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Our tech portfolio has exploded in result and the more we learn the more we are advancing breakthrough after breakthrough and developing new models, new methods and procedures, new designs, and new invest-able commercializable business solutions for our world's great energy needs.

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This section may or may not be taken down from time to time or expanded. This is a but a playplace of sharing and commentary where we will post some interesting tidbits. We have plans to publish a lot of information and studies in the future and focus our time on such not posting it on internet however we will enjoy doing so but must watch posting too much contraversial information. We will undoubtedly come under further attack from establishment energy and the evil and corrupt players in the business communities and public mobs. Elon Musk and Tesla have been besieged with attacks continually and always even though Tesla is now larger in market cap than Ford. We have been attacked by many already with lies, slander, and more and we expect it will continue to increase to shocking levels we never expected. Despite this we will not entirely stop from sharing very controversial information in the energy, physics, battles with corruption, malfeasance and misappropriations, corrupt cultures, and other spaces. The internet is a nasty place full of evil people and no one should expect we will be the only company that magically gets a pass from the hate-groups and attackers. Even just stating that should likely result in a dozen new slander posts probably :D Enjoy the fun of scientific discovery in the Creation Universe, and remember not to listen so easily, to the man.

Hey Check out Nasa's all-Fake "Visualization studio"! Though it's of course a great tool for learning I think we would be a bit silly to forget that it's all fake and none of it we are looking at is actually the real deal. I can't wait for them to put up "The Real Images and Videos" and it better be without the fraudulent blue marble crap. Get it together NASA, need us to send up a camera?

2017 Planetary Alignment
This year January 6 - Feb 6 there was a Prograde orbital alignment in our solar system which created a clear drag/pull effect on our moon yanking it further from earth than ever before in combination with the earth's 15% weaker magnetic field due to the sun's also 15% weaker magnetic field as it approached the galactic plane, crossed it, had it's pole flip and has been obviously experiencing heightened activity since. No one posted any info anywhere on this occurrance's full effects and we were the only ones talking about it. In fact this can be completely measured perfectly. The moon was later witnessed in solar eclipse to be further from the earth and towards the sun than ever before recorded in history as there was a full disc of viewable sun around the edge of the moon during eclipse time. This prograde orbit and the close attention we paid studying these phenomenon allowed us to make several new realizations about the electric systems in the universe and our sun, as well as down to the atomic level and a number of resulting new physics understandings and realizations. Some of them led to new technological discovery.

Friday Feb 18-20, 2017
A MASSIVE Coronal hole stretching nearly half the diameter of the sun, nearly 100 earths across has ripped across the surface of the sun, spewing mass solar winds and a solar storm in our direction!!! B and C Solar Flares, Solar Winds up to 610 km/second with elevated proton levels and 6.05e+5 kelvin temperature!! This Gargantuan coronal hole may stir up some trouble! It certainly isn't going to provide any of that "Global cooling" we need so badly, and shows once again as we have been saying for years, this is No Regular solar minimum. We are supposed to be in the dead of solar minimum, and the sun is active off the charts!! 8th year running of crazy high solar activity, storms, coronal holes, winds, mass ejections and more, with sunspots running at intensely high number, with just 46 out of the 2,250 days without sunspots, 7 plus YEARS!!!! Solar Minimum?? If this is a Minimum I am fearing the next Maximum will be full of Carrington events or something (sic). It doesn't look at all like the sun is slowing down or entering into any kind of so called "mini-ice age" as some 'climate deniers' are pointing out, and there isn't much to go on in terms of prediction models to substantiate such though the sunspot cycle does lean them some possibility. In fact, it looks like the sun is set for yet MORE record breaking solar cycles just like the last 4 escalating cycles we have had, the last one the seemingly 'most active' in human recorded history! (and no doubt the connected mega droughts!) Look below at the absolute mass scale of this canyon!! It looks as if the sun is ripping in half!!! (probably not cause for panic just yet, however popcorn, excitement, learning cap and research is well worthy the occasion of excitement and emphasis!) P.S. (it's not actually a tear)

