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AOE Solar
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Massive Savings, Smarter Business Sense.
= $2,500 a month (10 year loss = $300,000)
Sad Toxic Client Wasting their Money buying electricity from EDC, using cheap technology, no solutions engineering, and stuck in the rut of too expensive and unreliable energy. They are also burning toxic "fossil fuels" imported from rich countries, sending Cambodia's money out of the country and making Cambodia even more poor, and less energy secure.
After Choosing
Alpha Omega Energy
= $2,000 a month (10 year gain = $300,000)
Excited and Very Smart Clean Energy Client Saving Hundreds to Thousands of Dollars Every Month, getting very Cheap Electricity that's more reliable, using the best technology on earth with proprietary smart solutions engineering by world #1, Alpha Omega Energy. Much less to no toxic fuels being used, and ALL the money stays in Cambodia to help Cambodia grow.
World Changing AOE Solar Features
Our Solar Approach is the leading Solar Distributed Solution on Earth.
Massive Cost Savings Immediately
Save 20% on Retail Power Immediately by Changing to Alpha Omega Energy Solar, and Other Building Efficiency Solutions
Total Financial Solutions with Industry Leading Global Finance Market Access
Completely Customized Financial Solutions making Us the Definitive Go To Choice for All your Energy Needs. From Low Interest Finance to even No Money Out of Pocket Solutions, we cover it all! Escape the high finance costs of Cambodia with our Global reach to access international finance from around the world at rock bottom rates and longer terms providing more cash flow savings than anyone else in the marketplace can possibly offer.
We can access the Global Carbon Credits and Technology Markets
Unlike other companies who use cheap and usually fraudulent trash product from China, we can access the best technology Globally and couple it with Carbon Credits programs reducing your Capital costs a further 30%! Chinese crap simply doesn't compete! Don't waste your money! Get Free Money from foreign governments Exclusively from AOE!
Built in Maintenance, Handling, and Monitoring
Hands-Off management for our clients' total peace of mind, convenience, and security as we have services to manage every aspect of their Solar and other building maintenance.
Custom Solution
We custom tailor the right mix of Solar, Fuel Cell, Storage, Building Efficiencies and Other Power Solutions to all our Clients' on site needs.
We can expand to produce more power on demand for our clients' needs. Forget about Grid equipment, Grid Surveys, Grid Delays, Grid Buracracy, and expensive transformers. Welcome to Freedom.
As part of Our Service, we can change out old systems with newer more efficient models when the benefits are clear.
Completely Safe Systems That Produces Energy That doesn't overload your Grid.
"Heat issues"
Our Systems absorb solar radiation, and we can couple them with heat reducing building management improvements that reduce the heat in your buildings providing significant additional savings and comfort.
Clients can lock in demand, priority, and earn additional power discounts and interest revenues by financing Alpha Omega Energy Production Capacity and speeding up delivery of your Cheap Clean Reliable Energy Future Development.
For Supporting the #1 In the World Clean Energy Solution Systems Company, The Small Private Innovators of Change, and the Future Energy Revolution of our Nation, Region, and Ultimately Our World. Lets Save The Planet, Let's Power The Future Together!
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