega Energy is a
For-Profit #SocialEnterprise
For #GlobalFirst #Impact
Perfect for #ImpactInvesting at Scale.
We are FULL Change The World CHARGE!

We're Going IPO & Blockchain ICO
AOE has already been pre-emptively valued for IPO at over 1 BILLION Dollars by Softbank SBI Securities & 14 Broker Dealer Investment Banks including 6 Underwriting firms. AOE set up early for global financial markets for fast-scaling once receive our SeedRound funding. (fell through due to investor BK) AOE is on deck for Mass Scaling with at least 1 commitment of 50 million dollars investment once Seed Round is in and we file. AOE is aiming at split listing across 2-3 markets including Japan. Blockchain Investors, Market makers, Smart Investors, Pre-Empt the CHARGE!

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Carbon Credits
The #1 BANG BANG for your buck in the entire carbon credits future, buying AOE carbon credits will provide your desired transfer requirements, & Literally Light up the World in the process. Don't just settle for a few more trees in the deep forest where they won't ever make a sound, Contribute to the #1 Breakthrough CleanEnergy Innovator in history & Light the Rocket of Change into the AOE Era for humanity. 3,960 new technologies coming to market with your CO2 credits dollars.

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Our videos are down temporarily as BigNaziTech has Criminally attacked us without cause in deliberate criminal targeted harrassment & tortious damages & banned us from vimeo, medium, & others. We will try to get them up again soon elsewhere.

As all know, BigNaziTech has run right off the rails & the Criminal Cartel Elites are bringing back the Nazi party under mass world satanism & satanic propaganda & persecuting anyone who doesn't support their crimes against humanity & Ultimate Criminal power.
Alpha Omega Energy. #1 In Clean Power Generation.
Alpha Omega Energy. #1 In Clean Power Generation.
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Please send in actual problem screenshots & errors on telegram or Gab. We are a small Engineering Startup, NOT a huge corporation & NOT a web design company. Our business success is 0% dependent on e-commerce nor any online business at all. We don't sell pants! We don't even need a website to IPO!
aomegaenergy.com was created & built by the
No-Code Re-Founder of AOE
Contact us NOW
to express & qualify
your Investment Interest.
Take ACTION to WIN YOUR AOE HumanityShot Prize Today!
Let's Change The World Together!

Contact us on Telegram @AlphaOmegaEnergy

Gab VC Communications: https://gab.com/AlphaVcComs

Gab: alphaomegaenergy


Our Social Media links = https://lnk.bio/Spl3

We are getting off of all BigNaziTech platforms as they Criminally vandalized us across all our accounts & banned from most of them without cause, reason nor communication also in their Big Nazi purge against anyone not an absolute satanist.

You can also reach us for now on Twitter @AlphaVCcoms but ofc Twitter is banning all independent non-corrupt scientists.

(watch out, Twit is full of radical far left wing fascist extremists & twitter Criminally Destroyed our 42,000 follower accounts there without cause nor communication. Thus we have spoken back politically on this account & tend to excersize our freespeech as development leaders since the far left wing elitist-communist-neo-feudalist-fascist-extremists are fighting with all they can to eliminate freespeech & humanrights everywhere & send humanity into a dark satanic dystopia like never before experienced in the world. Millions of scientists are speaking up & being depersoned, deplatformed, & criminally attacked by these criminal organizations without justice. We expect these fascists will soon commit more criminal vandalism against us & probably burn this account also just as they destroyed deliberately our other accounts in malice to damage us. We had over 60 million impressions in just 60 days rate, over 1 MILLION Impressions a day. They owe us MILLIONS of dollars in restitution & we want criminal justice. Twitter has a real monopoly over the VC community as there are really no other platforms used where all VC congregate in freeflow of information sharing. This is Criminal abuse of power that Twitter is doing & they should be arrested for their Crimes against Millions of people & Billions in collective deliberate damages!

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