Below is the corresponding Magnetic fields chart showing the MASSIVE coronal canyon and resulting solar wind path direction blowing solar wind all across the solar system in our direction, at heavily elevated speed, density, temperature and accompanying energy and magnetic interferences, radiation, and effects. Of course this heavily affects our climate in ways we are yet to understand but can feel the effects of directly in short order. Including the direct heat level, burn and radiation levels on the skin, and more we are just beginning to understand.
Alpha Omega Energy
Feb 26th Solar Eclipse
+Planet Alignment
There is a solar eclipse on the 26th of February, hitting Cambodia time of UTC +7 at beginning 9am - sunset Cambodia time with the moon supposed to be fully in front of the sun in partial eclipse of about 40% by 4pm.
- It will be VERY interesting to see if the moon will be late or not.
- If it's on time, this will confirm as well what is to be expected, that the parts of the solar system can move a lot faster than expected, and move similar to other atomic systems that can be made in miniature model. We will be spending the day for this event, and although seemingly may not get a full eclipse according to our online planetarium and online calculations, we should certainly get a large part of it and be able to witness significant effects to the Solar-Earth Climate just like we have witnessed all over the world, and at the last Full Solar Eclipse, learning an incredible amount in the "Greatest Laboratory in the solar system" The Sun-Earth interactions at Grandest scale.
- Perhaps we can set up a live or recorded streaming commentary play by play of what we notice, though we won't have much for tech on the day.
- Below are the Nasa schedule and the eclipse model position views from SkyLive planetarium.
Enjoy your Eclipse and mark the time stamp when it hits the sun to see if it's late or not.
"Solar-Earth Climate"
The IPCC is lying their faces off and on the other side the Toxic Energy Industry is lying their faces off, Nasa is hiding and lying their faces off with fake pics and faked CGI movies. "Wherever there is man and money there is corruption", I guess we shouldn't forget. Did you just "take the man's talk"?
FACT - The earth gets approximately 99% of its "Warming" from the Sun (in actuality we don't know how much it collects from cosmic rays, and it's own thermal energy creation, but we know a huge amount is from the sun and 99% is a good figure to go with for now as we have no reason to think the earth won't be a frozen ball of ice without the sun) The warming created by humans is also absolutely miniscule and would of course not even be 0.001% of Warming for our planet. (though on a hot day in gridlock all the heat from vehicles should seem worthy of sparking up some studies)
FACT - Solar-Earth Climate is the #1 Driver of "Global Warming"
FACT - Despite the Sun being incredibly more active and being the main driver of global warming contrary to the Lies by the IPCC and liberals against pollutions or libertarians against the establishment oil industry, the FACT is that humans are radically amplifying this effect with C02 etc and we can not risk doing so as: A. we don't know how severe the sun warming effect will get, and B: We are already killing 6-9 Million a year from air pollution and need 5x more energy than we make now, and this will undoubtedly annihilate our climate, environment, and human future. We need alternatives and need them NOW.
FACT - Though the IPCC clearly has lied and falsified and manipulated data, the positive effect result of building up the clean energy industry is good for all people, good for the environment, and good for all economies especially developing ones. The lies are disgraceful, but the result is one desperately needed.
FACT - Solar storms are directly attributable to hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, heat waves, flooding events, changes in temperature, wind speeds, tornados, and locations of earthquakes and hurricanes can be accurately predicted with further advancements in this research in fact we have been predicting them with deadly accuracy for near 6 years now on this information with crude limited methods compared to what tools and technology we actually have available in our arsenal as a human race. (significant preparation would still be difficult but better for all related departments to have this information same as probability rankings for likelihood of storms to help preparation and vigilance.)
FACT - The amount of energy we take in from the sun is MASSIVE and we need to study and move asap to understand it completely, modulate this and manage it.
FACT - With current technology we can use many methods to begin to shield the earth and cool the planet, or warm it back up again.
FACT - The sun does not look to be heading to any kind of mini-ice age event (we wish, Russia anc Canada don't wish :D ) and is having one of the most active solar minimums on our short 400 year record. There is nothing whatsoever of any conclusive evidence to suggest that the sun is heading into any kind of cooloff period. (we hope one comes but unfortunately there isn't much to go on to suggest it may happen, in fact it looks like the sun will continue to escalate.) What those who poopoo Global warming state is the sun moves in cycles and we had a warming and escalation period from the sun and likely will thus have a "down-cycle" period soon. This is like having a huge wound on your arm with gang green on it and saying, well my body has healed from cuts before, Bahh!! She'll be right mate!! No worries!! she should heal like last time soon as a mornin' sunrise!" It's wishful thinking and not based on that much substance, and in fact it doesn't look for any reason like the sun is going to calm down, in fact, all indications are that it's just getting worse. However, we are so lacking in record for such models having only paper-plate type sunspot records for a mere 400 years. We dramatically need to up the science level on our sun and asap.
FACT - We know little about the sun, are just beginning to research neutrinos and other energies, and the IPCC attitude claiming as if the sun has nothing to do with it and is some happy little static disc in the sky is not serving the intellectual progress of humanity in fact their dishonest approach is destroying it. The falsified data and claims that the sun is somehow not the main driver of Global Warming leaves us in a culture of lack of proper level of research into the Solar-Earth climate and needed preparations for its changes. It also leaves us with lack of benefit and advancement from open doors and progress in science work and energy related technology issues and benefit from the learning potential, and this dishonest attitude overall is destructive. We all need to admit that the Sun is the #1 driver of Global-Warming, and hit the pedal to the metal on research of this, and also funding to the Small Private Innovators of Change.
FACT - BOTH Ice pack on Antarctica is growing, and the ice in the water is melting. Artic has no land base and thus is shrinking to unprecedented levels at speed.
FACT - BOTH sides are lying their faces off. EPA's and enviro-protestors, and of course the Oil-Toxic energy industry is lying their faces off in their evil campaigns against decentralized or clean energies. Anywhere there is man and money there will be corruption so don't be surprised to see this. The fact is however that there is nothing good about toxic energies and using better technology is a better path forward. There are huge fraud campaigns by the toxic energy industry against the renewable industries and even large fraud campaigns in the renewable industry due the rivalries between solar, wind, electric car, fuel cell, wave tech, hydro, and biofuels.
Any time there is money in the game, there will be campaigns and sales pitches from leisure suit larrys to manipulate opinion against their others or someone they may feel is a possible competitor or stealing some attention, or just plain ol' tall poppy syndrome.

