De-bunking The Sili-Cult against Sole Founders
Learn the Real reasons VC's are losing 90% of the time, failing 9 times out of then in their so called "World class team choices, investing in great people and great teams", or "building great teams" and why 90% of startups fail. Hint, it's not why they claim it is. But you probably knew that already. Imagine if a mutual fund or bond fund or other kind of fund was not only wrong, but completely lost all the money on 9 out of 10 investments. You would know their methodology is failed and dead wrong wouldn't you? Well, not in VC land, welcome to the world where Cult-following practice trumps all data, and all sense. Not only that, but it flies in the face of what everyone knows works in corporate success and business, and that is to have strong centralized leadership, a CEO with power and passion to drive the mission of the business to success, sometimes no matter what challenge, or who's got to go.
Fact: 61% of Startups Fail Due to Conflict in the "Teams" VC's choose.
VCs not only are incredibly poor at choosing the right teams and kind of teams, but what that really means is they are poor at their choice of the right leadership and structure of the startup. They add 61% Failure to their portfolios by their hardcore religious Cult of the day against the Mission-driven sole founders. If they chose these mission-driven founders instead of slap-up teams or demanding a democratic-social-project split ownership and control model, they would eliminate most of these failures as the founder would merely ultimately replace the person if conflict could not be resolved and the issue was a major roadblock, or move that person to a contract basis or some other method. Instead, VC's force catastrophic results and failure and total loss onto not only the startup and its staff, but onto their own investments, portfolios, partners, and investors. Want to eliminate 61% of the failures in Startups? Go sole founder or invest in sole founder, or demand sole founder structure consolidated leadership instead of the current cult of the day slap-up split control democrazy. It's a business, not a social club, it needs a mission-focused OCD hell bent on the vision and success type of do or die passionate life-fighting leader, not a slapped-up pack of bickering politicists and "spoiled whining western me-lennials", and that person should nearly in every case be the original founder who crafted the ideals, values, mission, vision, product and strategy, methods and marketing, and original branding mission, and who is hell bent like the family survival business to make it happen at all personal cost and who loves and is passionate about this success. Think Apple/Steve Jobs firing-debacle-return/resurrection.
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