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The Study of Creation "called Science" and it's pre-eminent field, namely Physics, leads us to the understanding of all things physical in the Universe and their interactions, functions, and how we can use them to develop new tools, technologies, and advancements. The quest for better understanding and re-invention of our learning must never stop, minds must never close, and the rules of man never listened to without a serious grain of salt, or rather a few truckloads of the stuff. Physics, technology, and understanding in all of the fields of study sciences have changed and changed despite the reckless, dangerous, and progress destroying mantras of Scicom, that supposedly no one should question their authority or claims. Progress must now not only ignore totally the conventional thinking of the corrupt Scicom establishment, but just go out and achieve despite what Scicom has always lied so vehemently against every step of the human progress path, that all of it, is Impossible unless they say otherwise.
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- STEM (science tech engineering math)
Moon Love
Moon Love. We are #1 in Terraforming Tech
- Galileo shot from JPL
- Inc 500. Jokers talking about "mining the moon for it's water to light on fire for hydrogen" same insane caveman nonsense digging for oil to get at the hydrogen and hydrocarbons we doing on earth.
- Moon composition
- :Composition_of_lunar_soil.svg
- Moon soil

#1 In moon Electricity Generation x 5 Solar System leading techs
#1 In Moon Water Generation
#1 In Moon "gravity generation"
#1 In Moon Construction Material and process
#1 In Lunar Hydrogen Generation
#1 In Lunar Ocean Production
#1 In Atmospheric production.

For Bezos, Musk, and others with capacity, send me there with 8 containers of gear of my order and watch. If you don't I'll try to get there myself. I am more than willing to commit to this permenant relocation and die on the moon. I will last a lot longer than you can imagine. Send me 9 containers, and I'll be back.

"Science" Debacles Facts
- "Light" was previously widely accepted in physics as a di-electric current flow of magnetism and electricity, now ignored.
- "Spinning earth" would throw us off but the reason we are held to it is not "gravity". "gravity" is now an "unknown" not-understood force with unknown causes that Scicom admits total that they don't know what causes it.
- NASA states Satellites like Hitomi have been thrown apart in space due to spinning too fast which according to Scicom is "impossible."
- Quote: "Heat" is not "heat" it is merely a label for something else. (Thomas, B)
- Quote: "Cold" is not "cold" it is merely a label for something else. (Thomas, B)
- Quote: "Black is the true color phase of "light" (Nikola Tesla)
- The Aether is real and well proven, and NASA has conducted videotaped experiments proving it's existance for all to see
- Quote: "Our Buoyancy, density, and the "water weight" of our atmosphere, have an impact on us being stuck to the earth, how much so we don't really understand yet" (Thomas, B)
- "The Energy Source of our sun is not nuclear fusion, but rather a myriad of physical sources, Scicom without a clue." (Thomas, B)
- The International Space Station IS NOT "in Space", it is STILL inside our upper atmosphere and is lower than Satellites. you are in our atmosphere and so am I, and so is the IUALS.
- NASA in 67 years and spending over 1.3 TRILLION Dollars, admittedly has NEVER released a single genuine undoctored photo of the entire earth in one picture.
- NASA Refuses to use Hubble to photo the "landing sites" of the lunar missions, citing absolute lies of "moon too bright" meanwhile they use it to photo both objects passing the moon, moon in transit of Venus, and others in transit of the sun.
- Scicom admits that they have no idea what causes "Gravity" and "gravity" seems disproven from a whole host of methods, gravitation and the "forces that attract" are still a study in question not a finite finished model by any stretch of the imagination. They can not explain it but only give a description.
- IPCC claims that the Sun's output is static and year to year has no meaningful change nor effect on earth climate and warming though any Joe can watch the sun with basic technology and see/feel the effects daily.
- "Warped-time Einstein-Scicom Construct Vs Marshall and Terminal Velocity"
- Scicom has no idea why the surface of the sun is "just 2000-6000 degrees" but the corona is millions of degrees
- Scicom has no idea what happens to all the millions of degrees of "heat" from the plasma falling back to the sun that vanishes in fractions of a second in your eyes after and when it hits the surface of the sun, and why it doesn't "heat up" the surface of the sun but rather the sun sucks all the energy right out of it nearly instantaneously right in front of your eyes.
- Scicom does not explain terminal velocity versus space time, and it doesn't fit the mold.
- Quantum mechanics Quantum Physics and General and Special Relativity are 3 schools of theory that contradict each other and don't fit and are at loggerheads.
- Quantum Physics is contradictory to black holes and doesn't fit. One or the other is wrong, or both. Both are wrong.
- "Dark matter and Dark Energy" were made up by Scicom when they couldn't understand why contrary to the big space fart models, they found the universe is expanding from every single point of reference and accellerating not slowing down as "the big space farters" still claim to this day for reasons unknown and obviously way behind the science. Now that scicom can't find them they are abandoning the Dark Matter and Dark Energy Theories.
- Scicom has never conducted a single light performance test through the sun's corona.
Total Failure of Scicom's
phoney mythical energy future
To the world's great sadness, Bill Gates has decided to claim that these kinds of phoney insanity toilets is THE PLACE to put your and his money to supposedly solve the world's energy problems. (If this isn't the case, Gates leaves no other conclusions nor information for the public to draw on in any other direction, Bill!! Please come back to us and sense!! and Hey Scicom! Stop playing games lying to and fooling these old guys like Bill Gates wasting all his and everyone else's money YOU FRAUDS!!!)

