1,619 New Energy and Energy Related Technologies Set to Charge a New World.
AOE Technology
World Changing Innovation
3 Electric Reasons why we are #1
Proprietary Technology
All of Alpha Omega Energy's Innovations are our own. We tread our own Innovation Pathway to the Future of Innovation Development.
Solutions Basis
We make solutions not based on "Scientific principle" but on "Commercialization and Application Immediate Ability" This will transform to Real Market Delivery and Return
Simplicity, Workability, Profitability.
We don't bother much with high R&D need technologies, we want what we can make work, and now, and fast. If it's not ready, and if it can't produce cost- effectively, it doesn't make the list. We have cut dozens of our own innovation techs that will produce power merely because they simply are so far inferior to the others or not cost effective (yet.)
- An International Commercial Power Producer and Licensing Body with Multi-tech Lines and 3-6 Billion in Total Revenues.

1 Billion

2 Billion

10 Billion

20 Billion

100 Billion

200 Billion

Value Our Technology

Alpha Omega Energy's Tech Portfolio al
one is worth
in excess of $1 Billion
- 1,205 techs assuming $1 Million each (total sell off)
would Value our company at over $1 Billion.

- One tech, one company earning 60 Million $ a year
- License only model of 10 sales at 1 million each

- License only model of the 20 best techs licensed at 10 million each x 5 sales each

- A combined Licensing, and development strategy growing 3-5 Tech Lines into corporates with 3 Billion total in revenues and growing.
- The Amount of Energy Infrastructure the World Economic Forum States We Need To Make in the next 30 Years.
"Some people continue to vehemently insist against the innovation, creation, imagineering potential and technological prowess and ability of mankind with his mind and heart in the right place. Those talking such absolute rubbish are the very chains on the human development speed potential.
I intend to break them."
(Thomas, B.)

Power The Future, Change The World
Alpha Omega Energy
#1 In Breakthrough New Energy Solutions
AOE Proprietary Tech
Over 70 All New Energy Generators for Clean Power
Solar Panels yielding 196% of Current Power per sq. Meter.
25 All-New Advancements to solar panels that can increase efficiency up to 196% more and tech to produce up to 8x per meter the output of traditional panels.
But, compare to our Powercell yielding over 200x the Current Power per sq. Meter.
#1 In World Waste-To-Energy Small Power Generator for Consumer use in Undeveloped Nations.
28 of the Best New Energy Batteries for Industrial and Commercial Power including AOE Rain Battery, AOE Cold Battery, our 100% Bio-friendly AOE Bio-Battery, and our new 100% D.O.D. No Drawdown, 120,000 life cycle Battery.
#1 Fuel Cell on the planet
13 Generations of our Powercell with 92 Iterations ready
#1 in Free Space Propulsion Systems
#1 in Free Space Power Generation Systems including Upgrades for the ISS and Satellites That can reduce solar panel use by 70% on the ISS
#1 in Sugar Beet Ethanol Fuel Cell
+ >100 All New Electric Car Charging and Performance Boosters to expand range.
#1 In Electric Car Power Train Systems
Nanotechs, Materials Techs, Supercapacitor Techs, Superconductors, Circuit Techs and more
Superior Anti-Corrosion Technologies and materials techs.
#1 in Ambient Light Power Generation Technology
#1 in Hydroelectric Dam Efficiency Boosting Traditional Hydropower Dams by up to 41%
28 Efficiency boosters each for TOXIC Coal and Nuke Plants
The Real "Clean Coal" not the lies the Coal Industry is talking.
Industrial Applications in the hundreds for our techs
We have now Charged Through 1,600 New Energy and Energy Related Technologies with 1,280 as of June 18th, 2017
We now have 1,619 Techs as of October 24, 2017
We Begin With Fuel Cell, but we certainly will not end there, this is the setup of the Beginning. Our dream is one day in the future, a MegaTech Center displaying all of our Innovation and the unsupported underdogs of humanity, who always were the ones who made it happen in our story of human history, and especially the future.
Skeptic: "Thomas, why aren't you in your lab?"
Thomas: "I never left."