FACT: IPCC's main argument attempt to falsify against the Sun being the driver of earth climate, is that "solar irradiance has not measurably increased and if it did, the sun would have to be putting out and generating much more "visible light" than it is now."
- This is absolutely fraudulent HS on so many levels, it's perhaps one of the biggest lines of HS seen come out of Scicom to date, and by far one of the most ignorant. The entire motivation for the IPCC is politically and funding motivated, and they have resorted to massive lies and fraud, and have been caught falsifying data many times in many ways to try and steer the public view and policy framework to what will help the cause against Toxic energy. (the same cause we are fighting for yes sure)
- Now, being a "Clean Energy Nutcase" that despises the Toxic Energy Insanity, I will be first to admit I love the result, but being an honest person I hate the method. I like money and career advancement too but lying and stealing it isn't exactly what I would feel good about doing in order to get it. Love the result, hate the lies.
FACT: Sun is bombarding us with all kinds of 'energies', not just "light wave spectrum irradiance". For them to claim that "light" is the only concerning source of "heat" or "heat cause" from the sun, mentioning nothing else whatsoever, and attempting to make such ignorant argument that the sun would have to be much brighter or there is no other way more heat could come from it, nor that any other changes could affect our heat levels is to a new level of fraud and scientific ignorance that I may edit this later but can only come up with one word for now, absolutely assinine. The sun regularly of the last 9 years has had many A, B, C, X, Gamma, and M class solar flares, blasting out exponential amounts of solar energy, in mere milliseconds. (not IPCC "Light") Satellites have been knocked offline for up to 8 hours, Auroras kicked up into massive storms that cover nearly all of Canada. (not IPCC "light") and Scicom just beginning to research what is really going on in the interactions between the sun and earth with auroras since they are getting more frequent, more violent, in wider ranges, and more potent in their storms. The sun also has CME events, and these have been occurring regularly in the last 9 years. (not IPCC "light") The sun also has solar wind blowing continually more heavy from a seemingly ever growing set of massive coronal holes which can be hundreds of times the size of earth, blasting us with very high temperature solar wind. (not IPCC "light) The sun also has density of energy and speed variance in the solar winds, which also effect directly the amount of energy the earth is receiving and absorbing and this has been elevated. (not IPCC "light") The sun also has radiowave energy blasting us and this has been elevated (not IPCC "light") The earth also has a weakened magnetic field, not coincidentally 15% less over the last 30 years, which directly lowers our magnetic field shielding, allowing more radiations from absolutely every part of the universe into our planet. (not IPCC "light") The sun also connects with us in a myriad of ways with its long "tentacles" of magnetic interference, and storms, snapping magnetic arcs, and plasma ejections, which also affect us. (not IPCC "light). Now last time I checked, "heat" is invisible, you don't see it, and generally there is no necessity for there to be any light nor any fires around for it to be hotter. As you can see, the IPCC claims that supposedly the sun would have to "lighter or brighter or more "irradiant" amount to much more than ABSOLUTE HS but complete outright FRAUD AND LIES, and if not than at the very least, total and complete incompetence in science. I'm feeling certain it's both. Now, lets look at the chart they use to make up their sickeningly pathetic story.
(you still realize I'm a radical clean energy engineer who really doesn't agree with using TOXIC MURDEROUS energies right? "chuckle", okay great.)
The Fraudulent IPCC Irradiance chart
This is the chart below that the IPCC used for years and in their reports trying to claim the Sun has not been a driver of Global warming, as if it just remains a happy little smiling tiny perfect little ball of gas 365 days a year. They even try to show a dropping off line ending at a low point. This is one of the best "How to LIE with charts" uses I have ever seen in my life. What absolute HS. Now, after this chart, I will post some overlays which show the fraud and obvious undeniable connection even on their chart, but of course the Sun isn't limited to merely "light irradiance" and to talk as if it is reveals not just total and complete ignorance about basic science and the sun, but intention to deceive, fraud, lie, cheat, and probably a whole lot worse. Now, keep in mind when looking at the chart, that both lines and frames of reference are rising. But they are trying to paint a picture in the chart, and also massively in their surrounding talk and arguments in the report, that irradiance changes are not meaningful, and that this is concrete proof that the Sun is no cause of Global warming and 100% of it is attributable to human causes. They claim the Sun's role is a mere 0.01% of the Changes. There is no possible way that you could come to this conclusion unless you know about absolutely zero about the Sun, or you are an outright FRAUD.
The Fraudulent IPCC Irradiance chart Examined and Caught.
The chart below, with just a few analysis lines on it "Channels and reference points, and ranges" shows conclusively and without any doubt, that EVEN MERELY THE IRRADIANCE increase can be linked to the increased temperatures on earth.
FACT: BOTH irradiance and temperature rise on nearly the exact same channel with reference ranges and increases nearly exactly the same.
FACT: The top of the channel and bottom of the channel and top of the range and bottom of the range are nearly exactly correllated.
FACT: While Irradiance fluctuated greatly, as we can see, in massive peaks and troughs in cycles, the peaks in Irradiance obviously resulted quickly after in temperature rises, or stoppages of further falls in temperature.
FACT: The peaks in irradiance, if you plot time lines on the chart, nearly exactly match sharp peaks in temperature also.
FACT: The general directional rise in Irradiance is nearly exactly matched by a general directional rise in temperature in the ranges shown.
FACT: Rise in Irradiance precedes rises in temperatures, as if temperatures can be escalated (as we know in all other environments it can occur, especially in a greenhouse with steady inflow of energy) Gee greenhouse Co2 Amplification, NOT CAUSE, Amplification you lying jerks!
FACT: There are 70 years of constant prolonged MASSIVE and CONTINUED Irradiance spikes and the temperatures rise with them over time to matching peaks in the ranges of Irradiance peak to temperature.
FACT: If you dim the blue average line and thicken both the Irradiance line and average line to the same level, it becomes even more obvious. But they thinned it to take away its visual impact, left it on the low back in 2008 even though we also see a corresponding drop in temperature even though it's smaller. This is called lying with charts folks, and if this is the best chart and excuse and lie they can come up with, really they are quite pathetic and obvious in their desperate attempt to lie and slant data, and slant opinion.
FACT: The top range shows stable prolonged Irradiance spikes up in this mass range which eventually results in escalating temperatures through that range into the top of the higher range all the way to the top at the same exact position of the repeated spikes in Irradiance.
Hint: NEVER let an IPCC guy trade stocks for you, because they can't read a chart to save their damn lives.