Thorium AT BEST would reduce earth destroying toxic decay products resulting in merely less toxic nuclear waste. it DOES NOT even stop producing the earth destroying waste products let alone produce any kind of abundant clean energy whatsoever.
Fusion is an absolute joke, a laugh, (unless you invested in it or are thinking to) a myth, and zero realism of results to date whatsoever.

- Top fusion scientist at Lawrence Livermore Lab discusses the FACT that they have fused NOTHING, don't know how to do so yet, and are merely working towards more advancements in design to try and achieve "heat based fusion."
- Fusion methodology STILL takes way more energy in than you can ever get out, and they have fused nothing and have no stock of fused product whatsoever. Heat based fusion is a JOKE and will not be achieved. You will never fuse anything with "heat" and they have not done so despite tens of billions of dollars flushed down the toilets. They do continue however of course to ABSOLUTELY REFUSE any and all funding to Small Private Innovators for their Energy Breakthroughs.
- The Fusion alliance talking briefly about the Never Mentioned Toxic nightmare that the current fusion efforts produce and would do should it be used at scale. The scam plot thickens to hide the truth and dodge the proper focus as usual in the totally corrupt establishment energy construct hell bent on continually pushing failed megaprojects instead of funding the Small Private Innovators with the Breakthrough Solutions the world needs, or already made.
- Scicom claims to have heated hydrogen to 40x the temperature of the core of the sun (not that they ever went there and sampled it of course) discovering they were WRONG AGAIN....(as always) about what "temperature" fusion "occurs in the sun's core" which of course they don't actually know nor have a shred of evidence on, it's merely a guess. They then had to "heat up" the Hydrogen multiple times more than they thought it would occur, and 40x that of their claimed core of sun reaction temperature guess and claimed temperature of the core of the sun. CLEARLY they have no idea what the hell they are doing, nor talking about. Lucky for them no one else does either (or few people at least) to be able to call them on it from a position of similar experience. And who will listen to the outsiders versus the Scicom backed and well subsidized Scicom Frauds?
- Total exposure from the World Nuclear Association itself Stating =
"there would a short- to medium-term radioactive waste problem due to activation of the structural materials. Some component materials will become radioactive during the lifetime of a reactor, due to bombardment with high-energy neutrons, and will eventually become radioactive waste. The volume of such waste would be similar to the corresponding volumes from fission reactors. However, the long-term radiotoxicity of the fusion wastes would be considerably lower than that from actinides in used fission fuel, and the activation product wastes would be handled in much the same way as those from fission reactors with some years of operation.9.