Fuel Cell Industry Progress
Toyota to almost eliminate internal-combustion engines by 2050
Shell and Toyota Partner on California Fueling Stations for Hydrogen Cars
$400 Million more going into H infrastructure for Vehicles.
Alpha Omega Energy will not EVER be entering the Fuel Cell Car market, the rich developed world has far enough toys. The world needs Clean Power, The poor need help, the rich have enough cars. Don't talk to me about cars. NO. Talk to me about when you are going to go out and help the undeveloped nations and the small people who needed you, long long ago.
Thomas, B.
The Future Of Energy
FACT: We can produce more power in less than 1% of the land footprint of solar. We don't need to buy land. We don't need the massive infrastructure cost of solar. We don't need the expensive cleaning maintenance either.
FACT: We can produce power 24 hours a day unlike the intermittents, batteries? what batteries. Yeah we have the best batteries on earth? So what? 24 Hours a day power. Store what and why?
FACT: You can't power a city with solar or wind, nor large industry, but we can with our Powercells.
FACT: It doesn't matter how much centralized power you claim you can make, it is no benefit to the end user company who wants even cheaper power than you are retailing to them, and wants to be off your centralized grid, and needs reliable, cheap, clean power and backup power. It also doesn't meet the world's sustainable goals, nor the corporate's social responsibility goals.
FACT: Quality energy innovation has ALWAYS come from the private sector and never the completely corrupt crooked government controlled energy establishments. (apparantly Bill Gates hopes you will think differently, as he is giving 100% to them, and 0% to Small Private Energy Innovators and 0% to poorer nations not supporting these kinds of establishments yet.)
FACT: Alpha Omega Energy solutions are the best on earth, especially in our use market.
FACT: Investing in Alpha Omega Energy shares and finance notes will yield oversized returns with far less risk than your better startup investments. You can operate without electricity?
FACT: Solar is NOT the future of energy, centralized "fusion" (which will still produce nuclear waste btw) is NOT the future of energy. Wind is NOT the future of energy, we are already running out of hydroelectric dam buildable locations and some nation's power rates shot up 500% in the last few years as the world gets drier in climate change problems. Hydrodam is NOT the future of energy. Solar and Batteries are nothing more than temporary Bandaids that can't meet the real needs of the people and industry.
FACT: Investing into EARLY STAGE investments in innovation development is the only way that Change happens. Waiting until its over and development after the fact, is more akin to criminal action against humanity than it is supporting development progress. Investing is building from nothing, from the ground, from zero, waiting until after the fact isn't Investing, it's Saving, its a HOLDBACK on the occurring human progress.
FACT: AOE has a strict policy of: those who talked to us and didn't invest in the early stage, will not be investing in the future pre-IPO. This is a minimum we can do to set the minimum standard that humanity should have of supporting development and innovation where it is needed most and when it is needed most. After the fact-ers? don't waste our time.
FACT: Perhaps every single innovation or technological advancement has been called Impossible or "too difficult" or "too hard" by a least a few dozen throngs of absolutely ignorant crackpots, (usually who are hoarding the world's development money) Try to wake yourself up to reality if you haven't realized this yet. The engineers and Innovators of humanity will find 1,000 new solutions to every problem if they have their hearts, minds, and eyes in the right place. Giving them financial support will only speed up the process, and given the right innovators, or structured the right way with them and investment builders, will earn you a very nice return also. So called Investors being too greedy will just slow it down also, that is IF they don't destroy it totally in their own greed as we so often see.

Forget the naysaying negative no-progress nothing positive to say no result nincompoops, and support financially the innovators who Can, accept nothing less than development progress VICTORY, and are absolutely hell bent on making it happen no matter what.