So what problem does it cause if I like the result of more clean energy policy? Some of the frauds tell me this. Well, as a result, we aren't learning much about this massive ball of "fire" that is 1.5 Million times the size of earth, and we are destroying the needed urgent study of it, as our sun escalates rapidly into places we really haven't seen it before, and Scicom has no idea what the hell the sun is doing. They are destroying the attention this so deadly urgent part of science needs, and destroying energy tech solutions in lying that the sun isn't the cause. They are taking minds off the #1 Energy source in the Solar System, and in our World. Everything about the Sun they said has been wrong to date, and the wrongs by Scicom about our Sun just keep piling up.
The Fraudulent IPCC Claims The Sun has
"No Meaningful Effect"
on Earth
Look at the picture below. According to Scicom and the Fakes at the IPCC, this massive roaring churning always changing, Violent, Angry, Millions of degrees, 1.5 Millions of times the size of earth Monster that makes all our heat and warming, Coronal Mass Ejecting Mass of Plasma and who knows what else (they sure don't) can't possibly have any effect on earth. Apparantly the Solar system the IPCC phonies live in is very different than the one everyone else lives in.
Energy Comparisons
FACT - Solar absolutely destroys coal on a 30-40 year cost basis BOTH for grids and especially for the business and industry consumer, but also the household consumer. There simply is no comparison. Solar however is a band-aid solution that is already obsolete to other solutions and will become a mothballed solution in the future.
FACT - regardless what people have been lied to to think, Clean Energy is far cheaper than Toxic energies over a long period, in both a baseline financial perspective, an economic trade balance drain perspective, (for the 208 energy importing nations) creates more energy and financial security and stability in prices and Geo-politics, and costs far less in health care as 6-9 million are dying and even more sick by all the Toxic pollution related illnesses which virtually can be eliminated by switching to Clean Energy. This madness to spend 1/5th our economic potential on digging up all the crap we can find to light on fire into the sky for power and in the process destroy our environments and planet instead of using technology to make energy, is absolutely insane and akin to the caveman era lack of even basic intelligence.
- The fraud claims of Toxic energy usually involve making comparisons of consumers using solar to power their cars. They of course use only the worst possible application of solar, and never talk about any of the dozens of others. Lets make a list:
- Use consumer only comparison to charge a car instead of commercial or power station or industry use.
- Lie that you need more space than is needed, claiming need 1 hectare for an average house when in reality its usually just either 6sqm plus batteries or 12-24 sqm, no more than 6m x 4m, not even 240 square feet on top of the average american layout of about 900 sq ft. 900 sq ft of floor plan (roof) is 100 sqm, or 16 Kilowatts of solar panels. No one without a factory in their house will need so much.
- Lie the amount of energy you get from panels is less than it is.
- Lie the efficiency rate of equipment or energy you get is less with claims of 7-8% when panels even from the usa are pumping 20%. Stop buying that Chinese fraud crap you all know its just made to cheat fast money and die in 1-2 years anyway while they get government funds and implode the company and run off in the 251st massive solar embezzlement (sorry I may be undershooting the numbers here as 250 was last year)
- Lie about the out of pocket cost claiming its far higher than it is. We do it for ZERO out of pocket cost for our clients, is coal going to do that?
- Lie claiming you need to pay off the system in 5-7 years or it doesn't work, contradicting their fraudulent selves when coal NEVER PAYS OFF. in 30 years with coal, when coal prices are far higher and power line costs higher to maintain, you will "happily" have 30 more years of coal to pay. With solar, well, its all over in a decade, or we will cut the payments and make it all free with monthly savings for our clients. Coal what? What a joke.

