The Alpha Omega Energy Note.
30% Interest fixed per year.

Helping Us to Revolutionize
The Energy Industry.

Investment in our shares can yield Multiples
For AOE Ownership Shares - see Invest page.

** (of Course) Limited time Offer, subject to a maximum funding goal.
Seeking $200,000 total at 30% Fixed, interest accumulated and paid out at funding or refinance capacity.
Aim is to repay in full within 12 months
Maximum funding acceptance at this cost is $1,000,000.

We CAN pay very high interest to Note Holders for the time being, up to a certain amount.
Skeptics Claim "30% its not possible!" but it's in fact merely simple finance.
The total cost in dollars of 30% on the inital funding round to achieve the launch and scale-up funding a company needs is very small relative to the asset gain and profit gain. Returning 30% to a $200,000 Note holder is not a concern to repay at $60,000 cost when this helps the startup achieve A-round investment of
6-10 Million ensured (and note-payoff), cap table of 70-100 million, with revenues subsequent in the 1-4 Million dollar range. Early notes for small amounts can quite easily be repaid with high interest.

S.E.Asian finance rates are generally collateral based and at usually 2% to 3% a month = 24%-36% per year. Talking to Asian bosses and wealthy (investors?) they aren't even interested below 30%, it's a different world to the global participants who just aren't aware of anything going on outside their country.
Frontier markets pay significantly higher in interest than USA, EU, SG, HK Tokyo-Korea, or any developed economy.
Mortgage rates in Cambodia are generally 12-24% and require monthly payments.
Silicon Valley notes pay 2-5% interest per year but then another 20% on conversion to stock. This total is 22-25% and no one minds paying and no one questions the ability to pay, however they should question. Most silicon valley startups are weak in plan, strategy, and corporate vision and mission plan, overly expensive burning huge cash with weak financial accountability controls, no draw schedules, no invoice order finances, no trust accounts, and merely labelled up well with a few good CV holders in the Silicon-team-cult of the day slapped together who have nice social profiles and no longevity OCD life-passion for the business mission.

If you get a note in a company, lock in your gain up front so you have less risk. Don't settle for a far inferior Silicon Valley note with paltry minimum interest and loading the risk onto you. Step up to the Alpha Omega Energy Note, where the investor gets more than just a roll of the dice and maybe a few percent. You get our life-blood commitment to repay, and one hell of a strong plan to be able to do so, with many exits and still full conversion potential to shares if you want to aim at that IPO.

We are Commercial Finance ready and bankable at post Note-Goal Achievement.
We can asset finance immediately post allocation of capital and repay our note holders stepping us down to low-cost commercial finance rates and expanding our ability to gain capital cheaply.

Early Investors Converting stand to make Significant Venture Capital Return Multiples
Great security and safety in nearly all metrics relative to all other startup types.
We expect to IPO on the CSX market in End 2017 to Early 2018