Startups: Turn and walk from "investors" I call them Unvestors, who have nothing but negatives in their mouth about your new technologies, business models, or their possibility. To hell with them. Delete them from every database you've got. Those people do nothing to progress the human development future and clearly don't support it nor those people advancing it. Move along and find someone who will. One day you will find them. Don't waste valuable time with "talkers" talk never funds Solutions. Talkers and curiosity seekers doesn't fund working systems nor commercialization, only INVESTING does. There is no room on the Human Future Development Rocket-Ship for those with mouths full of Can't. Leave em behind in their damn caves with the babblers. Let's Go.
You Are Using Fuel Cell Right Now
FACT: Apple uses Fuel Cell to help power their Data Center and operations. If you have an iphone or Mac, and if you are using apple itunes, icloud, pages, safari, ibooks, you are already using fuel cell electricity powered services, you just didn't realize it. It's working for you every day, just our technology is far superior to that one. If you think Apple is a smart company and you trust their judgement to power your services as they are, then you know the value of our world leading technology. Time to INVEST.
FACT: Google uses Fuel Cell to help power their Data Center and operations. If you have an android or use play store for apps, or you are using android smart tv, you are already using fuel cell electricity powered services, you just didn't realize it. It's working for you every day, just our technology is far superior to that one. If you think Google is a smart company and you trust their judgement to power your services as they are, then you know the value of our world leading technology. Time to INVEST.
FACT: The Stationary Fuel Cell industry is a well proven nearly 60 Billion Dollar a year industry, and our tech is #1. This isn't new technology and many participants have successful models, we do too. Time to INVEST.
FACT: Climate Change, Air pollution, and Energy Scarcity don't solve themselves, ONLY INVESTING IN SOLUTIONS SOLVES IT.
Addressing the confusion about FC
No one should ever justify any ignorant comments by anyone against the human innovation potential, we will make a small mention about the issue, and no more.
The main place where Elon Musk, I'm sad to say has been incorrect about Fuel Cell, is in the doubt in his speeches, in the human innovation potential.
(Thomas, B.)

(Though he will of course reserve the right to adjust his words and I am certain in time, he will to a point. Let's forgive him. God bless my good brother Elon, You should be giving him TEN TIMES the money you are now.)
FACT: The Fuel Cell industry is not only working and thriving as a very effective energy and pollution solution for large customers but it's already a 50 Billion Dollar a year industry nearly and autos at near 18 Billion.

Elon Musk - Tesla "fuel cell comments"
Let's give the man some Grace, not everyone can speak with perfect all inclusive eloquence all the time in fact no one can. Fuel Cell Vehicles have many valid applications. We are not in the Fuel Cell Vehicle business and will never be in the fuel cell vehicle business. Can the right Fuel Cell Technology be absolutely awesome in a car? Sure, of course it can. Are cars any kind of priority in a world of 6-9 million dead a year just from breathing, record income disparity, the China Toxo-Holocaust, central government establishment total corruption in the energy industry, corruption in Scicom, energy industry financing of globe-wide terrorism and near 70% of the human population still without adequate access to electricity while the world needs 5x the energy production we have now? HELL NO. Don't talk to me about rich man's toys. Tell me how you are going to go help the nations who need electricity. And if you have nothing to say on this matter, don't talk.

Does it make sense for Elon to have said as did given his assumed tech knowledge of FC at the time versus having the infrastructure off the car and just charging it? Sure. Considering then fast-charging capacity? Sure. Are his statements all inclusive and do they apply broadly to all vehicle types, applications and also stationary applications, especially giving into account the human innovation potential or technological advancement in the age of acceleration and absolute mass of untried untested FC tweaks, advancements, breakthroughs, and developments? Absolutely No. Would he say they are? I'm quite certain he would say they are not. Let's forgive our good brother Elon and move along. Isn't it frustrating that people are even talking this rubbish?

FACT: Panasonic uses Fuel Cell to power their buildings, and Elon buys a MASSIVE amount of batteries from Panasonic. I'm certain he is not calling his large supplier "Bullshit idiots" for saving all that money and going cleaner by using FC. Please analyze when people talk. Don't just take chopped up mindless media articles out of context or thought without it.