FACT - But the whole argument of solar vs coal doesn't even matter, because The future energy of humanity is not solar, nor wind, it is Alpha Omega Energy
"Black Holes"
Scicom keeps on with this absolute nonsense called "Black Holes" when in reality the science field is quite mixed on the matter. Similar to politicians, cultists, or your other typical sociopathic narcissists pretending everyone thinks exactly the same thing as they do and that there is no other voice while there most certainly is one, they bash anyone with information or dare an opinion opposite to their phoney tale. Other models certainly have a lot more merit as well than the comic book tales of "black holes"

We will share information on the current state of:
- Black Space Toilets to nowhere (cue toilet flushing sound)
- Black Space Toilets to other Dimensions (cue toilet flushing sound with a whirring)
- Event Horizon mythology and the new-age sleazy sales pitch
- Current Theories on "Black Holes" (otherwise known as total complete guesses, or should we say Outrageously overfunded guesses and Comic-con campaigns?)

- No one has ever seen one, not NASA, not anyone.
- Scicom and the media have produced literally thousands of fake, doctored photos of phoney "black holes" over top of perfectly good and REAL galaxies, to try and propagate these lies and this cult.
- No one has ever photographed one and according to their own models, you can't. (but now they claim they are going to try to, when they haven't even gotten anything past theiranus, sorry thats Uranus.)
- There are no certain ways to measure a black hole definitively as matching any of Scicom's phoney stories or guesses (theories) as to date
- Any quality scientist with a shred of honesty will immediately admit that really they don't have any firm evidence that a "black hole" has any validity.
- There are other much more evidential theories of the structures of Galactic cores which fit the Galactic and universal physics models more correctly. (And you can look with your own eyes and see the evidence trail unlike the phoney space toilets)

The "event horizon" model
- are not witnessed in any other part of physics
- do not show up in any level of Quantum mechanics or physics
- conflict with matter-antimatter "principles"
- are a total fantasy made up by comic book fanatics with zero evidentiary basis whatsoever
- Break nearly every Man Made phoney "Law of physics" which they claim are so Almighty. (which as we know they are constantly changing as they argue and insist they know it all also) So which one is it? We appreciate the smiles but don't tell us it's both we have been over that for decades now.
- Scicom claims energy can not be created nor destroyed yet they claim it is such in a black hole, and now are trying infinite ways to weasel out of this as they backed themselves into many corners and think a 2D power rangers imprint hologram is a solution for escape..... O.O that's some great tabaccy!
FACT - Matter and Energy of seemingly every kind are escaping and being ejected from Galactic cores and the bigger and denser they are, the more is being ejected. so called phoney "event horizons, singularities, or black holes" are not doing as is claimed by the lying cultists, but rather "light" x-rays, gamma rays, radiation, plasma, photons, protons, and many other types of energy-matter are not only escaping but being ejected in massive Jets and plasma plumes from both sides of spiral dense galactic cores. This is visible to the naked eye in many galaxies and this is just simply being ignored by Scicom to push their CULT of "big black space toilets to lalaland" (did you just say they get funded for it too? oh no that couldn't be a motivator.......)
Stephen Hawking won a nobel prize for stating what was already known, that galactic cores are emitting radiation. "light" is radiated energy, or "radiation" which anyone could see was doing by....looking up...yet they claim that "light" can not escape an event horizon which is yet contradicting themselves and in fact Hawking won a nobel prize for saying it is escaping. Wouldn't it be nice to win a nobel prize merely by contradicting yourself? So does he need to give it back now that he is saying it can't actually escape? Does he need to give it to the 2D power rangers rings imprinters?

Galaxy found - No Black Hole
NASA shows a spiral Galaxy similar to ours from "direct overhead view" with a LIGHT center NOT BLACK and Oh Gee Wow (sarcasm) missing the "black hole" "Gravity"
there are many like this, and galaxies are not uniform and a huge number of them don't have "significant attraction cores" like others.

