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Alpha Omega Energy Solar Orphanage Program
600 Orphanages and Children's centers, All Electrified with Grid or Locally Fed Power to Generate Much Needed Income for Disadvantaged or Low Income Children for Education, Teachers, Health Care, etc. Sustainable Viable and Viral For-Growth Enterprise.

Alpha Omega Energy is now actively engaged in this program, beginning the powering of orphanages in the planning stages for 26 centers, and 3 pre-bionic (physically challenged). We LOVE their engineering skills and perspectives.
AOE - Hand up For a Hero Program
We will sponsor the beginning of a center teaching 3d printing of limbs businesses as a viral model to heal those still affected by "non-yet-bionicness" In Cambodia, thousands of people have lost limbs in accidents and from mines and the cost to provide 3D printed prosthetics is now incredibly cheap. We will involve local engineering schools as well to improve the fast spreading of these kinds of businesses all over S.E.A and we will build a fund that provides perpetual income based "hands" outpacing the new number of limbless created until everyone gets the hand up they deserve from the rest of us.

Alpha Omega Energy Vision - Free Lazer Eye Surgery Center

The Vision to Change The World is incredibly valuable, we want to create a fund providing the initial capital equipment investment needed plus interest payments for basic income to a low cost perpetual legacy center in rented space, providing lazer eye surgeries for free to the blind, poor, and otherwise underprivileged. Because Jesus healed the blind. Let's Clear Up Some Vision, and Make More Minds and Hearts See The Future!

Jane's Love - Music and Fine Arts Teaching

Music is incredibly inspiring and uplifting. We hope to create confidence and empowerment through contributing to run healthy music activities by having regular free singing group lessons and free music and instrument class lessons for the public, to lift hearts and spirits and promote values of community, love and friendship.

Alpha Omega Energy Revolutionary Breakthrough Tech Center and Museum - (in memory of Thomas, J)

Education in Energy Engineering is incredibly powerful for the future generations of Small Private Innovators. We wish to eventually make all of our techs into educational exhibits in a single museum in Cambodia, where over 6.5 Million Tourists from around the world visit each year. "The real Mcgyver", Thomas, J. will be on display in wax museum alongside with the TV character, making powerful tools out of otherwise seemingly useless trinkets and garbage.

Cara Concepts Program

Cara Concepts will provide free clothing and meals in it's education center, teaching various free professional garment making skills and cooking classes. Come and learn, make for yourself, and make some extra for the poor. Improve your own life and the lives of others! Will be open to tourists at a small cost to help contribute to costs. Will be fully powered by AOE.

Orphanage Superstar

AOE will sponsor an orphanage or disadvantaged's center to bring entrepreneurship skills and business startups to two candidate schools and put this on a reality TV show contest to success. Candidate schools will continue to be sponsored by AOE on an ongoing basis for educational materials.

AOE Orphanage Super-Self-Education

Online education is a powerful tool of the future. AOE will contribute to bringing the best in online education onto Tablet handheld PCs offline and updatable for Disadvantaged children to self-learn in learning games and self-paced classes. Contests will be held for top achievers and for schools with great success rates to support and encourage those who drive results for kids. AOE will provide the power and infrastructure for these systems for the kids wherever they are either in the city, or in the jungle off the grid. K-12 Education Curriculum, starting with the poor kids and up how it should be, not backwards from top down and rich down like in the rich countries.

AOE Underdogs Real Economy Startup Fund

AOE will begin a "True Startup VC fund" seeking 'brand new companies' from around the ASEAN region with a focus on strong real economy (not virtual) concept businesses with great leaders lacking the funding to be able to get the business off the ground or to proof of concept level. Proven small business models will also be eligible. Real startups only so just Seed +A-B rounds) A strong active management approach of incubator-accellerator-super program of support, training, mentorship, financial marketing, financial structure, en route to fast sales, profit, to further VC suport and stock market IPO will be used. The fund will be securitized on the CSX for Global support access. Sole founders welcome! Funding targets $300k and under.

Alpha Omega Energy Clean and Green Base

We wish to access funding for a Hybrid Multi-use homeless shelter/barracks, commercialize it with two floors of business services/workplaces (revenue centers and experience builders), classrooms and HR agency, skills training and office services, cafeteria restaurant, health clinic and pharmacy, showers and storage, where homeless can clean up, get healthy, get skills, training and jobs, and its all self funded and run. We plan to make it a power center generating income also and teaching Green economy.

AOE Counselling Center

Counselling center for marriage, depression, drug and alcohol addiction, with marriage courses and regular motivational and self improvement events of all kinds, group outings, activities, and free training lessons in psychology, sociology, counselling, and physical fitness, and link up to be involved in charity and NGO missions.

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