FACT: NASA whom Elon collaborates with to "some" degree and who he is absolutely SMOKING in innovation and related ability I am happy to point out, with far less money we can add, has been successfully using Fuel cell at a benefit to them for over 60 years, and even used it to make the electricity to "go to the moon and back" and provide power to their facilities. Now we know that Elon might not think so highly of NASA's capacity being that he is beating the snot out of them in many areas, however I'm sure he won't be calling their use and especially benefit as a customer of FC as "Bullshit". Let's move on to the management of FC and their respective companies to date? Elon may call that which we have seen to date, mismanagement, sometimes fraudulent, desperate insanity, or indeed even as BS, or if he didn't I would most certainly be willing to do it for him.

FACT: Near 100 of the fortune 500 in the USA are using FC now, saving money on power and going greener at the same time, some of the smartest companies in the world. Apple, Google, Verizon, ATT, Nokia, Softbank, JP Morgan, BofA, Morgan Stan, Kaiser, Caltech, UConn, US Military, and many more. Now my personal respect level for Elon would never even change one degree if he up and said they are all absolute BS idiots for saving all that money and being cleaner, but he isn't exactly going to say that, and if he ever did he was probably just having a bad day. Invest more in his company and stop talking BS so the man can focus on the mission and market segment focus he is actually on and focused on, the #1 ELECTRIC, AND #1 performance car on earth I may add, for the middle to mid-up consumer markets. INVEST. Don't talk. The world needs what he is doing clearly, and he is attacked at every turn including being sued by 27 completely sickophantic evil despicable states in the so called country of freedom, and it's illegal for american customers to even buy the products they want in their own damn country. You want to talk about BS? Now that is BS. Now go to his website, and invest some damn money. Will FC and Electric cars be the end solution in the human future? NO, of course not. Is FC Needed right now? YES, of course it is. Is Electric car needed right now? Yes, of course it is. He is killing it in electric car innovation and it's needed. Shut up and invest. Solutions and progress doesn't come from talking, it comes from YOU INVESTING. We are going to kill it in our respective area, and also have been and will continue to be heavily attacked, and investors don't want needless unconstructive distractions from their investments' direction and focus either, and eventually he may be advising you to do the same thing about us and drive Change with Your INVESTment. We would be more than happy one day when the time is right to conduct some cooperation with Musk and Crew. I hope we will be half as eloquent and patient as Elon has been in his overstatements and communications especially under such barrage of BS been shovelled on him from every direction.

We are all the drivers of the Future of Energy Direction and Development of The Human Story. Support us all, we are fighting to Change Your World.

The Future Of Energy
FACT: The Future of Energy of course you already know, is not Coal, Is Not Oil, is not toxic, and is not some absolute HS like "Clean coal". The future of energy is Alpha Omega Energy. Clean, Universally abundant, cost effective delivery, and focused on human development where it's needed the most, the Undeveloped world, the Unfocused on economic segments, and on the Underdogs of our world. Support the people and economies who need it most, Support the fight for our planet and world, support the Small Private Innovators, Support us, Alpha Omega Energy. Thank you.

Alpha Omega Energy. #1 In Clean Power Generation.
Steve Wosniack interview on moonshots and Canadian Innovation
There is a lot of creativity out in the world outside the US. The next big moonshot innovation never came from the big companies they came from out of nowhere. The big guys don't want to take any risk, it's those who take the risk that make the next moonshots. They came from new people, companies that go different directions off the wall, and they take the shots and the ceo made a product that he wanted that is quality and beautiful it fit his ideal and he was in control of it and not letting everyone else get their little bit in but he made it speak from himself. You have to let a lot of things go to have the new big advances. These innovators came out of nowhere and nobody could have expected them.
Alpha Omega Energy. #1 In Clean Power Generation.
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- The solar and wind industry obsolescence
- Tech sales and value in the past and present which validate a huge market value for our company far and beyond where we are pricing
- Brief basics on our tech market segments
- The coming disruptions in New Energy which will blindside the world
- Solar VS Coal proper comparison and the evil lobby by toxic energy
- Statements about energy from Einstein, Faraday, Tesla, and the other Mass of not surprisingly Judeo-Christian energy innovators of human history.

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