FACT - There are different types, ages, and stages of Galaxies and they don't have the same structures and many don't have the "gravitic" signature, "weight or density" of others, and thus don't have the "black hole" label slapped onto them by the CULT fanatacists of Scicom.

- More in time...
"Hologram event horizon"
aka 2D power rangers rings
Scicom's newest hilarious fable from comicbookland is the most hilarious and rediculous concoction in history of the Scicom neverending CULT comedy show, that supposedly we are all imprints on a 2D galactic power rangers ring and we are all just living a hologram on some kid's finger.
- Holograms don't have solid matter inside, it's a light illusion
- When you put solid matter inside, the hologram ceases to work
- You cant put 2 holograms against each other, you will see one or a mangle of both. Holograms can't really do any of that touchy up close and personal adult activity that married adults do either. :D
- Holograms are not capable of holding nor encapsulating energy, matter, nor fluid inside them. They are merely reflectors, filters, at best resonators, only one of many pieces of the energy construct
- 2 Holograms can not be printed on the same space and result in two different images. This destroys the outside and inside limitation of the pathetic yet appreciably hilarious power rangers rings theories.
- Each hologram needs its own separate environment.
- Holograms are not created by vaporizing matter at millions of degrees and it magically appears on a power rangers ring, contrary to current theory at the top of the Scicom CULT.
- Holograms don't die, but people do, and their information isn't stored on their kids finger on a ring, its stored in their bones and marrow and DNA and local maggot population at a place called...hold for it...a cemetary, until it's reduced or changed to other forms of "matter or energy."
"Big Bang"
(aka. the big space fart)
(shh!, but no one farted! :D Waddn' me!)
Scicom keeps on with this absolute CULT nonsense called "Big space fart that no one farted" when in reality the global field of scientists have proven it wrong 9 different ways and counting and the theory fails every single smell test possible.

- FACT: No one has been alive long enough to know and we have zero history nor measurable hard evidence, its all guesswork from comicbook CULT land.
- "Cosmic background radiation" somehow being related to the beginnings of the universe is a JOKE. They don't even know how radiation works here on earth in organics and resonance and frequency systems like wifi in the body, let alone in the universe. It's all a show pony to sell tickets and raise funding. Of course the type of radiation they are focused on can be from a number of other sources as well and they don't have any way to isolate it completely away from other causes, and any honest scientist will admit, "yes of course we can't"
- FACT: Zero central fart point of reference ever produced. A 4 year old knows how to point to the middle of the map, Scicom can't, because there isn't one. - There is no "blast hole" no crater effect of a central place where everything is expanding away from. IF this were the case, of course there would be a point of reference where all galaxies would be moving away from and have a void of no galaxies at the center or rings of expansion similar to all other explosions, and this would be very easy to spot with such a massive explosion and mass expansion and galaxies certainly would be moving away from a central point, and they are not, and this blast hole is nowhere to be found in any way.
- FACT: Galaxy density through universe so far (the limited portion of it we can see) is surprisingly nearly uniform, there is zero hints of a big space fart and in fact this shows other scenarios are what to focus on.
- No sign in Galactic superclusters of any central point in fact the superclusters tell a very different and opposite story and are revealing of the continual structure through all things from the smallest to the largest.
- FACT: Galaxies are moving in random order, random direction, at random speeds, and many are colliding and all of this is completely against the big space fart model.
- FACT: The Universe is expanding and accelerating from every point of reference creating new space time and yes energy as it goes, completely shattering the space fart guess models and OMG even the "laws of Man". Don't believe it? but believe in NASA? that's what they say.
- FACT: The Universe is expanding in ways that completely are contradictory to and disprove the big culplritless space fart stories from comicbookland.
- "Light speed" propaganda is falling apart in Scicom and the stars "ages" and "distances" and thus "time" models are completely flawed, not to mention EMC2 as well which will come down as well. Though it will merely be replaced or adjusted not eliminated, as parts of it's concept, and it's beginning overlay value is so beautifully important. We believe we can re-write it to a more comprehensive model and will move to do so in time. Now we have the formulae to do so.
- The Universe has far more space, distance, matter, and galaxies than ever before thought, and we will just see more in 2020 when they put up the new hubble.
- 4 Times Scicom lied that they could see the ends of the universe and lying again for the next hubble in 2020 that we will see it (but also lying at same time that we see it now)
- More to come.
Scicom loves to play on people's insanity, fantasy, and CULT afficianado and susceptibility levels with claims of multiple universes, but this is absolute HS.
FACT - There is zero concrete measurable physical evidence whatsoever to even suggest that there are any other "universes"
FACT - There are zero reproducible experiments to show any evidence to suggest this either.
FACT - Any scientist with a shred of honesty will obviously and must according to science state that there is no way whatsoever for us to prove concretely that they exist even though they believe in them or even so badly that their toes are curling want them to be real.
FACT - If there is a universal "bubble-edge" or "universasphere", this merely means that what they decide to call the universe is actually a section of the actual, not a multiverse. It is possible that one massive section of superclusters is in a larger system or "supersphere" though we have no evidence of it. Since the same structure in all things is evidenced from the smallest to the largest continually, it's sensible to allow that this is possible. However It would be like calling our sun's heliosphere "the universe" just because we felt like it, or allowed Scicom to manipulate people further. Every time Scicom claims or thinks they know how big everything is, or what limits there are, or they try to place on things, they are proven wrong, time and time again, and never admit it, and just call it "a new discovery" instead of calling it as is "we were dead wrong, absolutely caught on our insistance and lies and phoney claims and phoney limits and propagandas and it turns out we didn't know what the hell we were talking about, AGAIN." But no, instead they call it "a new discovery".
"Light Speed"
Scicom keeps on with this absolute nonsense called "The speed limit of light" when in reality "light" isn't "light", it's something else.