Alpha Omega Energy Note
World Leading Note Engineering for Our Valuable Change The World Investors and Financiers
30% Fixed Minimum Floor Interest Rate
Compare to the dismally low Silicon Valley Notes at 2-5% and 20% discount on conversion.
2 years AOE Notes pay 60% floor versus just 4-10% +20% total 30-34%, 3 years paid 90% versus 6-15% +20% total 26-35% Nearly 3x the Return with Better Minimum Guarantees!
Fully Convertible Any Time
Feel free to convert at any time you like, earning per diem calculated interest up to the date as well towards conversion.
Lock in First Position for all offerings
AOE Note buyers lock in first position to Invest for all future offerings, you will never miss out.
Lock in First Position to Exit
AOE Note buyers have the right to be bought out with interest on every deal that comes in that is not essential to the continued suvival of the business.
Lock in First Title Lien Position
AOE Note Holders hold superior position legally to all other creditor claims, and are first position in the case of any incredibly unlikely event of default or insolvency. This makes your investment full of security above other choices.
AOE Motivated to pay you back
Unlike typical Silicon Valley Notes, AOE Notes are high interest bearing, so AOE is very motivated to pay you back and clear the debt, compared to Silicon debt which is low interest so they don't ever consider paying back investors, it's purely equity based.
AOE Notes are highly refinanceable
Due to the high interest debt, and strength in Bankability of the AOE model, Note Refinancing is a clear option. This gives even more exit potential with a good return to you the investor of Change.
Earn High Return without the risk of Naked Equity
Due to our high paying notes which are an obligation against all our assets and must be repaid, AOE can not just shirk the risk onto investors in an equity conversion or with a lowball rate like in Silicon Valley. Note Holders have title asset claim over everything we have, and thus investors get the high return floor without sole reliability on equity gains, VC valuations, or IPO successes.
Discount Improvement
AOE Note buyers have a minimum rate floor of interest paid to them even higher than the conversion rate offered by Silicon Valley, 30% versus 20% discount plus interest. Note Holders will gain more on conversion with less risk, and are not dependent solely on stock or market value performance.
Dedicated Commitment Periods
Notes come in fixed terms which are definitive targets for refinance and buyout rounds, not merely an endless note to carry. Silicon Valley leaves investors on the lurch as to when the payoff will come if at all ever. AOE Notes give a fixed time period that we commit to best efforts to refinance or pay off. Conversion is also an option for the Holder
For Supporting the #1 In the World Clean Energy Solution Systems Company, The Small Private Innovators of Change, and the Future Energy Revolution of our Nation, Region, and Ultimately Our World. Lets Save The Planet, Let's Power The Future Together!
Choice #1 = Buy Our Stock Shares - Become a Co-Owner of Alpha Omega Energy!
  • Early Investors Will Earn Multiples
  • 12 months from $200,000 goal Investors could cash out at 2x
  • 18 months from goal, Investors should be able to earn 3x
  • Currently Pre-IPO Stage!
  • Post IPO Investors should be at 4-5x in 12 months
  • Investors holding for 10 years could be at 5-10x
  • Our Tech portfolio alone worth In Excess of 1 Billion USD
  • Fast expansion to 3 Million in Earnings will yield 3x-5x to investors
  • Pre-Money at Ultra-Discount just 25 Million in Capitalization
  • Post Money at Just 50 Million in Capitalization
  • Our A round expected to bring in 6.1-10 Million (Average Silicon A Round)
  • Applying to Shark Tank Vietnam TV Show Pitch
Choice #2 = Alpha Omega Energy Note
  • 30% Interest Rate Guarantee compared to other notes at 1-5%
  • Convertible to shares both interest and principal to date post A round
  • AOE expects to pay out principal and interest in full when can obtain finance
  • Clients can convert to shares once paid off at 10% discount to market rate
  • Note Holders are in 1st position to receive collateral in the event of liquidation
  • 3 years and investors will double if not exited prior to.
  • 30% floor must be paid at some point by AOE to Note Holder
  • Possible early exit and conversion to shares
  • On conversion, AOE would have mass expansion capital to grow your investment!
Choice #3 = Finance Our Client and Charity Clean Energy Projects
  • 7% Interest Rate
  • Interest and Principal Payments can be chosen to be rolled into more projects
  • Monthly Payments to you can be chose to be reinvested into Alpha Omega Energy Shares or Notes
  • Alpha Omega Energy provides extra guarantee to repay investors in shares or notes in case of unexpected client default
  • Alpha Omega Energy has security agreements on collateral and collateral recovery for all projects
  • All projects are Trustee Professional Law Firm Held and accounted for and reported and fully transparent to investors
  • Investors can request more projects and AOE can obtain more projects to allocate further capital
Project #1
Church + Polo Factory
Earn 7% a year Providing finance for Solar Power and Energy Efficiency Overhaul to a Christian organization giving jobs, hope, love, a school, and great community love to many people. Let's help these Champions Light Up Lives Even More!
Project #1
- Shalom Printing House (Church and Shirt Factory)
- Paying: 7% Interest on $60,000 finance.
- Term: 15 years (will accept 10 years)
- Use: Solar, LED, Whirlies, Motion Sensors, Skylights, Batteries, Cabling, Installation, Etc.
- Safety: Contract for equipment recovery, property access, AOE dual-guarantee for repayment.
- Energy payment now: $600 a month
- Finance payment after: $539.29
- Benefit time: 60 years of savings to the institution.
- 20 year result = $144,000 Asset gain to the Organization.
- Pride and promotion of Green Economy Development.
- Organization will teach students about Green economy
- 30 Locations of $70/m electrical use also attached to this Church, allowing $233,000 potential finance projects added once complete.
Project #2
- People Helping Organization (School for children living in poor community)
- Paying: 7% Interest on $30,000 finance.
- Term: 15 years (will accept 10 years)
- Use: Solar, LED, Whirlies, Motion Sensors, Skylights, Batteries, Cabling, Installation, Etc.
- Safety: Contract for equipment recovery, property access, AOE dual-guarantee for repayment.
- Energy payment now: $400 a month
- Finance payment after: $265
- Benefit time: 60 years of savings to the institution.
- 20 year result = $72,000 Asset gain to the Organization.
- Pride and promotion of Green Economy Development.
- Organization will teach students about Green economy
How it Works
Online Application
Client applies online in the form or by email request, making account with AOE. Data file is sent to Trust Agent, accountant, and AOE, for records and management.
Transfer to Escrow
Client then sends transfer to AOE Trust account under administration of Trust Agent Law firm "Tip and Associate Partners". Records are kept at Trust agent, accountant, and AOE
AOE Allocates
AOE then can allocate the investment as needed, first invoicing the Trust Agent with all applicable expenses prior to expensing for accountability, tax, and records.
AOE Installs Systems
AOE installs more systems once manufactured, adding to overall production of power, and revenues.
Income is received to the Trust Agent account, reported for taxation and accounting.

AOE Earns Income
Income is available for AOE to further allocate and reinvest. Valuation, factoring, asset financing, and new commercial finance begins. New investment solicitations go out to VC and others.
Exit Method
Investor is either exited early on communicated request with return, or chooses to remain in the Investment for longer term growth potential, or until subsequent financing rounds after AOE compounds.
AOE on Equitynet
AOE is registered on Professional Equity investment matching portal website - Equitynet, where 2,350 investors VC, Angels, and lenders seek quality young growth companies. AOE scores significantly higher probability to survive and succeed than other startups in ALL categories on Equitynet, but we need capital. Over 50 pages of plans and analysis, Charts, and detailed financials investors can view to see the successful coming performance of your investment in the Future of The Energy Charge we have all been waiting for.
UNder Construction
This page and site is still under mass construction. Bear with us.

Upcoming sections on this page are:

- Finance "donation" shopping cart to quickly engage in finance.
- Finance shopping cart
- Comparison to other debentures and debentures descriptions
- Our showcase finance projects, 4 to add.
- Links to our social finance postings for these 4 projects
- Legal trust representative page

We look forward to sharing the absolutely massive amount of research we have done on Cambodia with you our potential investors, note holders, and supporters. Thanks.
Alpha Omega Energy. #1 In Clean Power Generation.
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