There are also other concerns, principally regarding the possible release of tritium into the environment. It is radioactive and very difficult to contain since it can penetrate concrete, rubber and some grades of steel. As an isotope of hydrogen, it is easily incorporated into water, making the water itself weakly radioactive. With a half-life of about 12.3 years, the presence of tritium remains a threat to health for about 125 years after it is created, as a gas or in water, if at high levels. It can be inhaled, absorbed through the skin or ingested. Inhaled tritium spreads throughout the soft tissues and tritiated water mixes quickly with all the water in the body. Although there is only a small inventory of tritium in a fusion reactor – a few grams – each could conceivably release significant quantities of tritium during operation through routine leaks, assuming the best containment systems. An accident could release even more. This is one reason why long-term hopes are for the deuterium-deuterium fusion process, dispensing with tritium.

While fusion power clearly has much to offer when the technology is eventually developed, the problems associated with it also need to be addressed if it is to become a widely used future energy source."
- Scicom themselves claim we are AT LEAST 30 YEARS AWAY from any kind of viable solution AT BEST in 2017
"Researchers have said for decades that we're still 30 years away from a working fusion reactor. Even as scientists take steps toward their holy grail, it becomes ever more clear that we don't even yet know what we don't know. "I don't think we're at that place where we know what we need to do in order to get over the threshold," says Mark Herrmann, director of the National Ignition Facility in California. "We're still learning what the science is. We may have eliminated some perturbations, but if we eliminate those, is there another thing hiding behind them? And there almost certainly is, and we don't know how hard that will be to tackle."
- $600 million in funding a year goes to so called "Fusion Research" in the usa alone each year, with $0 to Small Private Energy Innovators that have or claim Breakthrough Energy Solutions. Energy research only makes up a mere 8% of research spend of the US Government each year also, which shows just how little they care about this global issue.

- Thorium is highly toxic and it's byproducts also endlessly toxic, not much different than fission wastes. "The Thorium Salvation" is a JOKE a FRAUD a HOAX perpetrated by the Nuclear Industry and a pile of other FRAUDS and NOT the solution humanity needs nor is it the future of energy. With it have come a number of other Thorium frauds like "Thorium in cars"

Scicom Contradictions and Evidence they have no idea what the hell they are doing despite mass Ego
- Scicom admits possibility of black space toilet holes may not exist, that they contradict QP, and that their arrogance may have gotten in the way totally on all of it. link
- The second law of thermo, does not function at large levels, and does not even begin to address the multiple forms of energy. It also assumes conditions which are fundamentally Impossible in the known universe to exist. It is merely a basic template for some understanding in "stable environment closed mechanical systems on earth" but has no bearing on physics outside of this basic overlay and can not be taken as any hard limitation as many people take it. It is a one dimensional energy construct based on "heat" and doesn't deal with the other many forms of energy, and as well there is admission for "heat loss" in friction and dissipation which are also not dealt with appropriately.
- Scicom claims Dark matter, which makes up about 80% of all matter in the universe— but no one has directly detected. It outweighs all the stars and planets by four-to-one according to Scicom, but they can't detect it at all.
- What about light in a so called vacuum? Scicom claims that the expanding fabric of space once exceeded light-speed during the Big Bang, and physicists think wormholes and quantum entanglement might be able to "move" faster as well.

This is how a "Genius" deduces things. Couldn't agree more on this. I said to self instantly this guy's simplification will piss people off especially the narcissistos who think they know everything because they have overcomplicated everything, and especially such in Scicom and theory-physics wrapped up deeply into calculus as a forefront disguise. They often get pissed, then comes the guy saying he was getting angry at Claude's method LOL omg so fantastic LOL yes yes. But I'm a good teacher at physics, so good that I just shut my mouth and say nothing but to those who I know love me for real, and there probably won't be too many more of those in this life, but that's okay, I will love when others will not. With 1,423 Techs some call me a Genius and have for many years, however I think my process is to think of God first, for God made all of this, God designed all we don't know and has the answers to all we can't see. If you want to know something, just ask God. If you an evil person, probably God won't answer you, but I am not, and I love and respect and Honor God, so maybe that is why I have 1,423 and not because I am a "Genius". A lot of Theory physics people and evil narcissists, will hate that I said that far more than any Genius simplifications. :D