- "Light" has different properties
- "Light isn't light", light is a form of energy (and is several other things, just as a Quant Mechanist, an Electromagneticist, a Resonance specialist, a Radiologist, a scientific photographer and forensic light and photo analyst, etc) will tell you.
- "Light" can be interfered with, tampered with, transformed, slowed down, split, resisted, refracted, sped up, and more.
- "Light" is actually part of something else
- "Light" can be "redshifted" or stretched, by the expanding or contraction of space, and of course in all the ways that this can occur, including in the so called and mis-appropriately named "gravity wells" of space and in the much more appropriately named space "fabric."
- The way the "speed of light" was originally measured and then propagated is an absolute JOKE, we will be happy to share it here eventually :D (hint, two dudes eyeballing this "speed limit" through fans across Los Angeles county up on hills) :D
- There have been no real quality hardcore variance tests through different harsh environments in our free space galaxy let alone universe over vast distances.
- "light" in Coaxial cable running through thousands of miles of fiber across the ocean has actually been measured at 99.7% of the "Speed of light" as if "light" is limited to only this limit after such great distance, being passed through so much material on the way, and travelling through the EMF. Light in free space of course will be able to travel faster than just 0.3% faster in a better environment and outside the EMF
- X ray and Gamma are "faster" than "Light" but not inherently different, and both can "become light" in the right environment. (I'll bet Scicom didn't tell you these things now did they?)
- Nikola Tesla stated that "Everything is the light"
- the "light" is what led to "the beginning" of the known universe
- "light" or rather "energy" is in all things and through all things. (biblical and physics fact)

- There are many properties to discuss about light, some we will write here, others we will save for our publishing on the subject.
"Pole Reversal"
FACT - Earth has "frequent" pole reversals.
FACT - Earth's pole reversals should be able to be predicted based on the galaxies functions. Reversals of engines and mechanical systems don't just reverse magically out of nowhere, there are direct causes (we have theoretical models)
FACT - The sun flips poles every 12ish years
- The effects for an earth pole flip would likely be devastating to not only GPS and electronic communication and circuitry of all kinds, electricity infrastructure, solar panels, inverters, and most other types of electrical generation, but also radiation levels are likely to skyrocket, very possibly to point of mass-annihilation, we don't really know. It's interesting to see Scicom incredibly poo-poo (nonchalant) on this issue lately as if everything will magically be okay, a cartoon of a crispy fried to dinosaur bone glowing in radiation Aussie saying "she'll be right mate! Now we don't even need a Bar-bie!" can't help but come to mind.
FACT - We have no guarantee how long this will last but it is likely to last AT LEAST 1-15 years before return to a "normal level". Governments are not making significant steps to prepare for this and thus humanity will be unprepared if and when it should arise. We may very well be headed in as Earth's magnetic field has weakened 15% already in just 30 years and as we approached and passed "north" of the galactic plane in 2012. The sun has been acting strangely since, and also had a pole flip in 2012. Can we do something about it? .......What did you just say? Of course we can, WE ARE THE HUMAN RACE. What can't we achieve?

There are many conspiracy theories on this topic which need to be watched out for, but NASA and Scicom are very very late in pursuing any measure of adequate scientific research on this very real danger to humanity. There is significant need to understand this process as much as possible as quick as possible and mass global pole reversal research should be carried out immediately. We carry out preparations for potential asteroid strikes, but the FACT is that Guaranteed humanity will experience MANY pole flips before the earth dies out and this is something we need to begin doing some serious work on and begin making shield generators in the magnetopause area to help shield us from the sun when it does occur. (this is not complicated to achieve with our ability)

Suspicion we may be heading into the pole flip already

- More will come on this topic. Sorry to you conspirists but we aren't so "conspiracy theorist on this topic or others." We lean to the side of quality information, facts, and engineering solutions in a neutral "let's make a solution" standpoint.
"Dark Matter"
This is a tough subject like some of the others for us to get too deep into as we plan on officially publishing new information, research, and theories, however we will briefly touch on the subject.

