"Impossible Only Exists in the Minds of those who are by their own decisions Incapable, Given Up, and Defeated. Impossible isn't something we believe in, it's something we achieve in." (Thomas,B.)
News Developments
June 13/2017 +
Alpha Omega Energy
Proudly accepts request to assist Human Values organization: Alongsiders
"Let there be Light" was spoken. AOE consults To CHARGE Up and Beyond their new facility and thinking. To bring friendship and empower development leadership future opportunities radiating into the community and world around them.

11 Nations, VICTORY in the face of Defeat. Because CHARGE knows no boundaries.

Got Top Cutting Edge Breakthrough Technologies? We Do,
What about the toxic corrupt government energy and Scicom establishments that some funds and rich guys support and contrary to reality and records they still claim are the best places for supposed breakthoughs in energy?
They have zero breakthrough techs and $192 Million in Bankruptcies this Quarter. Aquion Energy was Given $180 Million and lost $192 Million. Strangely No Lawsuits and no malfeasance nor corruption charges laid to date. Investors frauded completely and the company and it's website dead completely.
AOE, $0 in "Investor support" to date, Zero NGO support, Zero Charity nor Church nor Government nor Dev-Org support, and our breakthroughs and progress and gritty hard yards fought just keep on a rollin' towards
If you want success, the SPI market is the only way you are gonna get it in the
Fight for our Energy Future. Support the REAL Change, support the REAL battle, Support the Development Future for us All,
Our website is a Construction Site.
Worked on Daily - Feb 6 2017
We are a start-up with no "programmers" and just have a pack of crazy "Real-Economy Engineers" with no Investment support yet to be able to hire any of those expensive "Virtual" ie. "fake-economy guys". Bear with us as we learn web design, rework everything these "engineers???" (who usually build nothing physical) do without tutorials, user-thought, nor obviously any sense let alone automation. Thanks for your patience and support, eventually it will look like we want it to. Huge amount to come over the months as we take up the torch and fight for our planet's survival with the Small Private Innovators around the world who have never been supported with their commercialize-able Energy breakthroughs. Feel free to pray for us, we stand alone against all odds. (thanks to the tilda team for making this decent platform for us to build a free website on)
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