Helium 3 Taxpayer and Investor Fraud
The Helium-3 Moonshine Fraud
Scicom is now pursuing the joke of jokes frauds in this new phony claim that they can use Helium 3 as effective fuel for fusion reactors to create nuclear power with less toxic radioactive material than the earth annihilating toxic nuclear power industry. Scicom has NEVER a achieved a stable fusion reaction in all of history and states they are AT LEAST 30 years away from doing so. They have absolutely wasted Billions over decades bilking taxpayers, governments, and investors alike with their continual fraudulent claims and phony pie in the sky goose chase that now is even extending its Pinocchio nose all the way to the moon. Helium 3 is assumed not proven to be abundant on the moon with really no testing or verification in exploration whatsoever as to the amount of it there, and it would take 100,000 tons of moon surface mined up and processed in huge processing stations to yield a mere 7 tons of fuel which would have to be rocketed off the moon and brought back to earth. The cost of this would be absolutely staggering of course. They estimate the fuel would be worth Billions a ton. Scicom has never proven that Helium 3 would ever result in a stable reaction nor that it would actually produce any meaningful results. Yet they are moving forward with this absolutely insane further total waste of everyone's money, all in the insane insistance to totally refuse to fund anything whatsoever to the Small Private Innovators who have hundreds of Existing Breakthrough Technologies.
Helium3 is NOT the future of energy nor is it any kind of future sanity in spending nor energy development. It is nothing but a comic book joke at best or a nice children's book story about mining the moon.

The Future of Energy should not be avoided at all costs as it has been for hundreds of years, but the future of energy IS, the one and the only,
Alpha Omega Energy.

Anyone for some Sprite? I'm a Coke Zero and Pepsi MAX guy myself. Delicious Physical Apparatus Here below in the real time Creation physics of so called "Impossible" making an absolute joke of Scicom's continual bantering. We're still learning and adjusting, making more tech from the lessons of the well Created Universe, them? "They know it all." lol oh scicom you are so funny like clowns in a circle that don't know how to go in a circle... :D This June 20 2017.
These comic book stories are incredibly fantasmic and cool bro especially for someone high on Calipornia weed culture perhaps but there just isn't any real fact to this. There are no real use cases nor quality designs of any kind nor testing nor result. It is all theory with no real basis case anywhere in physics to show that this process works. In contrast, all of our 1,348 New Energy Techs are in fact shown in physics and have design models for all of them in nature already in addition to our finished designs or working models. The warp drive will in the end not actually warp anything at all and the reason it would generate propulsion has nothing to do with "warping space time", If it generated propulsion at all. The Alcubierre drive which is the one Nasa worked on and Scicom promotes, is just a fantasy without so much as a steering wheel nor directional functions whatsoever and won't "warp time" but is certainly warped. Nasa has stated through this project that achieving above light speed travel IS POSSIBLE and they believe in it. Therefore they need to admit wholly across the entire spectrum of Nasa that their light speed construct and thus EMC2 is false, wrong, and needs a total re-write, or that warp-speed travel above light-speed is possible and that they are WRONG AGAIN as they say in constrast "impossible for anything to travel beyond the speed of "light". This is just one of the endlessly constant contradictions of scicom to their cult propaganda and "fund us billions for no result but talk" BS. BTW, the power source for the Alcubierre drive is so fantasmic bro that they forgot to put a motor in to make the electricity for it. I guess they believe in far more "free energy" than I do and that propulsion and drives power themselves? Hey bro! you forgot your di-lithum crystals man!

The real drive to be used is not the Warp-drive,
but the Alpha Omega Energy Drive.

It will not "warp space time", but ...are you sitting down for this? it will achieve faster than light speed through free space in less than 0.001 Seconds, then it will accellerate wonderfully faster than that over time. It's not hard to do. For so many people from scicom moaning about "math is always perfect" it's amazing how little of it they actually check.
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