FACT: Many in Scicom are abandoning the "Dark Matter" theory due to the fact that they have found basically Zero on it to date and have no idea what the hell it is. This level of competance is a little shocking many may agree especially from the same people claiming "for certain they know we are all dancing hollow 2d power rangers imprints in a great culpritless space fart contradiction" where they can see for certain the background radiation they know near nothing about how works on even the body and have not even basic solutions for here on earth, yet can't even come up with a speck of dark matter nor any plausible theories to.
FACT: Dark matter is incredibly simple and comes in more than one form
FACT: There are several observable types of "Dark Matter" effect causes
- We believe that in a short time "we" will understand much more about dark matter and it's related causes and effects and the AOE team would be able to already quickly produce measurable unquestionable complete "proofs" (given funding) to much of dark matter and "dark energy" The state of Scicom to not be able to identify any of this and be clueless to "dark energy" is really a shocking state of affairs, especially when so many in the Small Private Innovation space know what it is and have dozens of quality theories yet Scicom has nothing but nonsense to offer in an impatiently waiting world without their billions in funding sucked up into the nothingness of their space farts.
FACT: Some "dark matter" isn't "Dark" :D us humans are such silly little narcissists. The Scicom perspective and cultural and system perspective is so completely broken and narrow that it should be no surprise to anyone why they are so totally useless, hopeless, failed, and an absolute hold-back disgrace to the development potential of humanity, especially with their totally one-sided funding, attention, and awards for merely stating the obvious and so typically well after others told them.

- Dark matter research isn't such a priority, and can be "solved" (it's already solved) for cheap next to free relative to the Scicom and institutional research big money failure approach and priority needs to be given to pole reversal and Solar-Earth climate research above all of these other issues.

One link to bring people up to speed on current DM thinking in NASA and Scicom:

"Despite all these initiatives no dark particle has yet been detected."

"Maybe it's because we have looked after dark particles in a way that will never be able to reveal them. Maybe dark matter is of a different character and needs to be looked for in a different way,

"But since no experiments have ever seen even a trace of a WIMP, it could be that we should look for a heavier dark particle that interacts only by gravity and thus would be impossible to detect directly," (comedy central folks.)

- Dark matter has been all but outright proven can't exist in the standard model, causing many quality scientists to claim "we have to say it doesn't exist, and at least erase the entire Scicom theory alltogether for now and start over at zero" Though dark matter does exist in certain forms, it certainly isn't what Scicom thinks. With the absolute mass of quality scientists with powerfully evidentiary alternatives, it is amazing that Scicom is sticking hard to their cult, and refusing to listen to Small Private Innovators, or The Private Science communities. But as we have always seen, they will eventually take on and steal what has already been shown, theorized, experimented, stated, written on, published in numerous media forms and claim "We have a new discovery" and ask for nobel prizes. "Hawking radiation anyone?" (cue up a fart noise)

- More to come in time
Periodic Table
Of Course Our Space Science Page just wouldn't be complete without this beauty. Hey wait a second!!! It's missing something!! :D Hey wait a second!! Some things have names of others!! :D (but it's still beautiful)
Btw, Scicom has never seen an atom concretely and we can't yet.
What? You mean you never invented new technologies just by looking at it? :D
I bet you FB too much. 82 83 6 1,045
UNder Construction
This page and site is still under mass construction.
It's rather messy, cartoony, and not yet so professional looking but Bear with us. We just simply don't have the time and budget yet to spend huge time reporting this online as we do everything else needed on our startup.

Upcoming sections on this page are:

- Solar Eclipse Feb 26
- Solar Winds Feb 27-28
- Solar Eclipse August 23 USA
- Planetary Alignment September 23 2017
- Solar Active Cycles Last 4 Cycles
- Sunspots solar storms, and Drought 2009-2017
- EMC2: Problems and total brokenness, but absolutely beautiful nonetheless
- The Laws Of Man made by "Almighty Scicom"
- Hot and Cold and Temperature labels and the dumbing down of physics
- Dark Matter Solved
- Fusion science and absolute failure to date
- Forms of Energy and Matter
- Transformers (conversion, inversion, resistance, capacitance, electromagnetism, plasma, static, di-electric wonders, photons and protons)
- Electrical Humor (Waste-heat, infotech "engineers", Startup industry "engineers" definition :D
- Why Scicom is so blind and their government-establishment 96.6% of funding dollars construct is so completely failed and absolutely useless at energy
- The Alpha Omega Energy scale

Sorry folks, we just have no time for this page's project currently given the Startup Grind time schedule we have. Eventually in future we will have dedicated full time staff reporting on these issues regularly.

We look forward to sharing the absolutely massive amount of Study we have done on the Creation Universe with you our potential investors, note holders, and supporters. Thanks.
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